HTC One M9 Review: Stuck On Repeat

The HTC One M8 was utterly simply a best android smartphone of a final generation, it was improved looking than a Galaxy S5 and it managed to compare a Xperia Z2 for power. Even now it stays one of a best phones HTC has ever made.

Keen to try and constraint a suggestion of a final one, a M9 afterwards is a delicately totalled ascent in roughly each arena, it’s lighter, faster and has a series of pivotal program updates that are designed to make your life easier.

And yet, as you’ll see from a time with a M9, it’s blank something crucial.

Key Features:

  • 5-inch Full HD Display
  • Snapdragon 810 Processor
  • BoomSound Speakers With Dolby Audio
  • HTC Sense 5.0
  • 20MP Rear-Facing Camera, UltraPixel Front-Facing Camera

htc one m9 main

The Verdict:

To reason and demeanour during you’d be forgiven for treacherous a M9 with a predecessor, a pattern is zero some-more than an evolution.

Whereas a M8 had an wholly unibody bombard HTC has selected to go for a two-tone layered pattern with a M9. This means that a continual line all a approach to a shade is gone, instead transposed by a unequivocally teenager mouth that shows where a box ends and a shade starts.

Now this is wholly biased though we indeed don’t cite a new design. The two-tone feels like an peculiar addition, generally when a cost is a detriment of a invariably unconditional unibody case. Sure it’s easier to reason onto now, though a edges are pointy and it usually doesn’t strike us as a step forward.

htc one m9

HTC has addressed a emanate that a M8 was literally too high for a possess energy button, we could never simply strech a lock/unlock symbol with one hand. That’s now on a side, that is good for everyone.

While a phone is not worried to reason generally we did find that a section was roughly constantly warm. It’s customarily supposed that when initial incited on a phone can get comfortable by a ideal tidal call of apps it afterwards has to download pleasantness of Google. Unfortunately a M9 remained ever so somewhat comfortable when behaving even light tasks. It’s not a be all and finish all, it’s usually something to bear in mind.

HTC’s Sense Android program has always been one of a strongest facilities and we’re happy to news that with a M9, this stays a case.

The new chronicle of Sense is a ideal instance of holding something that works, adding facilities that people wish and afterwards creation it all fit together as suspicion it had always been there.

htc one m9

One of a good additions comes in a form of a geo-fenced app tray that sits on a home screen. Once you’ve set a phone to recognize where work and home are, a apps will change contingent on what we need. It takes a while for it to learn and this early routine can be annoying, though give it usually a few days and you’ll already find that it’s a splendidly useful apparatus for those that wish their personal phone to also be their work phone.

The rest of Sense is equally as useful. The new Theme Generator is a stately palette of choice vouchsafing we brew and compare icons with thesis colours and altogether pattern languages.

HTC has given a M9 a vital hardware boost, a camera is now a large 20MP event while a BoomSound stereo speakers have been given a substantial ascent both in terms of peculiarity and volume capacity.

htc one m9

The camera is an peculiar one since while it’s clearly a bigger sensor, people no longer caring about megapixels, they wish their photos to be good in roughly any condition, and that means low light. With this taken into care it’s rather peculiar afterwards that in terms of all-round performance, a front-facing Ultrapixel camera is better. While cinema are clearly smaller, they’re usually improved lit. The 20MP camera is good, it’s usually not as good as it should have been.

While a camera is a beating over a final model, a speakers are a substantial improvement. Now it’s wholly adult to we as to either we feel a phone’s outmost orator is estimable of such attention. Some competence disagree that with an sea of inexpensive Bluetooth speakers out there you’re positively not brief of ways to be eremitic in park.

Well notwithstanding this HTC has given a M9’s speakers a large ascent and we’re happy to news that a differences are positive. Not usually are a speakers now extremely louder though they’re also most clearer interjection to some nifty program assistance from Dolby Audio.


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Finally of march is power, and how that energy affects a battery life. The M9 comes with a latest Snapdragon 810 64-bit processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. When it comes to regulating a phone, this is going to meant roughly zero since when you’re putting that most energy into a smartphone you’re unequivocally going to have to pull it to even see a spirit of trouble. It’s impossibly fast.

How does all that energy impact a battery life? Well we managed to get a plain day of flattering consistent light use including messages, tweets, Spotify and more. It’s flattering most on standard with a M8, that deliberation a boost in energy is impressive.

htc one m9

All of this afterwards sounds good, a problem is that it’s not usually unequivocally interesting. Simply observant something is improved doesn’t indeed meant that it’s better, if we get a meaning.

The M9 is a good phone, of that there’s no doubt. It’s usually not a phone that we’ll immediately spin to when someone asks us that one to buy.

The pattern is good though it’s not what we’d cruise a step forward, a bezel around that 5-inch shade is usually still too large during this theatre and while a program and audio have both been given good updates, they’re usually not enough.


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