Halo Announces Cloud-Based Retail Loss Prevention Application formed on…

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San Diego, California (PRWEB) Mar 13, 2015

Halo, a heading provider of business focus software, announced Halo Cash Alert Version 1.2, designed to assistance fast brand patterns in point-of-sale money takings that can be demonstrative of burglary or misuse. Version 1.2 provides a elementary workflow, investigate engine and visible reports around a cloud. Targeted for retailers with employees handling money during point-of-sale, Halo Cash Alert can be accessed around desktop or mobile inclination and is elementary adequate for any manager to sign-up and use.

Halo has done Halo Cash Alert totally cloud-ready and mobile-friendly, providing easy sign-up, information templates and representation projects. The focus requires usually a elementary information record from one list in a point-of-sale system. In many cases, this kind of information can be extracted in mins by a manager. The focus afterwards summarizes a information and creates comparisons opposite employees, time periods, and work shifts. Exceptions demonstrative of intensity money detriment problems are highlighted for government action.

Key Features include:

Visual Cash Management – Halo Cash Alert facilities a singular proceed to detecting intensity problems in money takings by examining behavioral patterns opposite employees. This can assistance managers to some-more fast and simply establish if a problem might exist or is emerging. The newly designed interface is tailored to graphically paint analogous data.

Simple Data Upload – Halo Cash Alert requires usually 10 information elements, uploaded in a simple, customary format extracted from any operation of source applications. The information is rarely secure regulating SAML-2 confidence standards and users might select to discharge any privately identifying information.

Joseph Tan, VP of SaaS Products and Technology during Halo, commented, “Halo Cash Alert is a elementary approach to residence a really specific paint indicate for many retailers – detriment during a money register. Our patron investigate indicates that a elementary record resolution would be ideal to identify, quantify and locate detriment problems as they emerge. Halo is an ideal height for this specific problem.”

About Halo

Halo delivers supply sequence comprehension solutions to hundreds of craving business and use provider partners in North America, Europe, and a Asia-Pacific. Our Customer-driven SIOP™ height radically simplifies information government and operational analytics, enabling organizations to build some-more rival supply chains. Halo replaces a complexity of siloed information sources and manifold applications with a single-purpose height that lets firms analyze, confirm and devise faster than ever before. Halo is headquartered in San Diego, California, and can be reached around a web (http://www.halobi.com), Twitter (@Halo_BI) or email during info(at)halobi(dot)com.

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