GoPro Karma Grip

What is a GoPro Karma Grip?

While GoPro’s launch of a GoPro Karma worker went down into tech calumny faster than one of pronounced drones descending from a sky, a one certain member was a three-axis gimbal.

Known as a Karma Grip, it’s accessible to buy exclusively of a worker for around £299/$299/€360 and is designed to work with GoPro’s latest and biggest Hero5 Black out of a box. Additional mounts are accessible that supplement support for a Hero4 and Session cameras, yet tracking these down can infer tricky.

As a gimbal from GoPro itself, a Karma Grip has certain advantages over rivals such as a Removu S1 we tested recently. But distinct a Hero5 Black, that has benefited from GoPro perfecting a rugged, unstable movement cameras with any iteration, GoPro’s initial try during a gimbal appendage still has room for improvement.

GoPro Karma Grip – Design and Setup

The Karma Grip lives adult to a name with a mostly rubbery aspect that creates grabbing reason of it for handheld use many easier. Compared to a Removu S1’s squared off design, it conforms to your palm a small some-more ergonomically.

At a tip of a hand-grip territory are remote control buttons for handling your connected GoPro. A energy symbol serves double avocation in vouchsafing we toggle sharpened mode on your camera; a HiLight Tag symbol is accessible for imprinting your footage for easier editing; a close symbol lets we toggle stabilisation modes; and there’s a record button, too.

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GoPro Karma Grip

All of these remote control elements are afforded to a Karma Grip given we indeed bond your GoPro Hero5 Black approach to a Karma Grip’s mountain by a USB Type-C connection. There’s no Bluetooth pairing here. This means you’ll need to mislay a side row from your GoPro before simply shifting it into a support and locking it in.

Once it’s mounted, a decent volume of your Hero5 Black’s arrangement is obscured, that is a small irritating for those who wish to indeed use a LCD for framing their shots. Pairing a GoPro Capture app on your phone offers an choice for a live view, yet afterwards that’s another thing to have to juggle.

GoPro Karma Grip

My knowledge once a camera was mounted wasn’t though problems. Initially, dual opposite Hero5 Black models we tested became stranded on a ‘USB Connected’ screen, as yet a cameras were connected to a mechanism rather than a Karma Grip.

Research suggests it’s a problem others have experienced. Some contend it’s an emanate with a microSD card, yet we attempted mixed models – and even though a memory label extrinsic – to no avail. In a end, we resorted to hard-resetting a Karma Grip by holding a energy symbol for 8 seconds until a 4 battery indicator lights illuminated adult – 3 in white and a bottom in red.

Even then, once it does work, we still get greeted by a USB Connected summary for a few seconds, loitering your recording. we still spasmodic encountered another bug that meant a remote controls would stop determining a connected GoPro, too. The gimbal engine itself did during slightest work fine, so we could manually stop and start a recording from a GoPro itself.

GoPro Karma Grip

Then, when we powered down a Karma Grip, a camera would stay powered on when it should also energy off. Needless to say, it wasn’t a seamless knowledge – and judging by forum posts elsewhere, these are issues that others have experienced, too.

One of a complaints we had about a Removu S1 was a inability to directly control your camera functions – even only triggering recording – nonetheless a S1 does advantage from carrying a possess detachable Bluetooth remote control for determining a gimbal itself. This enclosed a joystick for manually adjusting a camera angle, and is something we missed on a Karma Grip.

Compared to a Removu S1, a Karma Grip is distant some-more straightforward, given there’s no motorised gimbal that we can use that’s apart from a reason component. The Karma Grip’s gimbal does detach from a handle, yet merely so we can slip on an enclosed ascent ring, that will let we insert a Karma Grip to many places a GoPro can mount.

Frustratingly, given all a energy and controls are in a grip, we have to mountain a full public – including a reason component. This contrasts with a S1, that finished for a distant smaller and lighter mounted gimbal.

GoPro Karma Grip

If you’re regulating a Karma Grip mounted to a backpack, a reason hoop doesn’t get in a approach given it’s still plumb orientated, that creates for sharpened walking video hands-free a viable option. Attached to a tip of a helmet, it’s a distant some-more unmanageable affair, given it will need to lay horizontally.

GoPro contingency have realised this, as recently it expelled an prolongation wire accessible alone yet this will cost a whopping additional £100/$100/€120, that creates a whole thing outlandishly expensive. The coiled wire will let we re-position a hoop member elsewhere, such as in a backpack.

Alongside a enclosed ascent ring, we get a tough transport box for stowing your Karma Grip and trustworthy Hero5 Black camera. It feels hard-wearing and should keep your apparatus safe. However, a box is super-bulky and awkwardly shaped, creation it irritating to chuck into a backpack.

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GoPro Karma GripWhat do we do with a sidepanel door?!

It would have also been good to have a filigree tote to reserve a USB-C wire and a side row strap we have to mislay from your GoPro. we have a clever feeling that people are expected to displace them – and though it, your GoPro will no longer be waterproof.

GoPro Karma Grip – Extension Cable

Karma Grip prolongation cable

After we published my strange review, GoPro sent me a aforementioned Extension Cable to test. There weren’t many surprises when it came to regulating it, nonetheless a setup routine is a small fiddly as we need to detach a customary reason and radically put a Extension Cable in a middle. The coiled wire adds a decent volume of strech so we can censor a powered reason member elsewhere. It’s still a rather awkward solution, however, as a curl has a bent to lift if we extend it too distant and a ubiquitous prodigy of being tethered to something. You do get velcro straps for some grade of wire government during least.

But afterwards there’s also a problem of stowing all divided after you’re finished filming. The customary box that comes with a Karma Grip can’t residence a Karma Grip that’s trustworthy to a Extension Cable. This means we have to dismantle a whole thing and reserve a Extension Cable separately, that is a lot of work, generally when we competence need to summon a subsequent time we wish to shoot. we still also feel it’s rather costly for what you’re getting.

GoPro Karma Grip – Performance and Modes

Without any user interaction, a Karma Grip will brace vertically, while still means to vessel horizontally. This means you’ll get a rock-steady horizon. With a reason of a close button, we can openly adjust a straight angle, releasing it to close that position. A double-press of a close symbol will put a reason into a Follow mode that lets we openly indicate a camera in any direction, while progressing stabilisation.

GoPro Karma Grip

In testing, a gimbal achieved fantastically well, ensuing in as solid footage as I’d expect. It’s value observant that when regulating a Follow mode, that allows for straight tilt, we will get a slight bobbing suit when walking, that isn’t a problem with a standard-locked straight angle. You can see a disproportion between a dual videos below.

Standard sharpened mode during a beginning, Follow mode after on.

Follow mode

Again, like a Removu S1, we felt that a Follow mode was a small delayed – yet it did during slightest outcome in well-spoken pans. There’s some user ability involved, yet with use you’ll start to get some-more professional-looking formula – and positively a vital step adult from electronic picture stabilisation.

You’re also giveaway to use a Karma Grip inverted, that is ideal for low-angle shooting. The skaters of a universe will be happy, in that regard. There’s no awkwardly adjusting settings; we only tip a Karma Grip upside down and, supposing your camera is set to automobile rotate, only get on with shooting.

As for dreaded engine noise, that tormented a Removu S1 when partnered with a Hero5 Black, it’s distant some-more resigned here. You can hear some of it in recordings, yet it’s nowhere nearby as distracting as a S1.

GoPro Karma Grip – Battery Life and Charging

GoPro Karma Grip

The Karma Grip is rated during a rather regressive 1hr 45mins from a non-removable battery. You assign it around USB-C on a bottom of a grip, that is a same wire used for a GoPro Hero5 Black camera. In testing, a battery life of a Karma Grip substantially exceeded that rating ever-so-slightly. The LEDs on a hoop make it apparent how many extract we have left.

It’s also a small some-more formidable to decider because, when incited on, a Karma Grip indeed charges your trustworthy GoPro, fluctuating your sharpened time yet exhausting a possess battery. This is handy, given even if a Karma Grip runs out of juice, your GoPro will have been surfaced adult so we can during slightest continue sharpened – despite though stabilisation.

Having pronounced that, a removable battery would have been a good choice for those wanting to lift a gangling in a identical demeanour to a Hero5 Black camera. A USB energy bank will infer accessible for those who are out on a prolonged shoot.

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Should we buy a GoPro Karma Grip?

GoPro Karma Grip

There are elements of a GoPro Karma Grip we unequivocally like. As you’d expect, it integrates good with GoPro’s Hero5 Black, providing camera controls from a available location. The three-axis stabilisation does a smashing pursuit of stealing a shakes and judders from footage, that can hurt a soak or simply means nausea.

But there are some paltry issues, such as a control bugs we encountered that finished for a frustrating user experience. Then there’s a need to mountain a whole Karma Grip, rather than only a stabilising head, that creates it unmanageable in certain scenarios.

As a initial try during a gimbal, it gets copiousness right – yet there’s still a lot of room for improvement. In a destiny I’d wish for a removable battery, probable joystick controls for a angle, and a some-more superb ascent process and ironing out a firmware.

As it stands, it’s a improved choice than a Removu S1 if you’re regulating a Hero5 Black simply given of a engine sound issue. However, we wish bugs and other issues are sorted earlier rather than later.


The GoPro Karma Grip delivers rock-steady footage – yet there’s copiousness of room for improvement.

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