Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH

What is a Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH?

Part of Hotpoint’s flagship Ultima range, a XUL85 T3U WOJH competence sound like a automobile numberplate, though it’s a frost-free fridge-freezer that promises to keep your cold food “Day 1″ uninformed for adult to 14 days. It achieves this by regulating a raft of technologies including pointing heat control and Hotpoint’s innovative Active Oxygen technology.

It boasts an A+++ appetite rating, low noise, over 200 litres of fridge space, and a good-sized freezer – which, unusually, has 4 drawers. Features aplenty, then, and a extended food-freshness works well, though a Day 1 Ultima falls bashful of mass due to clearly normal build peculiarity and bad pattern on a inside.

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Day1 13

Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH – Design and Features

One of Hotpoint’s reward gloss-white fridge-freezers, a Day 1 Ultima has utterly a few facilities and techno goodies to clear a sincerely critical seeking price.

It’s totally frost-free of course, offers brilliant-white LED lighting in a fridge, and is A+++ fit interjection to high-tech insulation and a cutting-edge inverter compressor. The latter also helps in a explain of a ridiculously still 37dB handling noise.

Controls are a elementary quarrel of buttons and LEDs along a tip corner of a middle doorway frame, and a doorway handles are corpulent and secure.

Yet a genuine summary of a Day 1 Ultima is in gripping your uninformed furnish fresher for longer. Many fridge-freezers explain usually that, though Hotpoint has thrown a record book during this model, with a raft of innovations – many not seen anywhere else. In fact, Hotpoint is so assured in these technologies that it claims this fridge will keep many uninformed products in “day 1″ condition for adult to 14 days. Hence a name.

Now, being a garland of distrustful aged hacks here during TrustedReviews, this isn’t a explain we’d accept though some experimental justification to behind it up. So Hotpoint granted exam formula from SGL Prüf, a contrast residence in Hartmannsdorf in Germany.

It showed that a 14-day mutation associated to a leavening and cover expansion in uninformed strawberries stored in a Day 1 Ultima with all of a record facilities active. It remarkable that other fruits and furnish competence change – but, blimey, that’s still one super-impressive result.

Day1 11

Most sparkling among a tech facilities is a Active Oxygen technology. This is an ozone generator that shoots a blast of O3 into a fridge cell when we open a doorway or press a Active Oxygen button.

Ozone is good famous for a anti-bacterial and even anti-viral properties, given it’s one of a many absolute sterilisers in a world. Add a accurate apportion of ozone to a atmosphere present in your fridge and a germ that means spoil in food will struggle.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that’s during a many prevalent after thunderstorms – it’s constructed in good quantities by lightning. This is one of a reasons a atmosphere always smells uninformed after a storm. Ozone does have a gloomy though graphic odour, and we can spasmodic locate a spirit of it in a Day 1 fridge – though it’s unequivocally slight. Hotpoint claims that a Active Oxygen record alone inhibits germ expansion by adult to 90% and can neutralize fridge odours by adult to 70%.

Inside a fridge compartment, a shimmer black Active Oxygen 2.0 panel, steel highlights and chrome bottle shelve furnish a neat and difficult look. Lighting is a singular ceiling-mounted LED, though it’s distant adequate brazen not to turn too blocked by goodies on a tip shelf.

Both fridge drawers have a record story to tell too. The reduce of a dual similar-sized bins is what Hotpoint terms a “3-in-1 Drawer”. Like many such drawers designed for beef and fish, it promises to float around 0 degrees if a fridge heat is set to 4℃, interjection to a approach air-cooling Chill Mode.

Day1 7

Its Super Cool+ underline offers quick cooling of dishes that are as prohibited as a whopping 70℃ when we put them in a fridge. Chilling down a uninformed stew, whacking your cooking in a fridge when we need to fire out suddenly, or quick chilling jam are all possible.

This drawer also sports Safe Defrost, that allows we to unfreeze solidified dishes slowly, potentially avoiding any repairs or decrease during a defrosting process. The latter facilities are a good idea, though we can’t assistance meditative that, in reality, that drawer would be full with furnish you’d have to pierce initial in possibly scenario.

If all that wasn’t adequate tech for one fridge compartment, a salad-crisper drawer boasts Hotpoint’s Active Fresh filter. Inside this small retard of tricks is a devalue that sucks adult ethylene gas. Ethylene is a chemical constructed by several fruits – many famously bananas – as they ripen. It isn’t harmful, though it speeds adult a ripening routine in other fruit that comes into strike with a gas. This is because your silent told we to store your apples and bananas in apart bowls.

Day1 9

Not usually does a Active Fresh filter assistance safeguard fruits aren’t speed-ripening any other, it also reduces odours and helps to say a steam turn in a cell to equivocate condensation. The primer suggests a active partial of a filter needs reconditioning any 6 months to say a effectiveness. This is achieved by a discerning dust-off with a opening cleaner and afterwards an hour in a oven during 80℃.

Got all that? Right, good a bottom half of a Day 1 Ultima is a freezer. This large-capacity cell has 4 drawers and promises quick temperatures interjection to a aforementioned inverter engine and pointing cooling.

These certification are serve extended by a shoal tip tray that hangs in a low reduce drawer. Easily removed, could this be a ideal place for summer Magnums? You bet.


Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH – Capacity and Layout

At scarcely 1.9m tall, a Day 1 Ultima is a high fridge-freezer, with a inner storage ability serve bolstered by a use of high-tech thin-wall insulation. The outcome is a indication separate orderly in half, with dual equally sized doors and a 70/30 fridge-freezer separate in inner volume.

The fridge weighs in with a critical 204 litres of sum cooling space widespread opposite a dual drawers, 3 shelves, 3 doorway pockets and a chrome unresolved bottle rack. We pattern a bottle shelve competence be a initial object to get evicted when space is tight. The seat lineup is finished by 3 doorway pockets, a lowest of that is truly immeasurable and comes with a wavy divider.

Day1 4

Sadly, it’s these inner fridge fixtures and equipment that unequivocally let a Hotpoint Day 1 down. The shelves have singular coherence in terms of where we can put them and are great out for a separate duty to yield a small some-more tall-item storage.

Despite a high-tech underline count on both drawers, they rate as maybe a misfortune fridge drawers for palliate of use that we’ve ever tested. Even dull we have to shuffle, wiggle and combat them in and out. Fully installed they all though hang quick and need a outrageous yank to move. Pulling them out totally requires a primer inventiveness of an octopus, and you’re rarely expected to exude some of a essence in a process.

The reduce doorway slot is an even worse design. It’s distant too low front to behind to reason any unchanging carton, bottle or divert bottle in place, and a executive divider is too low to supplement any fortitude during all. Every time we non-stop a doorway with any unrestrained all a bottles simply fell over or even leapt out of this doorway slot completely.

It’s like a engineer had listened that vast doorway pockets were good and went insane with a measure though meditative it through.

Day1 8

The ergonomics are no reduction severe down in a 124-litre freezer compartment. The tip drawer hardly pulls out half a abyss before stopping, creation entrance to anything in a recesses scarcely impossible. The reduce 3 drawers are usually marginally improved for access, though all need a critical yank to move. Fully loaded, they conflict many attempts during opening or closing, and stealing them altogether is usually a headache.

How we can pattern a fridge-freezer with such extraordinary cutting-edge record and afterwards get a simple ergonomics so unequivocally wrong is a finish mystery. The Day 1 Ultima wants badly for correct rollers on a drawers, split-and-fold shelves, and essential doorway pockets. As it is, it feels inexpensive and nasty.


Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH – How loud is it?

Linear compressor motors are pivotal to removing fridge-freezer sound levels down to next a sorcery 40dB sound level. Hotpoint’s explain of 37dB – a arrange of sound levels we’re used to saying in reward fridge-freezers costing good over £1,000 – valid to be a small ambitious.

This indication emits a unequivocally still 39dB on average. While it does torment 40dB occasionally, that’s unequivocally still indeed and improved than a ambient sound in a unequivocally still library. If there’s anything though overpower in a kitchen afterwards you’re doubtful to hear a Day 1 Ultima in action. For a fridge-freezer underneath £600, that’s a unequivocally good result.

Day1 10

Hotpoint Ultima Day 1 XUL85 T3U WOJH – Performance

We installed a Day 1 Ultima fridge with 0.5kg of churned uninformed food per 10 litres of fridge capacity. We installed a freezer during 1kg per 10 litres of space, including 2 litres of room-temperature H2O behaving as a temperature-measured representation food.

We primarily set a fridge to 4℃ and a freezer to -18℃. Adjustments are particular for both compartments, though are in jumps of dual degrees. We totalled a heat on any shelf for a week, opening a doorway 6 times per day to copy normal use.

The formula for a Day 1 Ultima are complex, though generally unequivocally good. A multi-stage compressor cycle creates for difficult analysis, given a outcome is considerably opposite on fridge and freezer opening during opposite stages of a cycle. Freezer formula are easiest to summarize – they were excellent.

Day1 1

While it took a extensive 20 hours for a 2-litre H2O representation to strike -18℃, once it had reached heat it stayed put during 19℃ – give or take about half a degree.

All 4 drawers were unequivocally stable, varying between -17 and -21℃ via – that’s flattering many a ideal result. For speedier solidified of bulk uninformed food it would positively be best to rivet a Day 1’s Super Freeze mode, however.

On a three-hour destroy exam a Hotpoint’s high-tech insulation also valid a worth, with a food representation gaining usually 5℃. This would give a solidified food reserve extent of some-more than 16 hours though power, that is scarcely good.

A unequivocally brief 25-minute compressor cycle in a fridge keeps a normal meant heat on any shelf and drawer flattering consistent. However, they were all a small aloft than ideal – usually over 6℃ for a shelves and 2-3℃ for a reduce 3-in-1 drawer.

We nudged a thermostat down to a 2℃ environment and took some some-more measurements. This time a numbers came in unequivocally tighten to perfect. The tip shelf averaged 5.5℃, a mid-shelf and tip drawer usually over 4℃, and a reduce drawer 1.5℃. Great.

Day1 6

However, a forced-air cooling does have utterly a noted outcome on a approach a heat bounces around during a compressor cycle, depending on where your food is placed in a fridge. The tip salad drawer was well quick during usually +/- 0.3℃, that is mark on for gripping your fruit and veg in tip-top condition. Likewise, a reduce drawer sundry between usually next 0 and usually over 2℃, that is roughly ideal for gripping beef and fish. The open shelves had a bit some-more of a sundry run.

The tip shelf showed +/- usually 1℃ – an scarcely good outcome for this area, that traditionally has a biggest opposite in temperature. But a mid- and lower-shelf areas take a approach strike from a cooling blast of air.

Having crept adult to over 5℃ before a compressor restarts, a heat crashes down to around 1℃ before a atmosphere stabilises behind nearby a normal temperature. This quick-chilling blast isn’t a outrageous problem as prolonged as we don’t store ethereal fruit on these shelves, given this arrange of chill could means strength repairs and early decay.

A formidable and generally unequivocally good set of technical exam formula uncover a Day 1 Ultima to be an achieved performer. As prolonged as we set a fridge to 2℃ (as against to 4℃) and equivocate putting uninformed fruits and veg on a mid-shelves, this fridge-freezer will indeed keep your food uninformed for a longest probable time.

Day1 5

Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH – Running Costs

More than justifying Hotpoint’s A+++ credentials, a Day 1 Ultima is impossibly appetite efficient. Opening a doorway a few times per day and in a quick 18℃ room temperature, this indication sips reduction than 0.5kWh of extract daily. That’s with a fridge set to 2℃ rather than a 4℃ to that many people competence default.

Extrapolating that out over a year’s usage, we calculate that this appurtenance would use around 184kWh per year. That agrees roughly accurately with Hotpoint’s quoted figure of 186kWh per annum and is intensely good. It absolutely exceeds A+++ appetite potency for a capacity, and ensures one of a lowest using costs per litre of cooling space on a market.

Like all fridge-freezers, using costs will arise in prohibited kitchens or with large families, where a doors are non-stop some-more frequently. However, there’s no denying a Day 1 Ultima’s intensely low using costs. At an normal UK electricity cost of 15p/kWh, that’s reduction than £28 per year for over 300 litres of total chilling and solidified capacity. Excellent!

Day1 2

Should we buy a Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH?

Hotpoint’s Day 1 Ultima is something of an enigma. Brilliant facilities and glorious technical opening are totally during contingency with a inexpensive and feeble designed interior furniture.

For a cooling opening and glorious appetite potency alone, this big-capacity fridge-freezer some-more than justifies a price, and a mutation facilities make it a genuine opening bargain.

However, a ungainly drawers, singular storage flexibility, bad build peculiarity and ludicrously unreal reduce doorway slot let a altogether package down.


A superb-performing, energy-efficient fridge-freezer that’s let down by feeble designed interior furniture.

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