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Guardian Analytics, a marketplace personality in real-time behavioral analytics and appurtenance training solutions for banking remuneration rascal detection, anti-money laundering, and craving B2B portal fraud, announced a luncheon on Explainable Machine Learning, a Difference between Fraud AML during a ACAMS 18th Annual AML Financial Crime Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sep 23-25, 2019.

Guardian Analytics will horde a luncheon on Explainable Machine Learning with Jason Chorlins, Principal Banking Practice Leader, Risk Advisory Services during Kaufman Rossin, and Dr. Thomas Lee, Chief Executive Officer during VivoSecurity.

“Machine Learning practical to Fraud AML is a risk-based proceed to Financial Crimes Detection. The determined risk process to perform alerts showing and emanate cases has to be upheld by a indication correctness and a interpretability, that consecrate a explainability,” pronounced Eric Tran-Le, VP of Product Management during Guardian Analytics.

During this session, attendees will learn pivotal Fraud Detection AML use cases regulating Machine Learning, where a Fraud AML showing models intersect and separate and a impact of alerts box government workflows.

The Guardian Analytics Explainable Machine Learning Luncheon will take place on Tuesday, Sep 24th from 12:50-2:00pm during ACAMS 18th Annual AML Financial Crime Las Vegas Conference during a Aria Resort and Casino. Attendees can arrange a assembly in allege with Guardian Analytics AML and Fraud experts during a event.

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Guardian Analytics is a colonize and heading provider of behavioral analytics and appurtenance training solutions for preventing banking rascal and anti-money laundering. Hundreds of financial institutions have standardised on Guardian Analytics’ innovative solutions to lessen rascal risk and rest on a association to stop a worldly rapist attacks targeting sell and blurb banking clients. With Guardian Analytics, financial institutions build trust, boost competitiveness, urge their patron experience, and scale operations. Guardian Analytics is secretly hold and formed in Mountain View, CA. For some-more information, greatfully revisit http://www.GuardianAnalytics.com.

Guardian Analytics® is a purebred heading of Guardian Analytics, Inc.

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