GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy is one of a best hosting and domain registrar we can find. The height has an uptime commission of 99.97 percent and a speed of 545 ms on average. 

GoDaddy has a basic
plan that offers users adult to 100 GB of storage space and unmetered bandwidth.
You can confederate GoDaddy with some-more than 125 services with just

The usually bad thing
about GoDaddy will assign we a lot some-more for fundamentally all – from site
migrations to SSL certificates. 

GoDaddy Pros 

1. Uptime 

GoDaddy could be known
for a domain name registration services, though it also offers hosting packages,
and they have an glorious uptime of 99.97 percent. 

They had some bad
times a few months ago where a uptime fluctuated to 99.85 percent. From
there, it has been unchanging with an uptime of 99.97 percent in a final 24

We tested some-more than
thirty-one other hosting platforms, and we can interpretation that GoDaddy is
somewhere among a best. So yes, 99.97 percent is still one of a best

2. Loading Speed 

We will be honest with
you. It was unforeseen. 

Several years ago, it
would be tough to trust that inexpensive hosting platforms like GoDaddy would be one
of a best. But following a tests, GoDaddy has proven that it’s one of the
best hosting platforms with a speed of 544 ms. 

Fast loading times is
a must. Studies now uncover that delayed loading websites can force or drive
customers divided from your site. And from a demeanour of things, GoDaddy’s speed is

3. One-Click Install

If we are new to
this, we might need a elementary website builder, that doesn’t need any coding
knowledge and GoDaddy has got your back. GoDaddy has a possess web builder that
is tailored to your needs. 

However, if we are
experienced and need something better, GoDaddy still has got your back. You can
download several applications with usually one-click. This will embody content
management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. 

Apart from that, you
can also get developer-friendly collection such as Python, cPanel, mixed versions
of PHP, MySQL, as good as CloudLinux. 

So we never have to
fret since GoDaddy has a far-reaching accumulation of options that we can choose

4. Value for

When we attempted to look
into a cheapest package, we satisfied that it was approach too costly with
minimal features. According to us, it looks like a hosting height did some
U-turn to make things improved for a users. 

They now have skeleton as
low as $2.99 each month. You don’t even need any bonus formula to access

The best of all is
that we will get value for your income even if we go with that cheapest plan.
You will get a singular website, 100 GB of storage space and unmetered

Look, GoDaddy is even
offering a giveaway domain name, as good as a business email during your initial year
as a GoDaddy customer. 

5. Excellent Customer

GoDaddy takes honour in
excellent patron support 24/7. You can entrance a believe bottom where you
can get discerning fixes, phone support, as good as live patron chat. 

You will start with a
live bot by assisting we select what we need assistance with, after that we will be
connected to a patron support representative to travel we through. 

We are assured that
GoDaddy has done poignant improvements for a final 24 months with their
live patron support. In a past, it used to be unreliable. 

Today, we are happy to
see that they are really manageable compared to a final few years. 

GoDaddy Cons 

1. A ton of

GoDaddy is discerning to
lose a repute since of too many upsells. These will fire your bills,
and many business don’t wish this cheap process of marketing. 

GoDaddy will first
offer we a hosting devise with a time we are profitable adult front. That means that
you will have to get a three-year package if we wish to compensate $5.99 every
month. A shorter devise will cost we adult to $10.99 each month. 

The height will also
do a best to make certain that we have seen other services when we are
checking out. This is to make certain that we have bought an additional service
even if we didn’t intend to. 

2. Lack of Essential

The other hosting
platforms we have tested during slightest give some offers like giveaway SSL certificates.
Such offers are today a must, generally with Google rising to advise users if
they are visiting unsecured sites. 

The unhappy news is that
GoDaddy doesn’t have any of these offers, that is difficult to most
users. For example, if we take a demeanour during GoDaddy’s SSL certificate, you’ll be
surprised. Take a look: 

  • You’ll compensate $63.99 for usually one
    website each year and $79.99 yearly when renewing 
  • You will compensate $159.99 each year
    for many sites and afterwards compensate a whopping $199.99 when renewing 
  • You will compensate adult to $295.99
    each year for all your subdomains and renovation of $369.99 

The prices above are
insane because, as we have seen, many hosting platforms will give we a free
SSL certificate. 

3. High Renewal Rates 

You will get an
Economy devise for $4.33 each month for a sum of 3 years. 

However, their
packages are roughly identical to other hosting platforms to remonstrate we that
it’s one of a best hosting platforms around. 

For example, the
Economy package will be hiked to $8.99 each month when we will be renewing
your subscriptions. 

There will be no
upgrades in terms of opening or anything, though we will be forced to pay

4. Confusing Money

If we demeanour during it, you
will see that GoDaddy also offers a 30-day income refund. But this is where the
nightmare begins. 

If we have a plan
that’s next a year, we will be compulsory to start seeking for your refund
within dual days. In other words, we usually have 48 hours to try out a services. 

And a misfortune bit of
it is that we will need to make a phone call to get your refund, that is
unprofessional, according to us. 

In Conclusion 

We still recommend
GoDaddy, notwithstanding some of a stipulations it has. 

They have an excellent
uptime, that each website owners is looking for. Its initial remuneration devise is
good during initial sight. 

The problem could only
arise when we start adding all we are shopping since of their sleazy
upsell selling tactics. 

That said, make sure
that we are operative with your tip priorities before we can select a hosting

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