Hipflat Uses Blockchain Technology to Eliminate Expired and Inaccurate…

The web has spin a default “go-to” channel for home buyers and renters, though a peculiarity of online listings in Thailand (as good as in many other regions around a world) is mostly really poor. For many people, anticipating a home online can be a really frustrating and time-consuming experience. Often, adult to 90% of online listings opposite countless skill hunt portals are inaccurate, unavailable, or simply fake. The outcome is that buyers rubbish a lot of time questioning a wrong properties or properties that do not even exist.

Moreover, given hundreds of thousands skill listings are advertised during prices that are no longer valid, it is really formidable for both buyers and sellers to settle a satisfactory marketplace price. This miss of clarity creates friction, that deters buyers and sellers from creation a jointly profitable agreement. This, in turn, exceedingly affects marketplace liquidity.

To move trust to online skill searches, to fight false information, and to yield larger soundness to skill seekers, Hipflat now launched a new accurate inventory feature, that highlights listings that have been exclusively certified by Hipflat members who have already contacted a advertiser or visited a property. Hipflat members will also be means to news false listings. As some-more information is collectively sourced and accurate by Hipflat members, Hipflat will grasp a idea of carrying 100% of a listings verified.

The accurate listings underline is a initial real-world use box and a explanation of judgment of a Domus Protocol, that is blockchain-enabled program being grown by Hipflat. Domus will use a blockchain to collect crowd-sourced skill information, to prerogative members who minister high-quality skill data, and to forestall antagonistic information entries.

Looking serve into a future, Hipflat envisions Domus as a substructure of a network that will combine online genuine estate marketplaces all over a world. People everywhere will have entrance to high-quality skill listings. It will spin a tellurian selling platform, assisting sellers to find a customer for their skill faster and cheaper.

About Hipflat

Launched in 2013, Hipflat (http://www.hipflat.co.th) is purebred in Singapore with operational domicile in Bangkok, Thailand. Hipflat operates one of Thailand’s heading online genuine estate marketplaces, joining skill buyers/tenants (residential, commercial, and industrial) with sellers/landlords; i.e., individuals, brokers, and developers.

Hipflat now facilities 340,000 listings from 40,000 agents, owners, landlords, and skill managers, with 55% of them being rentals and 45% homes for sale. Over a past 12 months, home buyers and renters collectively spent some-more than one million hours browsing skill listings on Hipflat and noticed 3.7 million web-pages monthly.

The association is corroborated by obvious general VCs and business angels, including 500 Startups and Japanese companies OPT and Aucfan.

About a Domus Protocol

The Domus Protocol is blockchain-enabled program that is being grown by Hipflat. The idea is to move clarity and trust to a online skill hunt experience. Visit http://domus.network for serve information.

For serve inquiries greatfully contact:

Denis Nemtsev, Founder CEO of Hipflat: [email protected]

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