Haier WS50GDBI

What is a HAIER WS50GDBI?

Brand new to a marketplace is a smallest of Haier’s reward operation of dedicated booze cellars. The WS50GDBI offers a 50-bottle ability separate equally between dual eccentric temperature-controlled zones and packs in facilities for a dedicated booze connoisseur. These embody rarely fast temperature, humidity-controlled atmosphere conditioning and active cupboard heating (or ‘low-temperature compensation’) should a ambient room heat tumble subsequent your ideal celebration temperature.

Haier’s super-quiet anti-vibration engine ensures a booze isn’t jarred or stirred, and a zones can be set from 5 degrees to 20 degrees, creation this suitable for both red and white wines. The forced-air-circulation cooling includes an activated colourless filter, that removes any odours that could potentially contaminate a booze as it matures. Haier recommends replacing a filter annually to keep this underline using during a best. Energy category B is not surprising in booze chillers, as a additional electricity compulsory to keep a steam tranquil and heat fast all adds up.

Haier booze cellar

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HAIER WS50GDBI: How does it look?

The WS50GDBI leaves we in no doubt this is a grand reward product. The brushed immaculate steel doorway support is lush, nonetheless picks adult finger outlines easily. Moreover a steel doesn’t extend to a sides or tip of a cabinet, that are hard-wearing black paint. If this booze chiller is going underneath a worktop and between cabinets that won’t be an issue, of course, though freestanding during a finish of a kitchen we would have favourite a full immaculate steel hang during this price.

The doorway has a simply coloured potion front, so we can see a bottles and wooden shelves within. The light can be set to come on with a doorway open and stay on a few seconds after closing, or left on henceforth to make your booze collection a room feature. As it uses LED lighting throughout, this doesn’t have a good impact on using costs, either.

The door-mounted LED arrangement facilities touchscreen controls and indications of heat (either tip or bottom territory displayed during any one time) and steam commission of a atmosphere inside a cabinet. This arrangement also offers controls for a light and a air-cycle fan that speeds adult heat stabilisation and de-mists a doorway after it’s been opened. There’s a tighten on a bottom of a doorway should we wish to keep guest or other family members divided from your selected Moët.

For those used to potion shelves of a normal fridge, a tender wooden racks competence demeanour rather unusual. Yet not usually do they supplement to a visible interest though a timber is also peaceful on bottle labels, resists germ naturally and has some properties to mislay odours from a cabinet. If we do brief booze on them, a discerning clean with some fine-grade sandpaper will move them adult like new.

HAIER WS50GDBI: How many can we fit in?

Haier’s quoted 50-bottle limit ability is rather ambitious. We managed 46, nonetheless a distance of a bottles will come into play. Moreover, removing this many bottles inside means cross-stacking bottles on tip of any other, where one bottle is confronting cork-out and a subsequent quarrel has to be cork-in, with a bottom confronting a potion door, that is conjunction superb nor really unsentimental for accessing sold wines from your collection. We’d advise that a limit essential ability is around 35 bottles for palliate of access.

While a executive dividing shelf is fixed, a dual granted wooden shelves are removable, with a top shelf charity dual positions. In an ideal universe we would have favourite to have seen a reduce removable shelf able of shifting out on a curtain so we can some-more simply review a booze labels, though with booze on house it’s bound in place. Of course, with a exclusively tranquil zones you’re not usually limited to booze and we can simply set one cell to 5 degrees to store beers or soothing drinks.

Haier booze cellar

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HAIER WS50GDBI: How loud is it?

Haier uses a customary compressor, but’s deftly mounted this on anti-vibration turrets to both keep it still and stop a booze jolt arounf. Even when a compressor is using we can’t feel any quivering by a cupboard and it’s really still – around 41dB. This compares sincerely good with Haier’s quoted 39dB, and if a territory was mounted underneath a counter-top it would have been even quieter than a free-space tests.

HAIER WS50GDBI: How good does it perform?

Looking adult a best heat to offer a favourite tipples, it transpires that Rioja is best served during around 16 degrees C and a collection of excellent Sauvignon Blancs – Tesco’s Finest, that is – were best during around 9 degrees. After a few initial eyeglasses we motionless we elite a favourite wines a small cooler than endorsed so set a reduce cell to 14 degrees C for a reds and a top during 6 degrees C for a white booze and a few impertinent lagers.

Haier cycles a compressor on and off many quicker than a normal fridge and, total with a forced-air cooling, a outcome is impossibly fast normal atmosphere heat via a WS50GDBI cabinet. It’s an sequence of bulk some-more fast that many refrigerators, with a bottom half of a reduce territory progressing 13 degrees with a movement of only /- 0.2 degrees!

While there were peaks and dips of /-1 grade on a top shelf in a reduce compartment, they were so brief that ambient meant temperatures remained reduction than /- 0.3 degrees divided from a 14 degrees we set. It was accurately a same story for a top compartment, with a bottom shelf gripping during 5.5 degrees and a top shelf around 6.5 degrees via a test. That is tighten to a technically ideal set of fridge formula as we’re nonetheless to see.

Haier booze cellar

HAIER WS50GDBI: How many will it cost to run?

We didn’t give a Haier an easy exam of a using costs. We set a thermostats during reduce temperatures than many booze enthusiasts competence require, done a top territory a colder one – arguably it would have been some-more fit a other approach turn – and non-stop a doorway frequently for those impertinent beers. So we were agreeably astounded that we don’t consider it’ll use even as many electricity as Haier’s possess total suggest. From a use we calculate that it would use around 140kWh – equal to about £21 per year for ideally cold wine.

Should we buy a HAIER WS50GDBI?

Wine cellars are not for everybody and are, of course, really many a oppulance item. Even a WS50GDBI’s cost tab competence make we wince, deliberation we can buy a really achieved full-size fridge freezer for a whole lot less. However, if you’re in a marketplace for a reward under-counter booze attic that looks great, will store red and white booze simultaneously, is packaged with facilities and turns in some really considerable technical results, a WS50GDBI is positively a ‘premier cru’ of a type.

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