HTC Desire 620 Phone Review

HTC Desire 620 – First impressions of a Desire 610 successor

There was a time, not too prolonged ago, when a Desire name represented something wholly opposite for HTC. It signified a best Android phones that a Taiwanese association had to offer. Now a HTC One is a apex and a Desire has been relegated to a affordable finish of a market. The Desire 620, a 5-inch inheritor to a Desire 610, is a latest member of a mid-range family.

The 610 was a chunky, plain £250 all-rounder with room for improvement, and a 620 has addressed many of a issues. Some of a fat has been embellished from a body, a shade distance and fortitude has been given a strike up, and a cost has forsaken to a some-more affordable £169.99 SIM-free. That still creates it some-more costly than a Moto G 2 (£145), a Asus Zenfone 5 (£149.99) and a 4.8-inch Sony Xperia M2 (£149). It’s a cost dump that indispensable to happen, though a doubt is either it’s enough.

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Left to right: HTC Desire 620, HTC Desire EYE and HTC Desire 610

Several pattern changes have been done to make this big-screen phone easier to manage. The winding corners are some-more conspicuous than a 610’s and it’s noticeably thinner during 9.6mm thick. The tacky, silken behind is gone, transposed by a matte behind that clips divided to exhibit a Micro SIM and microSD label container to enhance a 8GB inner memory. The 2100mAh battery is bigger than a 2040mAh one nestled inside a 610. There’s a bigger shade to energy this time, so a slight burst adult comes as no surprise, nonetheless we’d be astounded if it creates adequate of a difference.

Up front, a shade bezel is now thinner down a sides, and there’s a singular quarrel of new-look, front-facing speakers. The 5-inch Super LCD shade has a 720p HD fortitude with a 294ppi pixel density, relating a Moto G2 for sharpness. It’s a large step adult from a 610’s 960 x 540 arrangement for resolution, clarity and colour accuracy. The final of a important changes is HTC’s preference to pierce a volume rocker and standby symbol down on side of a phone to emanate a reduction cluttered design. If colours matter to you, afterwards a two-tone pattern comes in grey/blue, white/grey and grey/orange, where grey dominates a altogether demeanour in any case.

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Running Android 4.4 KitKat with Sense 6 overlaid on top, a 620 is also powered by a new quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor. The inheritor to a Snapdragon 400 CPU is guaranteed to be a buttress for mid-range phones from a likes of HTC, Sony and LG this year, bringing 32-bit and 64-bit support, as good as quick-charge technology. The 410 CPU is accompanied by an Adreno 306 GPU to take caring of 3D gaming, and 1GB of RAM to hoop multitasking.

In a camera department, there’s an 8-megapixel categorical camera with a 28mm lens and an LED flash. That’s a same setup as a 610’s, nonetheless things have altered adult front with an softened 5-megapixel BSI sensor. Both cameras are versed to record 1080p Full HD video.

Early Verdict

HTC has done a Desire 620 a some-more fascinating mid-range phone than a predecessor. The burst adult to a 5-inch shade isn’t something we unequivocally notice and, while swelling 720p HD opposite a bigger shade doesn’t always compensate off, it’s a large alleviation on a 610.

The problem here is that it still feels a small overpriced, generally when we review it to a competition. There’s zero that unequivocally stands out that would make we wish to spend £30-40 some-more when we can get a Moto G 2 or Zenfone 5 for cheaper. If HTC manages to broach battery life same to a One M8’s or proves that a 410 processor is that most snappier than a 400, I’d be prone to change my mind.

Right now, it’s only a some-more costly Moto G 2 alternative.

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