Goodmans Aspect Audio Review

What is a Goodmans Aspect?

Goodmans, a name synonymous with good value, has strike on a novel thought for a latest bill soundbar, a £100 Aspect. This ‘dual-format’ orator can be positioned plumb or horizontally, giving we copiousness of coherence when fixation it subsequent to your TV. There’s no subwoofer to contend with either, creation it a ideal sound complement for those dynamic to equivocate clutter.

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Goodmans Aspect

Goodmans Aspect – Design and Connections

The initial thing that strikes us about a Aspect is how compress it is. At only 500mm far-reaching – or high, depending on how we implement it – it’ll take adult unequivocally tiny space on your TV stand, and is doubtful to hinder a set’s remote sensor either. Turn it plumb and we can put it alongside your TV if we prefer.

It’s also unequivocally attractive, wrapped in a dim grey cloth and capped by glossy china panels during both ends. One of a panels sports a integrate of tough buttons for appetite and source selection, and touch-sensitive volume controls. There’s no arrangement row though a submit symbol has a tiny light that glows opposite colours to imply a comparison input.

Goodmans Aspect

The ‘dual-format’ designation is done probable by a china captivating base. You can possibly snap it onto a bottom corner for plane mounting, or mislay a china row during one finish and container it in for straight mounting. It’s a elementary though effective solution, nonetheless it’s not utterly secure when placed on a bottom horizontally – it wobbles somewhat when we poke it, and it’s utterly easy to hit off.

For £100 build peculiarity was never going to be a tallness of oppulance though to Goodmans’ credit it’s many improved than approaching – a bar feels solid, while a china panels and grey cloth are grand touches.

Goodmans Aspect

The sockets are found in a recess on a back. There are no HDMI inputs, though we do get a choice of visible and coaxial digital inputs, and 3.5mm minijack and analogue stereo inputs. That’s some-more inexhaustible than some soundbars costing twice as much.

Goodmans Aspect – Features and Operation

Unsurprisingly Aspect is light on facilities during this price, though it does exaggerate built-in Bluetooth with NFC, that allows we to span a concordant device by touching it on a bar.

Goodmans Aspect

The granted remote is light and plasticky though during slightest it’s improved than a awful scald symbol remotes that come with many bill soundbars. This one fits snugly in a palm and sports a courteous symbol layout. There’s a differently phony symbol for any submit and /- keys during a bottom for drum and three-way adjustment.

However, with no front arrangement row it can feel like you’re drifting blind. You have to set a volume, drum and three-way levels by ear, that is no good hardship though we like a visible reference. The LED on a side row flashes when you’re adjusting a volume or tone, and stops when we strech a maximum, though we can’t indeed see it from a sofa.

There are dual opposite sound settings for plane and straight placement, that are comparison by holding down a Aspect symbol on a remote. The side LED flashes red 3 times in plane mode and blue for vertical.

Goodmans Aspect – Performance

We forsaken Aspect in during a low finish with Godzilla on Blu-ray, privately a stage in that a tidal call rips by Oahu and a MUTOs conflict Honolulu Airport. Its transparent and frail sound brings appreciative appetite to a action, though eventually a soundbar’s bad drum outlay and ubiquitous miss of volume left us feeling underwhelmed.

As a tidal call powers by a streets there’s ostensible to be a big, howling rumble though it’s only not there. You can clarity a bit of drum abyss perplexing to poke by though not adequate to get your adrenal glands going, even with a drum turn pushed adult to maximum.

Goodmans Aspect

And when a MUTO destroys a domino sequence of airplanes, a explosions sound skinny and strained, that is also a box when Godzilla thumps his feet on a belligerent and lets out a bellowing roar. You don’t get a deep, chest thumping impact that we do from other soundbars, and a guarantee of room-filling sound is left unfulfilled.

The miss of volume is also a problem. We cranked it adult to limit and still didn’t seem utterly loud. We did an A/B comparison with a 55in Samsung TV and even this slim LED managed to pattern a louder, bassier sound.

To be satisfactory to Aspect, it’s not unequivocally designed to be interconnected with large TVs in large rooms. It’s best matched to smaller TVs maybe in a bedroom where a step-up in volume will be some-more noticeable. But as a categorical vital room sound complement it doesn’t unequivocally cut a mustard.

You competence consider that this turn of opening is co-ordinate with a price, though a discerning online hunt reveals that we can buy comparison though higher soundbars like Roth’s Sub Zero II, Pioneer’s SBX-N500 or Wharfedale’s Vista 100 for around a same price.

It’s somewhat improved with song though a miss of drum is still a problem, that means flog drums and basslines lay too low in a mix. Tunes sound thin, lunatic and hard, utterly with trenchant sax and wail solos. 

Goodmans Aspect

Should we buy a Goodmans Aspect?

We unequivocally wanted to like Aspect since it’s a poetic thought on paper. The choice of straight and plane designation provides a turn of flexibility blank from many soundbars, while a compact, appealing pattern will demeanour good in any vital room. And during £100, it was looking like a bit of a bargain, too.

Sadly a underwhelming opening creates it a fake economy. There’s a miss of drum and it doesn’t go shrill adequate to fill a room. In fact it was hardly louder than a TV, that is a unclothed smallest for a soundbar. That said, if you’re regulating it ascent a sound of a tiny bedroom TV we competence be impressed.

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Versatile installation, stylish pattern and a low cost tab make Aspect a tantalizing tender on paper, though lifeless sound peculiarity lets a side down.

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