Human Element Launches ROUSH Performance Magento Site

Human Element launches ROUSH Performance site

We conclude a tough work and courtesy paid by a Human Element group via a launch routine and have severely enjoyed operative with them.

This spring, Human Element launched a new ROUSH Performance website, giving a dynamic automotive formula a sleek, complicated demeanour fit for a industry. The new site, built on a Magento eCommerce platform, boasts a series of tradition features, an softened user interface, and softened reflects a acclaimed ROUSH Performance brand.

ROUSH enjoys a storied, nearby 50-year story of improving a speed and opening of engine vehicles and American flesh cars. They are famous privately to automotive enthusiasts for providing opening upgrades to Ford favorites like a Mustang and F-150.

In 2017, ROUSH kicked off their new Magento website internally, though after some glitches in a project, they incited to Human Element to finish their site and yield superintendence for best practices in Magento. The teams initial worked to formula a pivotal goals compared with a project, determining to concentration on improving user experience, site speed and altogether stabilization.

Improved Hosting

To urge site speed, deployments, and hosting support, a teams collaborated to quit a site to a new Google Cloud Platform by Clear Object. In an bid to broach both coherence and potency to a growth team, a site’s new entertainment server is an accurate reproduction of a prolongation site, from server distance to RAM, and utilizes a same bucket balancer record as a entertainment site.

Custom Year Make Model Filtering

Although a simple navigation did exist to support a user by their selling journey, it didn’t have a vicious component that ROUSH and Human Element dynamic positively required for a new site: A Year Make Model underline for softened filtering capabilities. This tradition underline allows a user to usually perspective products that privately fit their vehicle. Human Element built this prolongation by parsing existent information that filters and displays products as a user creates selections on a page.

Other New Features

In further to new filters and softened hosting, a new ROUSH site has a series of other important features. The ROUSH Heritage page tells a long, colourful story of a ROUSH company. The Dealer Search underline allows a user to locate a nearest ROUSH tools or car dealership. Finally, a some-more clever product page pattern offers a purify user experience, as good as sum on designation and shipping, pleasing imagery, and associated products.

“We conclude a tough work and courtesy paid by a Human Element group via a launch routine and have severely enjoyed operative with them,” pronounced Aimee Hillebrand, eCommerce and online selling manager during ROUSH. “Their imagination in Magento was useful to creation a routine well-spoken and successful. We demeanour brazen to a months brazen as we work together to learn even some-more ways of flourishing ROUSH Performance.”

Both Human Element and ROUSH cruise a launch of a new site a success, and over a march of a plan built a durability veteran relationship.

“We’re unapproachable to be dependent with a formula that has such a low story in a automotive zone and is a clever post of a eCommerce community,” pronounced Human Element Managing Partner Ben Lorenz. “We are happy to have had a event to broach a plan that will accommodate a needs of their customers.”

Moving forward, Human Element will continue to work with a ROUSH group to iterate on a site, delivering updates and new facilities that will keep a eCommerce store trending and profitable. In a entrance months, Human Element will be creation a handful of frontend improvements to a Year Make Model prolongation and continue to harden a site to strengthen altogether security. Some backend improvements will also be done to existent extensions like Avalara’s AvaTax and their ERP formation with PeopleSoft.

Human Element is a full use digital group located in Ann Arbor, Michigan focused on eCommerce development. We emanate pleasing websites, pattern architectures that pronounce to a right audience, and write formula that works, all to assistance the clients sell successfully online. For some-more information on how Human Element can assistance your eCommerce classification grow, hit us.

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