Grundig GWN59450C Washing Machine Review

What is a Grundig GWN59450C?

The acquire lapse of German über-brand Grundig has already delivered us a top-spec fridge freezer that bagged a Trusted Reviews 9/10 rating in October. Here we have a brand’s range-topping shower machine, entrance to a exam dais with an considerable A+++ appetite potency rating, 9kg bucket capacity, Steam Refresh duty and a reward cost tab to go with those top-fight specifications.

Its MultiSense record measures a weight of a shower and a mud in a H2O on a initial soaking, judging a ideal volume of detergent, appetite and H2O for a limit purify with a smallest use of resources. The module list is comprehensive, with a dedicated mark module and a 40/40 Quick Wash that does a 40-degree cycle in usually 40 minutes.

The vast door, LCD shade and brushed aluminium buttons and trim all supplement to a top-quality demeanour and feel. 

Grundig GWN59450C

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Grundig GWN59450C – What’s it like to use?

The GWN59450C comes opposite as delightfully elementary to use in an old-school button-and-knob arrange of way. Choosing a module around a rotary selector doorknob is intuitive, and a buttons give easy primer composition of finish time, defiled level, spin speed and temperature. The immaculate steel buttons do rather prominence finger outlines if you’re prone to do your shower with squalid mitts.
Grundig GWN59450C

Top-level information is shown on a frail white-on-black display, that also delivers a operation of scrolling content messages that let we know when to supplement soaking and what a appurtenance is adult to in a cycle.

The three-drawer dispenser has a lift-out receptacle for glass detergents, and there are icons on a arrangement to uncover either there’s antiseptic installed or not. That should save we removing to a finish of a cycle usually to realize we hadn’t put any soap in. Overall, this Grundig’s utterly normal in a functionality, so many users will have it adult and regulating in mins though carrying to impute to a instruction manual.

Grundig GWN59450C

Grundig GWN59450C – How loud is it?

Claiming 57dB rinse sound and 77dB spin noise, this Grundig doesn’t fake to be as still as some of a ultra-silent models available, though it should be still adequate not to be intrusive. With a full bucket we totalled around 59dB during a wash, that is about a same as a normal conversation.

While this was somewhat aloft than Grundig’s figures, we found a spin somewhat quieter than stated, measuring a sincerely important 75dB during full 1400rpm. That would be about a same as an normal opening cleaner.

Grundig GWN59450C

Grundig GWN59450C – Programs

Along with a common Cotton, Cotton Eco, Synthetics, Hand Wash and Wool Protect programs, this Grundig offers a mixed-fibre mode, a 40-degree discerning rinse and a ‘mini’ 30-minute rinse for doing tiny loads in a hurry. You get a stain-care rinse privately for hard-to-shift muck, a bedding rinse for duvets and sheets, and Grundig’s Steam Refresh programme.

Steam Refresh uses usually a litre of H2O to modernise simply contaminated clothing, maybe shirts that have usually been ragged for a integrate of hours. We gave this a try and it worked really good during sprucing adult a string shirt, entrance out of a rinse prohibited and steamy. This ensured a shirt dusty fast when hung adult and had really few creases.

There’s a dilettante rinse for dim garments to revoke fading, and a machine-cleaning wash, too. The Grundig’s simple programmable washes are rather old-school, however, with a string rinse set to default to 60 degrees rather than a stream customary of 40 degrees or even lower. This can be simply altered in a options, though are we going to remember to do this if we wish to save appetite by regulating a 40-degree wash?

Grundig GWN59450C

Grundig GWN59450C – Performance

For a tests we ran 3 opposite rinse cycles: a 40-degree C string rinse with a 7.2kg (80%) full bucket during 1400rpm spin speed, a 40-degree C string rinse with a 3.6kg (40%) bucket during 1400rpm, afterwards a same rinse regulating a Cotton Eco mode during Grundig’s 60-degree C preset. Most other machines we’ve tested use 40 degrees, 30 degrees or even 20 degrees for their Eco washes, so a Grundig is doubtful to demeanour really careful in a like-for-like tests.

The choice of an 80% bucket is some-more in balance with a genuine load, as really few people indeed things their shower appurtenance to limit capacity. We enclosed a exam mark frame in a initial wash, stained with dried-on ketchup, coffee, blood, red wine, extract and engine oil. To keep a exam offset with other machines tested, we used a vital code of non-biological antiseptic shower powder for all tests, so a cleaning had no biological help.

The Grundig’s timings valid to be sincerely accurate, with a initial rinse completing within 13 mins of a suggested time of 1hr 59mins indicated during a start. The second half-load rinse came in usually 1min faster than a 1hr 59mins advised, and a final Eco rinse finished 8mins longer than a indicated 2hrs 57mins.

The Grundig’s rinse opening was equally adult to a job, with a exam mark frame usually display a merest ruins of a coffee, extract and booze stains. The blood and oil valid to be worse to shift, though a Grundig’s altogether rinse opening was good above bill machines while not utterly carrying a grime-shifting ability of a super-premium models during good over £1000.

Our exam frame before (top) and after
The GWN59450C went on to broach somewhat above-average spin formula in all 3 washes, with a initial rinse withdrawal 2.5kg (35%) of H2O from a dry 7.2kg weight of clothing. The second and third washes left 1.2kg (34%) and 1kg (28%) of H2O respectively from a 3.6kg dry weight of clothing. This is generally good opening in a Eco rinse mode, as we’ve found these Eco programmes tend to shirk a bit on a spin time to save electricity and therefore leave some-more H2O in a clothing. Not a box with this machine.

Grundig GWN59450C – Running Costs

The Grundig machine’s default to 60 degrees as customary for a Cotton Eco rinse unfortunately did it no favours in a customary appetite tests. While users can manually move a heat down before a wash, we feel many people will usually use a default environment and assume it’s regulating as economically as possible.

As such, a appetite total review rather high, with distributed electricity regulating costs during scarcely £60 a year regulating a customary calculations. Obviously that’s nowhere nearby a regulating costs you’d design from an A+++ machine. If we remember to manually spin down a heat in a customary and Eco washes, we could separate these costs and come out with a really fit appurtenance indeed. 

Should we buy a Grundig GWN59450C?

The Grundig is a solidly built, easily designed and energy-efficient machine, nonetheless removing a best out of it isn’t as candid as a simple-to-use rotary doorknob and control buttons would have we believe. To make a many of that eye-catching A+++ appetite figure you’ll need to manually revoke a rinse temperature, quite in Cotton Eco mode, that defaults to a really comfortable 60-degree wash.

If we’re being picky, it’s not really still for this cost indicate and a immaculate steel buttons are going to take unchanging buffing if we wish to keep it looking pristine. However, there’s no severe a Grundig’s glorious shower and spin opening figures, that make it a estimable step adult from a raft of bill machines out there. Just remember to spin that heat down.

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