HTC Dot View box Review

What is a HTC Dot View case?

The HTC Dot View is a folio-style box that usually works with a HTC One M8 and can arrangement notifications for facilities like incoming calls and continue updates by a cover yet carrying to spin on a smartphone’s display.

Priced during £34.99, it’s not accurately a inexpensive merger and retro nostalgia-inducing frills aside, we are not assured that it’s a best HTC One M8 box to bombard out on.

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HTC Dot View case: Design

Hoping for something as sharp as a M8’s steel chassis, it’s startling that for an central box HTC has motionless to go all plastic. It’s by no means run-down and it does have a kind of minimalist chic, yet for £35 we hoped it would do a improved pursuit of accentuating a phone’s neat styling.

At 12.6mm thick, it’s pretty slim and doesn’t supplement poignant bulk to a phone’s 9.35mm thick form factor. It’s somewhat taller and wider than a handset yet compared to a box from a manufacturer like Otterbox, a Dot View is not going make it demeanour like we are carrying a tough phone in your pocket. You remove out on a imperishable insurance yet it should be sufficient during guarding opposite bland bumps and knocks.

It’s accessible in 5 colours and, as has turn prevalent with phone manufacturers and absurd colour fixing conventions, we have your collect of shades including Orange Popsicle, Baton Rouge and a Warm Black that is indeed some-more colourless grey. The latter does during slightest conduct to enrich a china finish on a M8.

The box itself is done adult of dual parts. There’s a tough cosmetic bombard on a behind that clips onto a corners of a phone and leaves gaps to give easy entrance to a top, bottom and right corner where a volume rocker lies. Additionally, there are cut outs for a camera sensor and LED peep so we don’t need to take it out to put a UltraPixel camera to use.

Up front is a softer some-more mesh-like cover with rows of small holes that concede a shade to gleam through. Behind a HTC trademark lies a magnet that works in a unequivocally identical demeanour to a iPad Smart Cover branch on a arrangement when we lift open a lid.

Holding a front and behind together is a snap behind hinge that’s one of a some-more heavy pattern elements. It’s quite a bother when we are perplexing to use a phone in one hand, forcing we to reason it in place behind a phone to forestall it from flipping behind in front of a M8’s screen.

When it comes to holding photos it’s a frustrating knowledge as well. For mural cinema you’ll need to forestall a lid from covering a camera sensor and in landscape mode holding a front strap while perplexing to change a phone is distant too fidgety, yet of march this is an emanate with many folio-style cases.

While a Dot View box competence save your shade from fingerprint smudges it doesn’t forestall a seperated lid from withdrawal a smudgy mark. The arrangement mostly looks filthy where a box presses adult opposite it so you’ll find yourself rubbing it on your shirt or with a cleaning cloth regularly.

HTC Dot View case: Features

Currently, there’s unequivocally usually a handful of things a Dot View box can do and they are all mostly formed around a M8’s core features. The miss of third celebration app support including Google’s possess local applications is disappointing. HTC has done a program accessible as an app so there’s clearly intensity for destiny updates enabling we to correlate with Twitter or Facebook feeds.

What we can do during a impulse is accept email notifications, report reminders, see continue updates all by simply creation a unequivocally counsel double daub on a front of a box or by dire a standby button. The M8 afterwards displays a dot matrix-style interface by a case.

It can also arrangement volume turn nonetheless we still need to indeed hold a volume rocker to activate it. The many engaging underline is a gesticulate support to understanding with incoming calls. When someone rings you, a shade will peep adult with a hit and a choice to appropriate adult to answer and appropriate down to reject a call. Thanks to a vicinity sensors in a phone, we can take a call yet opening a case.


There’s unequivocally small to protest about a Dot View box in terms of a HTC One M8 facilities that it does work with. It responds good to gestures for responding or rejecting phone calls and holding a call with a cover on doesn’t dramatically impact on a call quality. The dot pattern UI really has a genuine retro attract about it, yet there’s some apparent pattern issues that can make it a duty to use.

It’s formidable to see a notifications in splendid object for instance and a issues with a snap behind hinge, generally when holding pictures, can be frustrating.

Covering a M8’s steel physique adult with cosmetic instead of something some-more intemperate only feels wrong as well.
Like Samsung’s S View case, a Dot View is a good concept, yet adding larger third-party app support would go some approach to justifying profitable some-more than £30 for it. For a same volume of income we could get a some-more protecting box or one that doesn’t wholly censor divided a M8’s good design.

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