The 2.5K early beta testers are onto something – there is a prohibited new plan government apparatus in town.

Hello World. Infinity is rising a sealed beta in May of 2018 with 2500 users already actively intent in commenting and formulating a destiny product. Infinity is flexible, visible and comes with many plugins that let we keep any item of your plan in one place, simplifying and speeding adult your classification in a process. The torpedo UX and their initial Medium post ‘Is Infinity Better Then Trello’ had users using over from Trello to them, (and admissing it). The constructional improvements concentration on coherence and your need to classify all from only one place.

Having tested many plan government tools, and reaching their limits, a group Infinity has motionless to build a intelligent and pleasing apparatus that adapts to any project’s figure and size. From a freelance gig, to a mixed teams and projects, and even your personal life, no matter how formidable a charge might be, Infinity’s simple, splendid and energizing structure will enthuse we to classify some-more and better.

Infinity facilities gigantic Cell Grid, a Mind Map and a set of unsentimental plugins. The forever stretchable Cell Grid lets we structure your plan any proceed we wish – horizontally, plumb and in-depth. Each Cell comes with a set of default capability plugins that let we store any kind of record (links, images, notes, data, etc) in a transparent and nurse way. The Infinity’s Mind Map feature, lets we emanate a large plan pattern and always go behind to it during a process. With a intelligent visible approach, they are also capitalizing on a significance of tone coding a plan collection or phases so any dungeon and house comes with an choice to be custom-colored. They even took caring to pattern a smarter and some-more visible proceed to store bookmarks. The plan roadmap shows that a Infinity API will concede formation with a other vital capability collection so we can seamlessly harmonise them from your new Infinity core.

Team building Infinity is a garland of indie makers ardent about building products and doing growth. They know a genuine heedfulness of plan government collection since they are plan managers and organizational freaks. They have started to build Infinity in May 2017.

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