Gomite Tiltpod Review

The Gomite Tiltpod seems like it competence be one of those tiny gimmicky inclination we see advertised in those catalogues that beauty your doorstep each once in a while; utterly crafty though unfailing to never be used over a initial week. But, in tangible fact it’s a honestly shining idea.

Available as possibly a compress camera chronicle or a mobile chronicle concordant with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, a Gomite Tiltpod is a tiny, keyring mountable mountain for holding possibly your camera or phone solid when holding a photo.

Gomite Tiltpod 1

Instead of regulating a series of tractable legs like a tripod it uses a prosaic rubber feet to hold whatever aspect it’s on afterwards a tip territory pivots so we can aim and straighten your shot.

What unequivocally creates a device is usually how tiny it is. The rubber feet is usually about 6cm prolonged by 4cm wide, and reduction than 5mm thick, duration a pivoting tip usually adds another few millimetres in tallness – we unequivocally can wear it on your keys and it’ll be usually as conspicuous as a normal pivotal fob.

Gomite Tiltpod Mobile/iPhone
Although utterly useful for use with a compress camera, it’s a mobile chronicle that has unequivocally held a eye. The tip pivoting territory grips a side of a iPhone 4/4S firmly and allows we to unequivocally simply set a phone adult for free print taking.

But crucially, it’s useful for some-more than usually photography. You can also use it to column adult and aim your phone for video chatting, or usually yield a gentle video examination platform.

Gomite Tiltpod 8

The phone chronicle is quite secure too, staying organisation whatever angle we put a phone at, and no matter how most rocked a boat.

Gomite Tiltpod

At around £10-£15, we consider it’s a shining tiny purchase, generally given a strong build quality.

Gomite Tiltpod
The box for a non-mobile tiltpod is a tiny reduction transparent cut. For a start it’s that most some-more expected that if you’re holding your camera, it’s not that most some-more of a con to take a tiny Gorilla pod, that is some-more versatile.

Gomite Tiltpod 2

Moreover, a focus resource can’t cope with anything some-more pithy than a smallest of compress cameras, and distinct a mobile chronicle a camera mountain isn’t tethered to a bottom around a square of string, creation it some-more expected to get lost.

But if we unequivocally do wish to transport as light as possible, this is a good choice for gripping on your keys, in a cloak slot or even usually kept swinging from a camera – a wrist tag is enclosed in a box for looping by a base.

You get dual camera mounts in a box; one with a customary tripod screw wise and another with a double sided sticky-tape add-on on it for use on cameras with non-central tripod mounts.

Again, for £10-£15, it’s sincerely labelled and could infer to be a unequivocally useful tiny tool.

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