Honeywell Evohome Smart Home Review

What is a Honeywell Evohome?

It is another further to a increasingly rival intelligent heating section that is headlined by a likes of  Nest (now owned by Google), Tado and British Gas. Honeywell is an attention giant, carrying been founded proceed behind in 1906 and after white labelling several intelligent thermostats for others it is stepping into a limelight some-more itself. The association claims Evohome is a many extensive resolution to date and, given it is also a many expensive, a expectations are high.

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Honeywell Evohome – Design

The reason Evohome is a many costly intelligent heating use is by design. Prices do start from usually £250 yet this is yet designation (typically £100). Evohome also works regulating zones and any section requires a sensor (‘TRV’) that will set we behind £59 and there’s an discretionary prohibited H2O controller (£70).

In a dual bedroom prosaic where we tested, a combi boiler meant no prohibited H2O control was needed, yet we still had 5 TRVs (kitchen, vital room, hallway, both bedrooms). You can supplement zones over time, yet a finish complement still costs north of £650.

The good news is both a TRVs and a dedicated controller demeanour a part. The TRVs reinstate a feverishness control on your radiators (assuming we even have these) and clearly arrangement a internal temperature, their battery life (more later), sync standing and a minimalist spin dial lets we manually adjust a feverishness of a radiator to that they are connected. Build peculiarity is stone solid.

The controller is likewise swish. In fact it is a initial intelligent thermostat control section we’ve seen to use both a touchscreen and colour panel. This combo gives a controller genuine gravitas and does divided with a need for buttons altogether. A good hold is a controller has swappable front covers and with white, black and china accessible there should be something to fit many decors.

But there is a downside. The third partial of a combo is a Remote Access Gateway that connects to your router and wirelessly communicates with a controller. Compared to a controller and TRV is it an nauseous white section and as vast as some routers we have reviewed. Unlike a Tado complement it can't take a energy from a USB pier on a router possibly so it contingency be plugged into a wall socket. Honeywell pronounced this is partial of a complement it is looking to labour so hopefully there will be changes before long.

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Honeywell Evohome – Features

What intrigues about a Evohome, however, is how a controller, Remote Access Gateway and TRVs all come together.

For starters Honeywell doesn’t rate a sensor complement used by Tado and Nest. These systems detect when users are in a home and spin a heating adult or down automatically. Honeywell points out that ceaselessly dropping and reheating a home is some-more costly than gripping it during a consistent temperature. There is also a problem if we don’t have a concordant device (currently Windows Phone and BlackBerry aren’t upheld by possibly company) as we aren’t recognized as being in a home.

Instead Honeywell argues a best feverishness assets come from good handling a temperatures of a areas of a home we use when we need them. For example: slicing usually a bedroom temperatures in a day if we work from home, a whole residence while we are divided or a kitchen while we cook. Evohome is about bettering to your lifestyle rather than switching a heating for a whole residence adult or down.

Evohome UI

There is a downside to this. While Nest and Tado systems detect occupants and therefore conflict automatically, a Evohome has to be manually programmed. The upside of this is it can be impossibly granular (hour-by-hour, day-by-day) yet that is also a downside and it takes some time to setup and we will find yourself excellent tuning a settings for a initial few weeks.

The good news is Evohome includes ‘Quick Actions’ such as ‘Economy’, ‘Away’, ‘Day Off’ and ‘Heating Off’ and these can be practical around a controller or a Android and iPhone apps remotely should we forget to change a complement before, for example, going on holiday.

Honeywell Evohome – Setup

honeywell evohome 3While
many intelligent thermostats are sole with a choice of self or professional
install, a larger complexity of a Evohome complement means Honeywell
strongly recommends we use a professional.

The martial can
ignore this, yet carrying seen a implement (which takes about an hour) we
can’t disagree with Honeywell’s logic. The good news for those building
their possess systems is wise a TRV simply involves unscrewing an
existing radiator thermostat, screwing in a TRV and syncing is usually a
button press. This means expanding a complement can be finished simply and
will concede users to widespread a cost over time.

Honeywell Evohome – Performance

So how does it all come together? As we competence expect, during initial a going is delayed yet a knowledge afterwards improves rapidly.

reason for this is down to a user. Quite simply it is tough work
trying to mangle down your heating schedule. What do we need on a
Saturday during 11am contra 3pm? Can we spin a heating down from 7pm
until 9pm on Tuesdays while you’re on a march or is that usually every
second Tuesday? The combinations are endless.

Consequently, we
found we will adjust your simple report frequently before settling on
one that works for we and your household. Since we tend to afterwards leave
the complement alone it is also easy to forget to set discerning actions like
‘Heating Off’ when we go divided or to spin it behind on when we come back.
These things a Tado and Nest systems do better.

honeywell evohome 7

pronounced a Evohome is a distant some-more absolute complement than any of a rivals
because of a ideal turn of control. There is good satisfaction
sitting in a vital room in a dusk during a ideal feverishness while
saying that rest of residence is off yet meaningful any room will be the
right feverishness when we need it. Then when we go to bed a bedroom
is ideal and a rest of a residence will cold – and so on.

time this creates other systems and their heating on/off proceed feel
crude by comparison. Zoning is utterly simply some-more fit and, while we
would need to exam during winter for a best comparison, it was clear
the boiler was switching on reduction mostly and for reduction time when it did.
The mobile apps are also smart, fast and good designed, yet note
the screenshots come from a early entrance to a vital refurbish that adds
scheduling and section customisation and will be expelled to all shortly.

honeywell evohome 8

We do have some. Aside from a nauseous and massive Remote Access Gateway,
the controller’s colour touchscreen is a resistive rather than
capacitive row like complicated smartphones so it is spasmodic delayed to
react. It also doesn’t have good battery life, durability about an hour
unplugged before low battery beeps start and a battery indicator
doesn’t always simulate this.

By contrariety a TRVs final 2.5 years
on their batteries (which are afterwards simply swapped) yet they do need to
adjust their valves once per day to keep them lax and this fairly
quiet and brief sound (a few seconds) can locate we off guard

honeywell evohome 4

Should we buy a Honeywell Evohome?

bigger doubt is some-more expected to be: are we prepared to compensate the
amount compulsory for a Honeywell home? Logic would advise a larger
the home and a some-more TRVs required, a some-more expected that chairman is to
be means to means them yet apparently that isn’t always a case. And for
those with comparison executive heating systems yet temperature
controlling valves already installed, a cost and con of upgrading
is significant.

Personally, we’d like to see possibly a reduction
in their cost or a integrate of TRVs bundled to get users adult and running
as provision a controller and gateway yet any creates a pricing

Then again if we are prepared to deposit in the
Evohome it is yet doubt a many extensive and accurate system
we have seen and a complement can be stretched solemnly for those who can’t
afford all adult front.

As for a savings, it will need a
full calendar year to import adult all a benefits, yet there is no doubt
that being means to control your feverishness automatically room-by-room,
day-by-day and hour-by-hour creates some-more clarity than an all on/off
system. The bigger a home a some-more a upfront outlay, yet also the
faster we should see a lapse on your investment. Honeywell claims the
Evohome will have paid for itself within 2.5 years and – your individual
tariff aside – we see no reason to doubt that.


Honeywell Evohome is a Rolls Royce of intelligent thermostats, yet that
metaphor relates to cost as good as performance. Small flats can expect
to compensate around £500 and bigger homes around £1,000, yet if we can stomach
that we are shopping a distant some-more modernized complement than a on/off
alternatives from a likes of Nest, Tado and Hive and it should recover
a costs some-more quickly. The mass interest of Nest in sold is
unlikely to be dented by Honeywell, yet Evohome owners will feel
rightfully smug.

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