Industry Leader, B2BGateway, is Showcasing Their EDI & API…

B2BGateway will be Exhibiting during Booth 8 during Evolve 2018

Let a experts during B2BGateway conduct a connectivity so we can conduct your business.

B2BGateway will be exhibiting during Evolve 2018 in Chicago, Illinois in April. During a show, B2BGateway will be showcasing their EDI and API connectivity solutions for all Exact Macola users during Booth 8. B2BGateway offers Fully Managed EDI API Connectivity solutions that are 100% built and confirmed by B2BGateway developers. B2BGateway’s solutions promote a seamless sell of any business papers such as squeeze orders, invoices, register updates, and modernized shipping notices. B2BGateway supports any communication routine (FTP, AS2, HTTP, etc) and any record form (X12, XML, EDIFACT, CSV, etc). B2BGateway’s solutions are elementary to use, competitively priced, and eliminates a need for primer information entrance that outcome in dear chargebacks.

So because work with B2BGateway? There are many advantages of incorporating EDI into a production industry.

  • Ensure genuine time finish to finish prominence into all information streams for improved preference making.
  • Lower costs and beyond by shortening errors and intensity chargebacks.
  • Establish a full, seamless communication routine with all parties in a supply sequence including OEMs, suppliers, business and 3PLs.
  • Better rendezvous and response times from trade partners.
  • Guarantee on-time record smoothness to accommodate JIT beliefs and belong to SLAs.

Let a experts during B2BGateway conduct a connectivity so we can conduct your business. Visit B2BGateway during Booth 8 during Evolve 2018 and speak to us on how joining B2BGateway’s EDI and API solutions with Exact Macola can raise and streamline your business. One of B2BGateway’s dedicated Business Development Representatives, Mark Morrone, will be in assemblage during Evolve 2018 vocalization about a many advantages of B2BGateway’s EDI and API connectivity solutions. We demeanour brazen to saying we there!

B2BGateway is a Global EDI and API Network. Fully managed EDI and API connectivity solutions for Exact Macola. For some-more information on the services, greatfully strech out to a Business Development Representative during 401-491-9595, Ext. 5 or [email protected]

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