HTC RE Camera Review

What is a HTC RE?

No, this isn’t a tech-head’s asthma inhaler –
a RE is HTC’s initial standalone camera and was introduced with a HTC
Desire EYE selfie phone final year.

This is distant from a
conventional camera; it has some-more similarities with Sony’s Lens cameras
or transformation cams. But you’re not meant to use it like those. No, a RE is
a wide-angle messenger camera. It’s a outline we were initially
dubious about when HTC coined a term, yet in a month or so we’ve
been regulating a RE, it’s been usually that. This is a product we need to
live with for a while before we know what it offers.

RE is a tiny and elementary compress camera that we start to use without
having to consider about. There’s no need to clear your phone and glow up
an app. Just indicate and shoot. You feel like James Bond usually holding it.

tool is a niche product, yet one that’s fun to use and serves a
purpose. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. But it is fun to use and
achieves formula that, while not softened than some of a best flagship
phones, offer something a tiny different.

HTC RE – Design

we consider a RE looks odd, you’re right, yet a periscope-ish design
makes a lot of clarity once we start regulating it. This isn’t an action
camera – it won’t reinstate your GoPro, even yet a physique is IPX7
bizarre figure is good matched to one-handed use – a physique fits neatly
into your palm while a lens points outwards. That leaves your second
hand giveaway to use for other tasks, unlike  with a normal camera or
phone. The shiver symbol rests on a bend in ideal line with your
thumb. Press once to take a shot, reason for dual seconds for video, or
push a tiny symbol on a front to video in delayed motion.

That’s it. The RE camera doesn’t even have a energy button; it usually turns on when we collect it adult around a sensor in a grip.

pattern works good when holding snaps. Despite not carrying a viewfinder
it’s easy to keep an intent in a centre of a support and straight.
That’s something we struggled to do with a Sony QX10 Lens camera.

is startling usually how accurate we can be with it. Because a HTC RE
camera feels a bit like a pistol in your hand, we can aim it like one.
Unless you’re an Imperial Storm Trooper we should be means to take
straight, in-frame photos.
won’t be means to request a order of thirds to soundness with this
camera, yet we will get a decent shot if you’re holding it high during a
gig. The sum miss of awkwardness also means we stay right in the
moment, rather than looking during a shade and perplexing to press a tricky
soft symbol regulating both hands.

It does take a tiny removing used
to. It’s all too easy to press a symbol for a fragment too prolonged and
start sharpened video when all we wish is a pleasing shot of the
landscape. It’s quite apparent when we ask someone else to take a
print for you. Aside from carrying to explain what a RE is each time,
you also need to give your supporter a pile-up march to stop them videoing.
And since it’s so easy to activate that large symbol we found ourselves
with prolonged videos of a inside of a container after a night out.

prosaic bottom of a RE lets we plonk it on a turn aspect and take shots
or video remotely regulating a smartphone around an app. This creates it a lot
easier to support your design and safeguard a blur-free image. There’s also a
¼-inch tripod mount.

The microSD container – 8GB label included, up
to 128GB supposed – and a Micro USB charging pier are also during the
bottom. This creates it wily to assign while a RE is on a tripod or
flat surface. Considering a RE app has a timelapse feature, this is a
bit of a problem – if we wish a long-term lapse, that is.
a steel ring around a lens, a RE is plastic. It’s a good-quality,
hardy cosmetic that has managed to sojourn scratch-free in annoy of often
getting tossed in a bag or pocket. This is a well-made tiny product –
all a some-more useful interjection to a H2O resistance.

The RE can
stay underneath adult to 1m of H2O for no some-more than 30 minutes. You won’t go
scuba diving with HTC’s camera, yet we can feel protected regulating it on the
beach or a typically murky Glastonbury Festival. There’s no cover on the
Micro USB port, yet a microSD stays giveaway of a soppy things interjection to
a rubber-sealed flap.

HTC RE – App

If we do wish to
see what you’re shooting, or to take a shot remotely, we need to use
the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi to bond it to your phone. This
isn’t a camera designed usually with HTC mobiles in mind, though. The RE’s
mobile app is accessible for iOS and Android, so we can use it with a iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5, usually not Windows or Blackberry ones.
HTC RE Test Shots
Connecting to a RE can be tricky, yet a app works good once you’re in

need to initial open a RE app, that connects your phone to a RE via
Bluetooth, afterwards we need to entrance your Wi-Fi settings to find a RE.
There’s no Wi-Fi pass through, that means you’ll have use your mobile
data tie for live streaming or subsidy adult online. The whole
process is a tiny involved and irksome.

Connection isn’t
guaranteed, either. We found we had to constantly bond a RE as a
new device, adding a cue with irritating rule on both iOS and
Android. A firmware refurbish has softened fortitude significantly, yet it
still infrequently happens. Not ideal when you’re carrying a celebration and
everybody has to wait while we set adult for a organisation shot.

loiter between what we seen on shade and where you’re indicating a RE,
too. It’s OK if we make delayed movements, yet anything some-more than that and
we have to wait a few seconds on a solidified support while a phone
catches up. It’s no opposite to a knowledge with a Sony Lens
camera or a phone-connected GoPro, yet it usually creates it that bit harder
to get a shot we want.
HTC RE app
The app can straighten wide-angle photos. It’s discerning and formula good

app provides several other tweaks and settings, including the
resolution of photos – 8.3, 12 and 16-megapixel – and videos, and a
wide-angle lens toggle. Advanced settings embody digital video
stabilisation and firmware updates. This is where we should refurbish the
RE if you’re carrying a tie issues we experienced.

these firmware updates can usually be downloaded while connected to a RE.
They’re usually a few megabytes in size, yet we’d still cite not to have
a mobile information leached for this task.

The app gallery lets you
upload images to your favourite amicable media opening and straighten the
fish-eye outcome caused by a wide-angle lens. The RE app uses software
to do this, yet it’s discerning and we wouldn’t notice a photo’s been
straightened. Very crafty indeed.

HTC RE – Picture Quality

16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor on a RE isn’t too distant off a specs of
a Galaxy Note 4’s camera. There’s no visual wizz or visual image
stabilisation (OIS).

The miss of OIS is a bit of a problem. For a
camera meant to be used on a go and to constraint moments as they
happen, a RE doesn’t cope good with movement. If your palm is moving
more than a tiny when we take a picture, a outcome will be a blurry
mess. When we initial got a RE a palliate with that we can take pics
made us a bit blase. We’d representation a arms around or travel and take a pic.
Suffice to contend this doesn’t work. You still need to yield a RE like a
camera – we need to support your shot and mount still.

So what’s
the indicate of carrying a RE if you’ve already got a tip smartphone with a
decent snapper? Aside from a preference and palliate with that we can
use a RE, it also has a 146-degree wide-angle lens that lets we take
in a whole lot some-more of a scenery.

The explanation is in the
pictures, though, so we took a RE out to Las Vegas to get some shots
as we would on holiday. When we got behind to London we also tested it
against dual of a best camera phones on a marketplace right now – the
iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
HTC RE Test Shots
That wide-angle lens
lets we get some-more of a view in a support than we can with a
traditional smartphone camera. If you’re during a football review we can
even get a whole representation in a shot. Something’s got to give when a
camera takes so most in, and in a box of a RE that thing is detail.

HTC RE Test Shots
In ubiquitous photos demeanour good, if a tiny muted. There’s nothing of
a regard of a iPhone or a fact of a Galaxy Note 4, yet we
found ourselves holding a lot some-more photos with a RE than we do with a
phone simply since it is so unimportant to do so. 
HTC RE Test Shots
We took this design underwater to exam a RE’s water-resistance

We took the
same photos – station in a same place and taken within seconds of
each other – with a RE, iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 to see how
they compare. We left HDR mode off a phones to keep a exam like for

Before we go into detail, we should demeanour during usually how most some-more a RE fits in frame.
HTC RE comparison
The RE captures some-more of a scenery. Photos taken from a same location. Note 4 design inset

a following exam we digitally zoomed in and cropped a territory of each
print to see how most fact a camera managed to capture.

HTC RE comparison

Paul’s Cathedral dome, shot over a stream Thames, is loud and there’s a
large disproportion between a Note 4’s sharpness and a RE’s fuzzy

HTC RE comparison
In reduce light, things don’t get most better, as this
photo of a statue in a dim room shows. The HTC RE usually can’t compete
with these tip phones. The RE’s photos aren’t bad, it’s usually that these
phones take softened photos underneath a accumulation of conditions.


HTC RE – Video and Audio Quality

RE doesn’t gleam on a video front either. It struggles with changes
in liughtness and shows some signs of stuttering as we changed and shot. The 120fps
720p video works good enough, yet suffers from a same issues normal
Full HD video does.

Audio constraint comes pleasantness of a single
mic, so it’s mono. It’s not bad, yet we competence be unhappy if you
want a impertinent souvenir of your favourite strain sung live during a gig.

Watch a exam video of a HTC RE:

HTC RE – Battery Life

820mAh battery charges lasts for 1200 full-res photos or an hour and 40
mins of Full HD video, according to HTC. That’s flattering tighten to what
we achieved, with 700 peculiar photos and several brief videos being taken
before we had to tie a RE down to a block socket.

a palliate with that we can take video also led us to holster a RE
while it was still shooting. Pulling it out of your container to take a
beautiful landscape shot usually to realize you’ve killed a battery is a
real disappointment.

The good thing is that it charges in less
than dual hours and we can use a unstable energy container to tip it adult on the
go. Using a RE also means that we won’t be removal your phone’s

Should we buy a HTC RE?

This isn’t a product
for everyone, and conjunction is it inexpensive adequate to buy on a humour or as a
stocking filler. However, a RE is ideal for those happy snappers who
wish to take cinema or video though detaching themselves from what’s
going on there and then.

There are likewise priced, or
cheaper, transformation cams that can withstand some-more abuse (and water) than the
RE, yet that’s blank a point. This isn’t an transformation cam; it’s more
akin to a compress camera before a age of a smartphone. The Sony Lens
camera is a RE’s closest rival. While we cite a shots a Sony
takes, and a visual zoom, it doesn’t have a immediacy and palliate of
use of HTC’s camera.
If we have a top-end phone with a good
camera on it afterwards a RE creates tiny sense. It’s not that most more
difficult to take out your phone and take a picture, and a outcome will
be better. It’s a bit like a stream tie of smartwatches. Yes you
can review a content summary though holding your phone out of your pocket,
but does that functionality aver a cost? In a eyes it doesn’t.
That said, a wide-angle lens allows we to take softened selfies and get
some-more into a design than any phone camera we’ve used.

Where the
RE creates a lot of clarity is if we have a bill smartphone. Many of
these, like a Moto G2 or Sony Xperia M2, yield good phone
experiences, yet scapegoat camera performance. Pair one of these with
the RE and we roughly get a best of both worlds during half a cost of a
flagship. It’s also a useful camera to take to a song festival or event
where we competence not wish to take an costly and frail smartphone.


a fact that a phones take softened pictures, we keep finding
ourselves regulating a RE to take discerning snaps instead. If HTC can improve
the design and video peculiarity in a supplement afterwards it could be a genuine winner.

Limitations and program niggles aside, a RE is a good camera messenger to a bill smartphone.

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