Intel Desktop Roadmap Update – Devil’s Canyon, Broadwell, Haswell-E

Lisa Graff, Vice President and General Manager Desktop Client Platforms Group, gave a tiny organisation of reporters during a Game Developer Conference in San Francisco an refurbish on a destiny of Intel’s desktop and fan platforms. She also discussed a 2014 desktop roadmap and told us about several new and sparkling products that Intel will be bringing to marketplace this year.


Intel has been operative to ‘reinvent a desktop’ and has been focusing on bringing out new desktop all-in-one models and tiny form cause systems like a Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC). It appears that Intel is doing something right as their Q4 ’13 formula for desktop processor volume was adult 7% year over year and a association had an all-time record for Core i5 and i7 section shipments. Intel skeleton to keep this expansion going by accelerating all-in-one systems, maximizing a fan segment, flourishing a tiny form cause marketplace and exploring new markets.


Intel Ready Mode Technology

Intel announced Ready Mode Technology for a initial time today. Intel Ready Mode Technology is a capability that takes advantage of new power-saving states in Intel’s 4th Generation Core desktop processor total with program and house turn optimizations that capacitate OEM desktop computers that are now review and always connected while sipping reduction than 5 Watts of power. To have Intel Ready Mode Technology we contingency be regulating a board, processor and 3rd partial program that all support this underline along with Windows 7 or Windows 8 (8.1) and an internet connection. From what we accumulate Intel Ready Mode Technology uses a C7 energy state found on 4th Generation Core processors (Haswell) and will concede we to have your desktop complement in an always on and prepared state with low energy consumption.

This sounds a bit identical to connected standby and we asked Intel to explain a difference. We were told that Intel Ready Mode has a broader OS support and enables both normal desktop and metro applications. Microsoft Instant Go (Connected Standby) is upheld usually on Windows 8.0 and newer handling systems and supports usually Windows Metro applications. In Contrast, Intel Ready Mode Technology PCs are always active so all applications are always synchronized and means of ancillary real-time events. Being always active also means that a PC can be reached remotely from mobile inclination to entrance your PC’s calm anytime.

Examples of how Intel Ready Mode Technology will work include:

  • Automatically sync and store your photos when we travel in your home
  • Your media is straightforwardly accessible to tide to inclination in your home
  • Get that critical record from your PC when we are divided from a office
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your business by replacing dear IP phone – don’t skip another call.


The genuine large news came from Lisa Graff with her refurbish on a Intel desktop product line roadmap. The consumer height product smoke-stack hasn’t altered from years past, nonetheless she did give us some really good discernment on what will be entrance out after this year.


For starters a Intel Extreme Edition processor will continue to live on. Many enthusiasts felt that a Extreme Edition CPU was an involved class with a PC marketplace negligence down over a past several years and a recover of unbarred K-series processors from a mainstream opening series. The Intel Extreme Edition processor was initial expelled in 2003 and has been ceaselessly updated over a past 10 years, charity enthusiasts a 20x discriminate opening given day one.


Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition – Haswell-E

Intel will be releasing a new Core i7 Extreme Edition processor in a second half (2H) of 2014! Intel has not given an accurate name or all a time speeds of this new processor usually yet, nonetheless we are sincerely certain that this is Haswell-E and Intel did contend that it would be an 8-core processor (16 threads with Hyper Threading) that runs on a arriving Intel X99 ‘Wellsburg’ chipset. The Intel X99 height will be a really initial desktop height that will use DDR4 memory! You approaching already know this nonetheless as over a weekend a leaked slip has posted by wccftech.com spills on a secrets on Intel’s X99 chipset. The leaked slip shows that X99 will support adult to 14 USB ports (six USB 3.0 ports and 8 USB 2.0 ports),  10 SATA 6Gbps ports, 8 PCI-E Gen2 ports, Intel’s integrated time for HEDT, and Intel Rapid Storage and RST Smart Response technology. The slides also uncover that X99 will strictly support adult to DDR4 memory speeds of adult to 2133MHz per DIMM slot, nonetheless you’ll be means to overclock over that tip upheld speed.  Beyond that, we can design things like Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost 2.0, and Intel’s Smart Cache technology.


Unlocked 5th Gen Intel Core Processor w/ Iris Pro – Broadwell

Intel repelled a desktop fan village when they expelled a 4th Generation Core i5 and i7 processors with Iris Pro graphics, nonetheless they opted not to pierce a socketed processor to marketplace with a brawny new graphics core. Intel brought versions to a embedded market, nonetheless during a time Intel was focused on mobile and was headed full steam in that direction. There were some talks behind a scenes about creation a Haswell processor with Iris Pro for a stream era of products, nonetheless it would have been months late to marketplace and dear as they would have had to emanate an wholly new wafer for a socketed partial like this.

It looks like Intel has corroborated divided or during slightest slowed down a pierce divided from socketed motherboards. This was really clear currently as Intel announced that they would be bringing out an unbarred 5th Generation Core ‘Broadwell’ processor with Iris Pro graphics to marketplace after this year with a arriving Intel 9 array chipsets. Intel Broadwell processors will be done on a 14nm production processor and underline a array of opening and energy potency improvements over Haswell.


Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition

This year is special for a Intel Pentium array as it has been around for 20 years! To applaud a 20th birthday of Pentium array Intel will be entrance out with an Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition processor. This processor will be unlocked, support Intel Quick Sync Video and be upheld by both Intel 8 and 9 array chipsets. Intel would not divulge if this would be a array of processors or usually one.


Intel Devil Canyon

Lastly, Intel announced Devil’s Canyon. Devil’s Canyon is a codename for a 4th Generation Haswell processor that has been re-engineered for softened opening and with a aloft overclocking potential. The biggest change on this processor is that Intel practical a new Thermal Interface Material (TIM) underneath a lid of a processor. Overclockers and Enthusiasts have been really outspoken with their condemnation of Intel relocating divided from a soldered lid to one that uses what they cruise sub-par TIM.  It is believed that Intel started regulating thermal pulp on Ivy Bridge and Haswell due to a fact that these processors have reduce TDPs than prior generations and it saves money. Intel wasn’t too endangered about overclocking on mainstream processors and was especially disturbed about ensuring a processor would work scrupulously in a designated energy envelope.

It has been detected by enthusiasts in a village that Intel uses thermal pulp on underling 100W TDP processors and solders a lids on with those processors above that are rated above 100W TDP (IvyBridge-E and purportedly Haswell-E). It looks like Intel has listened a beating from a fan village and this processor is their answer to all a complaints. We asked Intel to endorse that a TIM change on Devil’s Canyon was a pierce behind to a soldered resolution and they declined to divulge that information during this time. We also asked if this ‘re-engineered’ processor would be regulating a new CPU stepping and we were told that a “re-engineering refers to softened thermal interface and CPU wrapping materials that are approaching to capacitate poignant enhancements to opening and overclocking capabilities.” The solder vs. pulp conflict appears to be over, nonetheless you’ll have to compensate some-more to get solder on mainstream opening processors. According to Intel, Devil’s Canyon will usually work on a arriving 9 array chipset and will come with some updated sell wrapping when it arrives in a center of this year.


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