Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod

What is a Hasselblad True Zoom?

One of a good appeals of Motorola’s (or maybe that should be Lenovo’s) Moto Z operation is a modularity offering by a Moto Mods. These smartphone attachments deftly insert to a behind of a Moto Z operation by magnets, creation joining and swapping mods a breeze.

One such Moto Mod is a Hasselblad True Zoom, which, as a name implies, adds some loyal visible wizz capabilities and draws on a famous Hasselblad name. The Swedish camera manufacturer is famous for a super-expensive middle and vast format cameras. This is an aspirational Mod, then. Sadly, it doesn’t live adult to a brand.

With a homogeneous of 10x visible wizz done for those who wish to get closer to a movement though resorting to awful digital zoom, a Hasselblad True Zoom proves to be a useful addition. But a camera capabilities as a whole won’t opposition dedicated compress cameras during a identical cost and some aspects, such as video, can be defective to a Moto Z’s customary camera.

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Hasselbad True Zoom – Design and handling

For anyone with a detailed background, a one thing that can feel a tiny visitor when sharpened with a smartphone is awkwardly holding a phone itself. With a rush to make phones thinner and lighter, it means there’s not a whole lot to squeeze reason of.

There’s something gratifying about holding a correct camera that gets mislaid along a way, and partial of that is carrying something to reason reason of. To opposite this, Hasselblad has adopted some tried-and-tested camera standards and a True Zoom looks really most like a normal camera.

Hasselblad True Zoom

For starters, a True Zoom adds some additional girth with a dedicated camera reason towards a right-hand side, that your palms naturally contour around, providing easy entrance to a dedicated two-stage shiver button. The reason has a leather-like hardness to it as well, another curtsy to normal cameras.

It apparently adds some distance to your Moto Z, though a whole thing still fit absolutely into a span of jeans, nonetheless it’s not something we kept trustworthy all a time. A accessible box is enclosed to reserve a True Zoom away, and it’s also large adequate to reason it when trustworthy to a Moto Z as well.

Hasselblad True Zoom

The captivating locking of Moto Mods is considerable – there’s never any worry about it apropos separated

Like a dedicated camera, a shiver symbol can be half-pressed to close a autofocus and entirely intent to recover a shutter, that will be now familiar. My usually censure is how tear-jerking a shiver symbol feels, and that there’s not adequate eminence between a half-press and a full-press.

Hasselblad True Zoom

Akin to a transport of a keyboard’s pivotal action, there’s something to be pronounced about a gratifying shiver button. There’s some visible develop to a shiver button, adopting an orange shade to commemorate a long-standing camera company’s 75th anniversary.

Integrated alongside a shiver symbol are a wizz controls, that will again feel now informed to anyone that’s picked adult a compress camera. Frustratingly, a wizz rocker is impossibly sensitive, so it’s really easy to mistake a wizz length we intended.

There’s a tiny energy symbol to spin a camera on and off manually, though opening and shutting any camera app will do this automatically as well.

Hasselblad True Zoom

Previous smartphones have dabbled with visible wizz in a past, a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and a Panasonic CM1 to name though two, though being means to supplement on and take off a True Zoom means not carrying to understanding with a combined distance of a camera components all a time, that is a genuine reward for part-time shooters.

The usually genuine repudiation compared to a dedicated camera we felt was a miss of a tripod thread, though we can substantially find a smartphone hilt with one that would do a trick. Otherwise, a Hasselblad True Zoom does a surprisingly effective pursuit of branch your Moto Z into something that looks and feels like a compress camera.

The True Zoom uses your connected Moto Z’s battery, so design that to exhaust quicker. Annoyingly, a Moto Z wouldn’t let me bond a USB-C wire to assign during a same time as regulating a True Zoom, throwing adult an on-screen message. It’s not done transparent because we can’t fire and assign during a same time, either.

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