Huawei’s subsequent smartwatch could change handheld gaming

Huawei is operative on a smartwatch that could change handheld gaming, according to a new obvious filing.

It’s emerged that a Chinese manufacturer is building an operation process that will let users control a device by rotating and stretching a tag itself, instead of a integrated touchscreen or a rotating bezel (think: Samsung Gear S3).

The approach it works is simple: a watch can detect opposite forms of movement, like being pulled or twisted. It can also observe either it’s being hold horizontally, plumb or during an angle. It afterwards combines all of a information to trigger an action.

“According to a initial aspect, an embodiment of a benefaction avowal provides a control process of a intelligent wearable device, where a device includes a regulating band, a regulating rope touch-control area is set on a regulating band,” reads a filing.

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Huawei envisages mixed scenarios where a new tag tech could come in use, and they aren’t all centred around gaming. It, for example, records that it can be used to correlate with applications by zooming and can even double as a practical keyboard.

It’s value noting, however, that Huawei relates for patents several times a month and usually a handful of a products summarized ever make their approach onto a market, so best not get your hopes up. It’s positively a neat concept, though.

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