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”If you’re a partial of a food supply chain, it’s not a matter of if your association will be influenced by a recall,” says FoodLogiQ CEO Dean Wiltse.”It’s simply a matter of when.”

”If you’re a partial of a food supply chain, it’s not a matter of if your association will be influenced by a recall,” says FoodLogiQ CEO Dean Wiltse.”It’s simply a matter of when.”

DURHAM, NC – May 31, 2018 – FoodLogiQ, a heading SaaS provider of food reserve compliance, traceability, and supply sequence clarity program solutions, common thoughts from corporate care currently in a arise of a ongoing E. coli conflict related to romaine lettuce. The influenced furnish has disgusted 172 people in 32 states and led to a genocide of one chairman in California, according to a May 16, 2018 refurbish from a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Six illnesses from this conflict have also been reported in Canada.

Currently, a CDC still has not identified a decay source or where all of a think lettuce was grown, nonetheless Yuma, Arizona is believed to be a intensity source site. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also settled it is not certain where in a supply sequence a decay occurred. The classification says a pivotal issues loitering a review are unsuitable records, problems with traceability labeling, and deficient shipping information.

Meanwhile, consumers were suggested progressing this month to beware of purchasing or eating romaine lettuce, including whole heads and hearts of romaine, chopped romaine, organic romaine, or salads and salad mixes containing romaine, if they do not know where it was grown. While anyone can rise E. coli infection from bearing to a pathogen, there are certain race demographics – profound women, people with enervated defence systems, immature children and aged adults – who are many receptive to building serious complications, such as kidney disaster and even death, if they turn ill.

FoodLogiQ Insight

“Unfortunately, recalls and withdrawals are a fact of life in a food industry, and they can occur for a accumulation of reasons,” says Dean Wiltse, FoodLogiQ CEO. ”Whether it’s a peculiarity or wrapping problem, or a food-safety issue, if you’re a partial of a food supply chain, it’s not a matter of if your association will be influenced by a recall; it’s simply a matter of when.”

Regardless of a cause, Wiltse says stats uncover consumers design a remember to be executed within 24 to 48 hours once a association is wakeful of a situation. But in reality, it infrequently takes weeks to lift a product from store shelves or to mislay it from dining establishments. This is frequently due to communication issues, given everybody along a supply sequence – a grower, supplier, make-up and placement centers, corporate office, and a tradesman or grill – all contingency be notified, and a remember devise contingency be set in motion.

Historically, that communication routine has taken too many time. When notifications take place around email or by phone call, those people obliged for pulling product might not have a information they need or might have perceived mis-information. This can outcome in loiter time, and potentially vulnerable product can still get into a hands of consumers.

FoodLogiQ’s Solution: The Connect Platform

To residence these and other food reserve issues, FoodLogiQ combined a program resolution that allows food companies to well conduct their suppliers, constraint all a information indispensable for a pure and FSMA-compliant supply chain, and tack together vicious tracking events to grasp genuine farm-to-fork traceability to fast code and residence food reserve issues.

According to Lucelena Angarita, Director of Supply Chain Traceability for Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc., a purchasing mild for Subway® franchisees, FoodLogiQ’s Connect height provides IPC with useful conveyance information that, in a eventuality of a peculiarity issue, provides a information to make real-time business decisions that strengthen a consumer and a Subway® brand. This is usually probable if all supply sequence partners combine to news their vicious tracking events in their traceability system.

“We know that being active and prepared can make all a disproportion in successfully handling a peculiarity incident,” says Angarita. “That’s because we partnered with FoodLogiQ in 2015, rising a Subway®-IPC/FoodLogiQ Traceability Program. Using FoodLogiQ Connect’s Track + Trace together with GS1 US Foodservice Standards, a supply sequence partners can conduct and lane their shipments from a production plants all a approach to a restaurant. That supply sequence prominence mitigates risk, that is intensely profitable when consumer reserve is during stake.”

“Currently, 99 percent of a furnish sole by volume to Subway® has a GS1-128 barcode, that is a industry-recognized customary for traceability by product and plcae and a substructure of FoodLogiQ’s platform. Now a distributor partners are starting to indicate a barcodes as they broach any box to a restaurants, assisting us strech a full supply sequence traceability goals,” says Angarita.

“We’re unapproachable to work with organizations like IPC/Subway® who are committed to consumer clarity and wish to yield their business with safe, high-quality food,” says Wiltse. “In this formidable tellurian supply chain, that’s what they direct and deserve.”

About FoodLogiQ

FoodLogiQ® LLC is a heading SaaS provider of traceability, food reserve and supply sequence clarity solutions. FoodLogiQ Connect is a many comprehensive, data-driven program resolution that enables tradesman management, food reserve compliance, peculiarity occurrence management, remember government and whole sequence traceability – all on a singular height built exclusively for a food industry. To accommodate ascent regulatory mandate and consumer final for transparency, food companies are leveraging FoodLogiQ Connect to countenance tradesman correspondence with food reserve and act with certainty in a eventuality of a food reserve or peculiarity issue. To ask a demo, greatfully revisit


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