HP Stream 11 Laptop Review

What is a HP Stream 11?

The HP Stream 11 is a laptop directed primarily during students, and it’s accessible for an unusually low £179.99. For that we get a unstable 11-inch laptop that even includes an Office 365 subscription value £59.99 – it’s one of a pivotal things that creates it ideal for students.

While it’s positively a simple machine, a HP Stream 11 isn’t as plain as we competence expect. The speakers and battery life are glorious for a price, and it’s not bad-looking either. However, a 11.6-inch, 1,366 x 768 arrangement is a diseased point. Would we be improved off shelling out a bit some-more money on a Full HD shade of a Toshiba Chromebook 2? Possibly, yet this stays an superb understanding for a unequivocally good laptop.

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HP Stream 11: Design

The HP Stream 11 is a lovable tiny thing. It comes in dual versions, ‘horizon blue’ and ‘orchid magenta’ – a examination representation came in a former colour scheme. It stands out and in a good approach – a child in me rather likes a bold, accessible blue design.

The cosmetic itself is soothing to a touch, and any sweaty outlines it picks adult from clammy fingers blur divided in seconds. An HP trademark cut from a square of glossy china steel sits in a centre of a lid, while 4 rubber feet lay on a bottom and stop a PC from shifting around on list tops.
It lacks a magnificence of something like a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2015 or MacBook Air, yet a Stream is fun and visually pleasing. Too many bill laptops come wrapped adult in lifeless china or grey – a bit of accumulation is a unequivocally acquire change.
What you’ll find when we open a HP Stream 11 adult is reduction attractive. The bezels on all sides of a shade are vast and a bottom section is clad in a two-tone, PowerPoint-style slope effect. The tip face of a keyboard wharf closest to a shade is a same blue as a rest of a PC, yet a side closest to a trackpad is turquoise. It looks naff, and is suggestive of FC Barcelona’s nauseous 2012/13 divided kit. What’s more, it’s dotted in a bucket of small, china spots. What desirous this demeanour is over us, since it’s not great.

In this position, it’s apparent that build peculiarity isn’t sublime. The cosmetic support that surrounds a keyboard component is pointy and not utterly flush with a tip of a base. It felt severe on a palms and wrists when we typed and constructed a scratchy sound whenever we burnished opposite it. We also beheld that lots of flecks of dirt got held in a tiny opening between a support and physique roughly immediately.
The shade component feels a tiny flimsy, and is easy to hook with your fingers. The hinge also allows we to force a shade several degrees serve behind than it should go, that isn’t reassuring. That said, a pattern and build peculiarity is still above normal for a laptop this price.
While it’s light, during 1.28kg, it feels a tiny heavier than it is. That’s due to a fact that it’s radically an 11-inch laptop in a physique of a 13-incher. The 11-inch MacBook Air is significantly lighter, during 1.08kg, yet it also costs several times as many as a Stream 11. We found it sincerely gentle to change on one palm while typing with a other for a few mins during a time. For a price, we have no complaints.
You won’t have any problems carrying a Stream around with you, either. It’s usually 19.7mm thick and during 300mm wide, it’ll fit absolutely into any carrier or follower bag. Just make certain we don’t hang it in a same cell as your residence keys, since a cosmetic physique is disposed to picking adult scratches.
A clever preference of ports is accessible on a base. USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and HDMI slots lay on a right side, while a charging port, SD label container and Kensington confidence close are on a left. Vitally, any SD label we use doesn’t hang out during all – this means we can enhance a singular 32GB built-in storage yet inconvenience.

HP Stream 11: Screen and Sound

The shade of a Stream 11 is zero special. It’s an 11.6-inch, 1,366 x 768 affair, and it can’t reason a candle to a Toshiba Chromebook 2’s splendid and colourful 1,920 x 1,080 IPS display. It’s a tiny grainy when looked during closely – positively compared to many mobile phones – yet it’s standard of laptops this price.
Brightness is also an issue, though. We consider it could with a integrate of levels above a tip environment it offers. You’ll onslaught to use it outdoor during a day, notwithstanding a fact that a non-glossy shade has an anti-glare coating. It’s excellent indoors, though.
Colours are unequivocally cleared out, with a brightest of reds looking pinkish and a juiciest of oranges appearing somewhat beige. Subtle differences in a brightest colours don’t uncover adult either, creation all demeanour a tiny soft. Black levels are bad too, with even a deepest of shadows looking grey.

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Viewing angles are utterly good, however, so you’ll still be means to reason mini film screenings with a crony or two. Ultimately, a shade is accurately what we’d pattern from a laptop this cheap. The critical indicate is it’s good adequate for a Stream 11 to sojourn useable.
DTS provides a audio, that is delivered by a span of stereo speakers that lay on a bottom of a base, towards a front corner of a Stream. They’re impressively shrill too, creation a Stream 11 good for listening to song – we could hear a poetic tones of Marvin Gaye dual bedrooms away.
They can also mount adult to a sound of a loud shower, that is good, and we won’t need to go anywhere nearby a tip volume environment with a span of headphones plugged in. The usually downside is that, due to a chain of a speakers, they’re disposed to removing muffled when we place a Stream 11 on a soothing surface, like a bed.

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