Human Element Partners with VTEX Commerce Cloud

“In a tech industry, it can be tough to find like-minded organizations meddlesome in putting a patron first…”

In Jul 2018, Human Element sealed on as one of a initial central U.S. partners of VTEX Commerce Cloud. Recently named a Niche Player in a Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, VTEX offers retailers a versatile and extensible SaaS digital commerce platform. Brands like Coca-Cola, Lego, Bosch, Sony, Red Bull, Whirlpool, and Braun all trust their online participation to VTEX.

As a full-service digital agency, Human Element sees a new partnership with VTEX as a healthy enlargement of their existent eCommerce growth offerings. The Human Element group is committed to doing what is right for clients, and consistently delivers new, nonetheless proven solutions. The VTEX Commerce Cloud height heralds itself as one that is constantly severe a future, bringing profitable trust to a list by a hands-on approach, and formulating a means to start a dialog where we can all share new perspectives. This meets Human Element’s customary for a proven, nonetheless leading-edge, technology.

“In a tech industry, it can be tough to find like-minded organizations meddlesome in putting a patron first,” pronounced Human Element Managing Partner Jason Magee. “Finding that patron concentration during VTEX is only one of a many reasons we trust this partnership will be successful.”

VTEX manages billions of sessions with an estimated Gross Merchandise Volume of some-more than $2 billion opposite 2,000 stores. Some highlights of a rising height embody a unique, fit sequence government system, VTEX patent-pending password-free SmartCheckout™, VTEX Instore and Insights. VTEX’s SmartCheckout™ was grown with a singular purpose to boost sales but compromising security. It is a initial password-free, one-page, 1-click-to-buy checkout system, and is prepared for formation with practical remuneration methods like bitcoin, as good as customary credit label remuneration gateways. As Gartner mentions in a Magic Quadrant analysis, SmartCheckout™ is a disruptive differentiator for VTEX. In addition, a height is adaptive to a changing eCommerce meridian by existent as a 100-percent cloud-based commerce platform.

We are vehement to see what this new partnership will move to both existent and destiny clients as a universe of eCommerce continues to grow and develop to accommodate a augmenting needs of a tech-savvy online selling community.


Human Element is a full-service digital group located in Ann Arbor, Michigan focused on eCommerce development. We emanate pleasing websites, pattern architectures that pronounce to a right audience, and write formula that works, all to assistance the clients sell successfully online. For some-more information on how Human Element can assistance your eCommerce classification grow with VTEX, hit Human Element today.

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