Instagram crashing on Android? Quick repair is now available

Instagram has rolled out a repair for a Android app following widespread reports of crashes this week.

The association says it has detected a emanate on Jun 4, though it has now been resolved.

In a tweet, Instagram says users still experiencing problems should try to reinstall or refurbish a application.

The emanate had influenced my use of Instagram on a Google Nexus 6P smartphone. we perceived a presentation of an Instagram pile-up on Monday night and any successive attempts to relaunch a app failed.

I can endorse that a reinstall resolved a emanate shortly after a Facebook-owned association tweeted out a resolution on Jun 5.

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Instagram hasn’t owned adult to what was causing a issue, that did not impact iOS users. Naturally, that caused those replying to Instagram’s twitter to advise Android users to “just get an iPhone.”

Have we gifted issues with a Android Instagram app? Has reinstalling a app solved a issue? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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