Honor 6 Plus Phone Review

Hands-on with a Honor 6 Plus

Honor is commencement to build itself a bit of a repute in a phone world. The spin-off association of Huawei has launched 3 feature-packed phones in a UK, all of that have helped redefine a expectations of what an ‘affordable phone’ can be.

At a tip of a phone lift is a Honor 6, a £250 smartphone with a Full HD screen, octo-core energy and a decent camera. Now a association is updating a flagship phone with a Honor 6 Plus. The 5.5-inch phone facilities a new Kirin octo-core 925 chipset and an engaging camera setup that’s certain to lift some eyebrows.

It’s already launched in other territories underneath a Huawei Honor brand. and now it’s entrance to a UK to join a Holly, Honor 6 and Honor 3C.

To demeanour at, it’s not a million miles divided from a Honor 6. It’s all black with prosaic panels on a front and a behind with a fibreglass bottom to assistance a pattern feel a small some-more high end. It’s 7.5mm thick to give it a slim form and a elementary pattern offers a kind of category we don’t routinely associate with mid-range phones. Like a 6, a 6 Plus can fast a bit filthy around a back, though it’s gentle to reason altogether and ticks all of a many critical boxes.

Honor has changed to a bigger 5.5-inch JDI shade relating a One Plus One for distance and arrangement technology. It’s Full HD as well, that is singular for a phone this price. It’s sharp, colourful with decent observation angles. The Honor 6 is packaged with energy as well, regulating a new Kirin Octo-core 925 chipset with 3GB of RAM. That octo-core setup pot 4 core to hoop a lighter phone tasks, while a other 4 jumps into movement for things like streaming.

Like Honor’s other phones, a program is a mash-up of Android and a company’s possess Huawei-inspired EM UI overlay. The 6 Plus runs Android 4.4 KitKat, so no Android Lollipop only nonetheless with EM UI 3.0. You’ll have to live though some core Android facilities like a app drawer and a user interface that still doesn’t feel as neat as something like HTC’s Sense UI.

Elsewhere, there’s 32GB of inner storage with Micro SD label support and a large 3,600mAh ability battery, that should see we see by a day. If we wish twin SIMs, that’s thrown in too and they are a active kind so are always accessible to switch between a two. There’s 4G LTE support as well, effectively vouchsafing we have one 3G and one 4G connection.

The Honor 6 Plus’s large pretence is a twin 8-megapixel cameras on a behind with an considerable readjustable orifice operation of F0.95-F16. It’s identical to a Duo Camera setup on a One M8 and offers a same ‘bokeh’ character refocusing and should in speculation offer good low-light shooting.

One of a cameras is a bound concentration one while a other packs automobile concentration and Honor’s algorithms emanate a refocusing effect. we had a discerning play with it adjusting concentration after holding a print and it indeed works well. With a additional fortitude to play with, images seem crook than what a One M8 manages as well.

That’s also corroborated adult by an 8-megapixel front-facing camera so holding cinema is really a clever indicate for a 6 Plus.

Early Verdict

As an refurbish to a Honor 6, a 6 Plus has a makings of another great-value Android phone. Honor has nonetheless to endorse pricing, though if it’s a same £250 as a predecessor, afterwards that’s good news. While you’ll need to live with a quirkiness of a software, a considerable specs list including a twin cameras could be a headline-grabbing pierce from Honor.

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