Haryana creates sale of beef non-bailable offence

CHANDIGARH: After Maharashtra, Haryana on Monday upheld a many some-more difficult check banning sale of beef.

According to a legislation, a severe seizure for offered beef would be 5 years — same as that in Maharashtra — and a excellent of adult to Rs 50,000.

The western state has kept it during Rs 10,000. In box a crook fails to compensate a fine, in Haryana he/she will have to spend adult to one year some-more in jail.

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The Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Bill 2015, upheld by a public unanimously, bans sale of all kinds of beef.

As per a law in force so far, sale of beef was criminialized though there was no breach on finished beef. This eminence has also been removed.

“No chairman shall sell or offer for sale or means to be sole beef or beef products..,” reads a bill, that was tabled in a public by animal cultivation apportion Om Prakash Dhankar on Monday.
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According to a bill, a chairman convicted of cow massacre can be condemned adult to 10 years in jail, detached from a excellent of adult to Rs 1 lakh. There is sustenance of additional seizure of adult to one year if a excellent is not paid.

The check creates both violations — cow massacre and beef sale — non-bailable. During a hearing for cow massacre and sale of beef, a weight of proof a ignorance would be on a accused, many like other many difficult laws like a Dowry Act.

The check also mentions that any chairman found indulging in trade of cow for a purpose of massacre possibly directly or by his representative can be condemned adult to 7 years of jail tenure with a excellent of adult to Rs 70,000.

Any chairman anticipating to trade cows out of a state will have to request for a assent from a supervision saying a reasons for that they are to be exported along with a accurate series of cows and a name of a state to that they are due to be sent. Such persons will also record a stipulation that cows for that assent of trade is compulsory will not be slaughtered. However, no assent for trade of cows will be released for a state where cow massacre is not banned.

Crime and Punishment

Cow slaughter: 3-10 years jail, excellent of Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh

Export of cows for slaughter: 3-7 years, excellent of Rs 30,000 to 70,000

Sale of beef: 3-5 years, excellent of Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000

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