Glidewell Laboratories Announces Release of CloudPoint™ FastScan™ and…

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CloudPoint offers dental labs a many affordable means of providing a CAD/CAM-produced restorations that doctors demand.

Newport Beach, California (PRWEB) Feb 27, 2015

Glidewell Laboratories, industry-leading provider of dental laboratory products, announced currently a launch of a CloudPoint™ family of equipment, program and services. By enabling a digital prolongation of monolithic zirconia crowns bridges, CloudPoint offers dental labs a many affordable means of providing a CAD/CAM-produced restorations that doctors demand. Installation of CloudPoint FastScan™ unlocks a digital portal by that cases can be scanned, managed and produced. After scanning any case, users can pattern full-contour restorations with pointing regulating state-of-the-art FastDesign™ software. Or, with a elementary pull of a button, cases can be sent to CloudPoint, where experts with years of CAD/CAM knowledge are accessible to emanate a accurate replacement requested by a doctor.

CloudPoint FastScan is a many efficient, accurate approach to indicate cases for CAD/CAM production, completing scans during twice a speed of competing systems while capturing sum in unusually high resolution. The scanner’s pattern allows for coexisting scanning of a plain model, hostile indication and die, shortening a sum series of compulsory scans. Further, a open atmosphere scanning height accommodates vast articulators. For a low-cost initial investment, fasten a monolithic series is probably as easy as plugging a scanner into a wall. Completion of a elementary setup routine connects users to a cloud-based complement where labs have finish control over their newfound digital caseload.

Cases are automatically uploaded to a cloud on indicate completion, from where they can be designed by a lab or forwarded to a CloudPoint specialist. FastDesign program equips technicians with a finish set of collection with that full-contour crowns and bridges can be designed to accommodate a graphic needs of any case. Users have entrance to a collection of time-tested, proven tooth libraries garnered from millions of restorations digitally constructed during Glidewell Laboratories. As cases are processed, FastDesign incorporates any particular doctor’s preferences so they can be automatically generated in successive restorations. FastDesign program affords finish artistic control to a technician nonetheless streamlines a pattern routine with discerning facilities that make defining sum like domain lines, fork tips, insertion direction, and hit geometry a cinch.

Upon capitulation of a physic design, cases can be outsourced for phony or readied for in-house milling. CloudPoint seamlessly integrates all vital aspects of production, providing labs a centralized, easy-to-access plcae where cases can be stored, mutated and closely monitored by completion. Technicians have entrance to real-time box standing as restorations pierce by production, permitting labs to fast respond to alloy needs and requests. Cases can be managed from probably any device with internet access, and FastDesign program can be commissioned on additional computers, enabling easy enlargement as a lab’s digital caseload expands.

With CloudPoint, labs need zero some-more than an internet tie to start charity monolithic restorations. This stretchable complement represents a breakthrough both in cost and performance, charity labs an careful means of transitioning to CAD/CAM dentistry. Because a whole digital workflow is cloud-based, there is no need for in-house IT support, server space, and a other technological resources that are typically compulsory to furnish full-contour crowns and bridges. CloudPoint ensures a seamless, undeviating digital workflow so labs can concentration on flourishing their customers.

CloudPoint is a complete, one-stop resolution that positions labs to be rival in a monolithic marketplace. It allows a physic routine to be managed by a singular entrance point, from initial scanning to final smoothness of a case. Labs have a coherence to select their turn of appearance in a digital prolongation process, with a choice to scan, pattern or make full-contour crowns and bridges. As a patron bottom expands, CloudPoint users are positioned ideally to supplement logging units so monolithic restorations can be built in-house. CloudPoint represents a simplest, many affordable means of accessing a destiny of laboratory technology.

For some-more information about a CloudPoint family of dental lab solutions, call 888-608-6870 or revisit http://www.CloudPoint.com.

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