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Rodd Hotels Resorts

From a conduct bureau perspective, Maestro’s centralized database allows us to simply run reports for a chain. This creates it some-more fit for sales, marketing, income management, and a accounting departments.

“We are a family-owned hotel sequence that prides itself in meaningful a guest and personalizing their stay with us. Our success is formed on noticing any guest, providing a knowledge they value, and rewarding their loyalty. Maestro’s Multi-Property Hotel government and Loyalty System are essential to a operation,” pronounced Mike Robertson, Marketing Manager for Rodd Hotels Resorts. Rodd Hotels Resorts operates 7 hotels and resorts with 3 golf courses on Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, including a Five-Star Rodd Crowbush Golf Beach Resort.

All Rodd properties share one fully-integrated Maestro Multi-Property database for reservations, hotel management, and Rodd’s EveryStay Rewards program. All guest information, including amenities and preferences are accessible and permitted during any property. “Maestro’s Loyalty System is during a heart of a EveryStay program,” Robertson said. “Our agents use Maestro to brand preferences including room types, food and libation favorites, and special requests to make their stay some-more enjoyable. They also can see any members’ rewards turn and indicate change to yield sum on what value-ads they will accept during their stay.”

EveryStay Rewards members acquire a indicate for any dollar spent during Rodd locations. “We now have 25,000 members and 4 EveryStay membership levels, any formed on series of nights stayed on an annual basis. Each turn has additional perks. Members can redeem points for giveaway accommodations, golf, spa, dining or from a vast preference of present cards during 50 internal retailers by a partner program.” Guests pointer adult for Rodd Resorts EveryStay membership online or on property. They can examination their points online, and Maestro automatically prints indicate balances on EveryStay Rewards members’ folio during check-out. “The complement brings Rodd a good understanding of repeat business from a constant guests. Many of a members stay with us 50 to 100 nights a year,” Robertson said.

Maestro’s centralized Multi-Property hotel government complement saves time in a reservation process. Agents can privately rivet guest fast interjection to their ability to entrance guest information from all Rodd locations. “From a conduct bureau perspective, Maestro’s centralized database allows us to simply run reports for a chain. This creates it some-more fit for sales, marketing, income management, and a accounting departments,” Robertson said. “It’s also most easier to promulgate with a members by a executive database. For a reservations agents, not carrying to re-enter a guest’s information if they have stayed during one of a locations saves a poignant volume of time and simplifies a engagement process.

Warren Dehan, Maestro PMS President, said, “Maestro’s Loyalty Module is ideal for destinations like Rodd Hotels Resorts that wish to lane points and emanate rewards for guest who stay during their properties. Guests also advantage from a personalized high-touch stay since a Loyalty Module is integrated with Maestro’s engagement engine and skill software, so staff can expect and broach amenity preferences guest formerly requested.”

The Maestro Property Management System delivers stretchable and scalable deployment options with an matching full-featured web browser or windows resolution accessible in a cloud or on premise. Maestro’s revenue-generating hotel government program collection and services boost profitability, expostulate approach bookings, centralize operations, and yield personalized and mobile guest use collection to raise a guest experience. Click here for some-more information on how to rivet and consort with Maestro PMS.    

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Maestro is a elite cloud and on-premises PMS resolution for eccentric hotels, oppulance resorts, discussion centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups. Maestro’s PCI approved and EMV prepared craving complement offers 20+ integrated modules on a singular database including web and mobile apps to boost profitability, expostulate approach bookings, centralize operations, and capacitate operators to rivet guest with a personalized experience. For over 40 years Maestro’s Diamond Plus Service has supposing forlorn 24/7 North American formed support and preparation services to keep liberality groups operational and productive. Click here for some-more information on Maestro.

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