Grundig GIEI824470H initiation hob

What is a Grundig GIEI824470H?

Boasting high-quality materials and elementary operation, Grundig’s mid-premium GIEI824470H is a neat looking 77cm-wide initiation hob with no necessity of features. You can integrate twin zones for vast pans, boost heating energy for discerning boiling, and a 19-level control offers really accurate heating and simmering.

Add to this a Schott Ceran potion tip for easy cleaning, a timer and a keep comfortable function, and this hob ticks all a boxes. It suffers a tiny energy blur after a initial boost and a Flex section is simply twin turn burners. Nevertheless, boil and prepare tests were really good on all zones and a fit and finish – including that sensuous immaculate steel trim – mount adult good to a not unsubstantial £700 seeking price.

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GrundigGEIE 15

Grundig GIEI824470H – Design and Features

For some severely considerable eye candy associated to appealing cooking features, Grundig’s GIEI824470H is like Nigella Lawson on a budget. It’s a few hundred pounds cheaper than some top-spec 80cm hobs we’ve tested yet offers 4-zone initiation cooking, a bevelled corner Schott Ceran potion top, and beautiful brushed stainless-steel trim to a front and rear.

Zone markers and icons for a controls are maybe a smidgen brighter white than ideal for a super-subtle look, yet they’re distant from obtrusive. Illuminated displays are red, frail and not too splendid either. The whole rather stylish pattern is finished with a black Grundig trademark on a front trim. The fit and finish is glorious all round.

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The 4 cooking areas contain twin apparent turn zones for turn pans, that are staggered to a right of a hob, and a twin burner rectilinear area. Beneath a smaller turn section pen is a compress 145mm initiation burner, ideal for divert pans or a tiny frying pan. The incomparable turn section offers a whopping 240mm burner, ideal for beast pans and stew dishes or super-big frying pans.

To a left is Grundig’s Flex zone. This comprises twin mid-size burners that can be related together to accommodate pans prolonged adequate to camber a rectilinear Flex section area. Sadly, this underline is simply twin 180mm turn burners that can be related underneath a singular control, rather than a genuine larger, block zone. It works, yet won’t furnish such a utterly uniform feverishness opposite a bottom of vast pans.

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There’s a energy boost facilities on all zones for discerning heating from cold, a count-down timer with section switch-off, and a simple keep comfortable function. This doesn’t have any imagination feverishness dimensions or controllable level, yet simply pulses during low energy to keep things warm. The beat peaks during a sincerely low 300W, so this is some-more for gripping your soup comfortable rather than your peas simmering.

Topping off a facilities list is a cleaning close so we can give a controls a purify mid-cooking and a child close to keep youth Jamies during bay.

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Grundig GIEI824470H – What is it like to use?

Operating by section preference and afterwards a singular executive slider isn’t a elite modus operandi, as each movement contingency be preceded by creation a section selection. This is loyal even if you’re regulating usually one zone; we still have to re-select that section before we can change feverishness or rivet any of a features. Still, not carrying a slider for each section does keep a controls looking purify and compact.

The slider itself responds good to touch, even with damp digits, and it’s easily wide. That creates it easy to pinpoint one of a 19 levels of control, indicated in red on a applicable zone. The boost underline is intent by selecting a section and afterwards immediately dire a tiny hot idol during a finish of a energy control slider.

GrundigGEIE 11

The same symbol also provides a choice to use energy boost during cooking for a set duration of time. This ranges from as tiny as 10 seconds if you’re on possibly a top (19) or lowest (1) setting, to 85 seconds if we were cooking on mid-level energy (10). We’re not assured many people will worry with such a non-static feast of a feature, yet it’s there if we can consider of a use for it.

A ‘pause’ symbol to a distant right shuts off all zones simultaneously, rekindling them during their prior turn when pulpy again. Door bells, phone calls and a discerning passage to a other room to locate adult on Love Island are all catered for with this feature.

Rather some-more contentiously this Grundig has an Eco mode. No bad thing generally, yet it seems nobody during Grundig suspicion this one through. The mode simply halves a energy to all zones. That will double a time it takes to prepare or feverishness your food, ensuing in accurately a same sum energy use. How is this in anyway ‘eco’? Answers on a postcard…

GrundigGEIE 10

Even with a integrate of zones on full boost, a Grundig’s cooling fans sojourn sincerely inside and control beeps aren’t forward – that is a good thing deliberation there’s no approach of minimising them or branch them off altogether.

The Ceran potion by Schott is a common strong self, being resistant to scratches and permitting even some severely burnt-on waste to be scraped purify with ease. It does uncover adult finger marks, though, and we did find a tiny additional cleaning caring was compulsory where a lifted immaculate steel trim catches tiny crumbs.

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Grundig GIEI824470H – Performance

This Grundig’s initiation burners guarantee critical energy on boost mode and this is reflected in really good heating times opposite all vessel sizes. As ever, relating vessel distance to burner distance will broach best results, yet we don’t lax a good understanding of potency if we put a smaller vessel on a incomparable zone.

Placing a 17cm divert vessel on a smallest section and regulating boost mode resulted in 1-litre of room feverishness H2O attack 90oC in only 4mins 20secs. Interestingly – well, for techy geeks anyway – a energy primarily hits 1600W in this section on boost yet slips behind down to only over 1400W after about 20 seconds and binds steady. That’s a utterly a vast blur percentage. The heating is still no slouch, yet if a hob hold 1600W in this section for a whole test, a time would be sub-four minutes.

GrundigGEIE 5

The same turn of 10%-15% energy blur happens on a vast turn and Flex section burners as well, nonetheless a Grundig’s heating formula opposite a hob sojourn really good. Our largest 21cm vessel looked utterly tiny on a beast 24cm burner and a 2 litres of H2O were lifted to 90oC in a nippy 4mins 50secs on boost mode. Our mid-sized vessel on a front of a Flex section was quickest overall, removing to 90oC in only 4mins 15secs.

No surprise, then, that joining both front and behind burners of a Flex section creates a vast and really manly cooking section for large pans and skillets. As a thermal imaging shows, this area is simply twin turn burners with a related control function. This isn’t ideal for uniformly heating a bottom of large pans, so formula will be best with heavier, high-quality cookware that will improved sunder a heat.

GrundigGEIE 12

The Grundig’s 19 levels of energy control valid utterly useful for removing ethereal equipment simmering kindly with some-more accurate feverishness control than standard 10-level hobs. We can also see this turn of control being accessible for formidable dishes that need peaceful feverishness and excellent control.

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Should we buy a Grundig GIEI824470H?

We were wowed by a fit and finish of Grundig’s GIEI824470H from a opening and a oppulance pattern looks a million dollars in situ. Well, some-more than a £700 seeking cost anyway.

While a energy blur on boost and simple turn burners in a Flex section are a compromise, this hob’s heating speeds and accurate simmering control can’t be faulted. The simple keep comfortable duty works good and a tellurian postponement symbol will find a fans too – generally when a phone rings midst cooking. Getting all this for underneath £700 creates this Grundig initiation hob demeanour flattering good value opposite some foe in a reward 80cm far-reaching hob marketplace too.


A luxury, wide-platform hob charity good opening and easy controls – and it’s accessible during a comparatively appealing price.

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