Haldor Significantly Expands the RFID Track & Trace Patent…

Haldor Advanced Technologies (Haldor), a colonize in RFID-enabled Track Trace solutions for a medical industry, has offer strengthened a ORLocate® obvious portfolio around Track Trace surgical equipment in general, and RFID communication solutions in particular. Haldor® was recently postulated a new pivotal obvious demonstrating a ongoing joining to creation and care of a RFID’s surgical equipment Track Trace market.

A recently authorised United States Patent, patrician “Mobile handheld receiver for reading tags,” covers elemental RFID communication capabilities between Haldor’s exclusive readers and surgical equipment that are noted with tags, some-more specifically, RFID tags. This seminal obvious provides extended coverage on elemental RFID-enabled record around Track Trace solutions and services in medical environments, and secretly as it relates to Track Trace workflows and use cases of surgical equipment in hospital’s Operating Rooms and Sterile Processing Departments. Haldor® has a really clever obvious Intellectual Property (IP) position surrounding RFID-enabled communication, generally mixing this new obvious with Haldor’s existent IP portfolio.

“We continue to enhance a IP range by filing new applications and actively progressing a strong, well-planned obvious portfolio,” pronounced Ilan Kadosh-Tamari, CEO of Haldor Advanced Technologies. “Our tentative patents portfolio and this newly authorised obvious element Haldor’s active IP strategy—putting us in a widespread position in a IP landscape for Track Trace RFID-enabled technologies—and offer as a estimable separator of entrance for others considering duplicating Haldor’s solution.”

Haldor® continues to rise innovative technologies that renovate a approach hospitals correlate with surgical equipment and eventually improves studious reserve and operational potency in both a Operating Room and a Sterile Processing Department.

About Haldor Advanced Technologies

Haldor Advanced Technologies is a secretly hold association that specializes in building solutions for a medical industry. The company’s flagship product, ORLocate®, is an programmed RFID-based complement that is designed to assistance hospitals urge studious reserve and urge operational potency in both a Operating Room and a Sterile Processing Department. The ORLocate® apartment of products is a usually commercially accessible resolution that monitors and marks surgical instruments and consumables, including sponges, on an particular basement before, during, and during a end of a surgical procedure. ORLocate® products offer an modernized resolution for register tracking and item and life-cycle government of surgical instruments and sponges. Haldor operates directly in North America by a unconditionally owned US and Canadian subsidiaries. Haldor is headquartered in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, by a state of a art investigate growth and production facility, alongside a network of placement partners in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For some-more info revisit a site http://www.haldor-tech.com.

To report your facility’s clinical demo greatfully contact: Haldor Advanced Technologies,Pete Koste, VP Strategic Accounts, Tel: 856-254-3567, Email: Pete.Koste(at)haldor-tech.com

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