Gitzo Safari GT2540F 6x CO twine tripod Review

If we are critical about photography thereafter a good peculiarity tripod is substantially a singular many critical accessory. Ideally, it’s always value investing as most as we can on one, thereby creation it a long-term investment that can grow with we as your skills urge and your camera bag fills adult with ever-more outlandish lenses.

Traditionally, Gitzo has always catered for a reward and veteran ends of a market, while other peculiarity manufactures such as Manfrotto and Giottos have catered some-more for enthusiasts. As such Gitzo tripods tend to come with a kind of reward cost tab we competence pattern of a oppulance or professional-grade product, and a GT2540F is no exception.


Gitzo has a prolonged story of producing carbon-fibre tripods, carrying been a initial association to do so, in 1984, with a launch of a Mountaineer range. The GT2540F here is from a company’s recently launched ‘Safari’ operation of outdoor tripods, that are privately designed with birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts in mind.

The categorical articulate indicate with a GT2540F is positively a CO fibre
legs. They’re done from a singular 6x CO twine wobble pattern that’s
intended to maximize strength and acerbity while dampening vibrations
and gripping weight to a minimum. The climax and hinges, meanwhile, are
made from machined aluminium amalgamate that has been finished in a
camouflage immature cloaking of hard-wearing paint.

Each leg contains
4 sections, any of that uses Gitzo’s possess twist-operated
G-lock/Ocean-lock locking mechanism. This means they are entirely sealed
against dirt, soil and sand, permitting a GT2540F to be used almost
anywhere – in rivers and on beaches, and in murky margin and forests. A
small volume of H2O can get in, though is ejected when we tighten a legs
adult afterwards. As there’s no unprotected metal, there’s no possibility of
anything rusting either.

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