HoneyComb Will Support a Future of STEAM during a ITEEA 80th Annual…

HoneyComb Music II – Hocokiki

We aim to pierce children into a new universe with total possibilities and inspire them to suffer all these fun building blocks.

HoneyComb, an innovative set of intelligent electronic building blocks, is designed for people with no engineering background. HoneyComb helps immature people in K-12 STEAM preparation (problem-based training regulating science, technology, engineering, art, and arithmetic principles) furnish interactive and artistic work. The product will be on arrangement during a ITEEA theatre for veteran educators in record and artistic pattern on Apr 12, 2018, in Atlanta, GA.

After successfully creation a unequivocally initial pierce in Mar 2016 with a launch of HoneyComb, a plan group fast grew and consistently upgraded a models to furnish breakthroughs and to share a technological feat worldwide.

The 3 core product kits, HoneyComb Basic, HoneyComb Music, and HoneyComb Queen, aim an age operation from 5-12 and above, respectively. The kits offer several options for opposite age groups, aiming to prove any aim segment’s needs and concentration in building STEAM education.

At this time, HoneyComb enters a new theatre with a launch of a HoneyComb Music II, named Hocokiki. Hocokiki has extended a user experience, permitting users to facilely switch among 3 voice modes, including instrumental, freestyle, and universe debate mode, and to suffer opposite interactive low-pitched play experiences. While progressing a instrumental indication benchmark of a final generation’s Music Kit, HoneyComb tries to optimize a user knowledge by running children to try some-more sounds and simply mix 3 modules to make a opposite sound. The augmenting coherence and probability of customizing song allows children to rise their creativity.

In a ascent to Hocokiki, HoneyComb has taken a insubordinate step to enhance a product functionality by charity a programming feature, ancillary adult to 128 forms of low-pitched instruments. The innovative partial of Hocokiki is that it is a rarely supportive instrument when connected to a child’s fingertips. Just one elementary hold will send an electric stream to any conductive element to form a low-pitched loop that will kindle a child’s judicious and vicious thinking.

“We aim to pierce children into a new universe with total possibilities and inspire them to suffer all these fun building blocks,” pronounced Robi Wang, a co-founder and Project Manager of HoneyComb. “Ultimately, HoneyComb will turn an fashionable apparatus for STEAM educators and immature learners to implement on their approach to try unconstrained ideation.”

The ITEEA Annual Conference is a best-known venue for entertainment inspirational tellurian creation globally, and HoneyComb is blissful to be partial of it and to share a newness and prophesy with a world.

“We unequivocally demeanour brazen to communicating a impulse and prophesy and delivering it to a right people during a ITEEA Annual Conference. We know that ITEEA is a ideal place to showcase a grant and support a destiny of STEAM, and HoneyComb is blissful to be one of a stand-out innovators,” pronounced Kent Zhang, Chief Mechanical Designer of HoneyComb.

HoneyComb will have a arrangement in Booth No.10 during a 80th ITEEA Annual Conference during a Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. We demeanour brazen to assembly everybody on Apr 12th.

To learn some-more about HoneyComb, greatfully revisit HoneyComb’s central website http://www.HoneyCombkits.com or revisit us during Booth No.10 during a ITEEA conference. For some-more information on a 80th ITEEA Annual Conference, greatfully revisit https://www.iteea.org/