HTC One M9 Phone Review

Hands on with a new HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 is one of a many hotly expected phones of 2015, and righteously so. It marries top-notch materials to sharp design, and is a latest in a prolonged line of a many fascinating phones of new years.

So, should we be excited? While a M9 isn’t radically opposite from a One M8, it looks like HTC has addressed all a many critical issues with a M8, quite with a rather unsuitable categorical camera and a gimmicky Duo camera feature. The HTC One M8 was one of my favourite phones from final year, and on this justification a M9 will repeat that feat.

Watch a hands-on video examination of a HTC One M9:

HTC One M9 Release Date and Price
The HTC One M9 will be accessible for squeeze from 31st Mar 2015. Pricing has not nonetheless been announced.

HTC One M9 – The cameras are all new and improved

Cameras are one of a many critical facilities on any smartphone, and a innovative nonetheless gimmicky Duo camera on a prior HTC One didn’t deliver. The HTC One M8 was good in low light, nonetheless it mostly didn’t examination rivals in other conditions.
HTC has listened and unequivocally upped a diversion in this department. A some-more normal 20-megapixel sensor now sits on a behind of a HTC One M9 and there’s a 4-megapixel UltraPixel front-facing camera. That’s a same 4-megapixel camera a HTC One M8 had as a categorical behind camera. Could this be a best of both worlds? we couldn’t exam a cameras entirely on a pre-production indication we used, nonetheless we like a idea.

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The behind camera is now 20-megapixels and has a dual-tone LED flash
The thought behind a UltraPixel camera was to urge low-light performance. And if we consider about where we traditionally use a front-facing camera – selfies in dark, grubby bars (or is that usually me?) – a camera that delivers in low light creates a lot of sense. On a other hand, that aloft fortitude behind camera should now broach fact in a approach a HTC One M8 couldn’t.
That many is apparent usually regulating a M9 for a few minutes. Even zooming in on a HTC One M9’s shade showed a lot some-more fact than we’ve been accustomed to in a past.

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HTC has changed a 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera to a front this time

So what happened to a Bokeh-effect photos a M8’s Duo categorical camera was able of? HTC now has a print app environment that it claims can replicate that shoal abyss of margin regulating program alone. Other phones have used matching settings to churned results, nonetheless that’s something we’ll exam when we get a M9 for review.

Finally there’s a One Gallery. This aggregates cinema from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive and other places where we competence keep your photos to emanate one gallery of all your images. It won’t burden adult a phone, either. Small thumbnails are stored locally, not a full-size images.
The new camera competence be a title underline of a One M9, nonetheless there’s a lot some-more to speak about.

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Left, a aged M8; a new M9 – can we mark a differences?

HTC One M9 – Design evolution, not revolution

You competence not consider a pattern is one of those articulate points, given a HTC One M9 looks so matching to a predecessor, nonetheless even here HTC has finished some iterative improvements that will be appreciated.

The volume buttons have been improved. They now have a bit of hardness and feel firmer. This competence seem like a teenager point, nonetheless consider about how mostly we use a buttons on your phone. A plain symbol with good movement adds to a feeling of quality.
More importantly, though, a energy symbol has changed from a tip to a right-hand side, usually subsequent a volume. That creates it a lot easier to entrance with your ride or index finger on this high 5-inch phone.

The nap symbol is now usually subsequent a volume controls
The usually other disproportion on a pattern front is a machined corner on a steel surrounding a screen. This gives a phone a two-tone finish. The chronicle we rubbed was described as “gold on silver” – a china being this trim.
The HTC One M9’s curved, brushed-metal behind is roughly matching to final year’s phone. It’s still a pleasure to hold, providing reasonable hold and good heft. The usually disproportion is a somewhat lifted block that houses a new camera. Just like on a iPhone 6 this doesn’t detract from a pattern during all. In fact, it breaks adult some of a routine while still being easy to trip into a slot interjection to a dull edges. The same dual-tone peep sits subsequent to a camera.
It’s a little bit thicker – 0.02mm – than final year’s phone, nonetheless we won’t notice a difference. Good ergonomics are preferable to a office of ever-thinner phones, and a One M9 delivers in this respect.

HTC One M9 – Android 5.0 meets Sense 7

Android 5.0 Lollipop is during a heart of a HTC One M9, nonetheless it looks really opposite to a batch chronicle found on a Nexus 6. Sense 7, HTC’s latest chronicle of a Android skin, modifies a demeanour and feel of Google’s OS on a One M9.

In my opinion it’s a best manufacturer-made interface around – faster and slicker than Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, and many some-more appealing than LG’s skin, nonetheless we haven’t seen a latest chronicle of TouchWiz to examination a dual yet.

Blinkfeed, HTC’s tide of personalised content, is still a core partial of Sense 7, nonetheless there are a few new additions to other elements of a handling system.

The many engaging of these is Themes. This lets we customise a M9 from a close shade all a approach to a fonts. Some themes will be preloaded, while others can be downloaded. Have a favourite pattern we wish to use as your close screen? Themes can take this and automatically emanate a thesis that spans a whole of a phone, including icons. we attempted it regulating a few snaps I’d taken on a M9 and it worked good – a phone had a unchanging demeanour throughout.

Sense Home is another new underline that could be as irritating as it is useful. In hint it’s an variable homescreen formed on your location. Use a IR blaster when you’re during home nonetheless never during work? Then it will cocktail adult on your homescreen as shortly as we travel by a door, and disappear when we leave.

Apps we don’t have nonetheless competence be useful in your stream plcae can also be promoted. For example, a sight times app competence seem when you’re in a station. we couldn’t take a M9 out and about to see how this worked in practice, nonetheless it’s a neat idea.

HTC One M9 – It has a Snapdragon 810 inside

The HTC One M9 isn’t a initial phone with a octa-core Snapdragon 810 – a LG G Flex 2 binds that honour. Nonetheless in many of a benchmark tests this processor is a fastest we’ve ever tested, nonetheless doubt outlines over a thermal opening haven’t been entirely dismissed.

I couldn’t run any discerning benchmarks in a time we had, nonetheless formed on a knowledge with prior Snapdragons, opening shouldn’t be too opposite to a formula in a Snapdragon 810 tests.

Unsurprisingly, opening apps and scrolling by menus a One M9 feels quick and smooth. Crucially, it didn’t get too comfortable while we was regulating it, and there were no apparent prohibited spots on a behind or front.

Once again it should be remarkable that we didn’t produce a processor too much. There were no games commissioned on a phone, or many other apps for that matter, so it’s too early to make any critical conclusions.
The Snapdragon 810 is corroborated adult by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage, that can be stretched around microSD.

HTC One M9 – Same screen, softened battery life

We’ve not oral about a shade nonetheless and there’s a good reason for that – there’s not many to say. It’s still a 5-inch LED 1080p arrangement that looks as good on a HTC One M9 as it did on a M8, despite with ever so somewhat thinner bezels.

There’s no burst to 2K as we’ve seen on LG’s handsets, nonetheless that shouldn’t worry you. The shade is splendid and transparent and you’ll have a tough time spotting an particular pixel even an in. from your nose.
A 2K shade leeches battery distant some-more fast than a Full HD one and HTC is penetrating on ensuring a One M9 lasts. The same screen, with a some-more fit processor and a somewhat incomparable battery – 2,840mAh contra 2,600mAh – and a M9 should exist a M8, that lasts dual days. Not bad during all for a smartphone.


HTC One M9 – Virtual approximate sound from Dolby

The HTC One operation has always had good onboard speakers. The One M9 has softened these serve with practical approximate sound, pleasantness of Dolby.

This practical approximate sound relates to headphones as good as a Boomsound speakers, and it will expected be some-more apparent in a former. It was tough to exam a speakers in a loud room we was perplexing a One M9 in, nonetheless it’s something we’ll demeanour during in a full review.

Early Verdict

As with many phones these days, a HTC One M9 is an expansion rather than a series and there’s zero wrong with that. The design, shade and speakers were good final year and sojourn so in 2015. The weaknesses of a M8 and M7 – a camera and a plcae of a energy symbol – seem to have been addressed and Sense 7 looks sharp and adds some engaging new features.

With a Galaxy S6 looking like a radically different, and some-more innovative, proposition, has HTC finished enough? That’s harder to answer during this stage, nonetheless a HTC One M9 creates an glorious initial sense and seems to tackle a categorical problems seen in a already glorious M8.

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