Intel Optane Memory Tested With Secondary Hard Drive

Intel Optane Memory Now Works On Secondary Drives

Last month, Intel suggested a series of changes to assistance foster their Optane Memory line. You know what Intel Optane Memory is right? Intel Optane Memory comes on a M.2 2280 ‘gumstick’ expostulate and has super quick Intel 3D Xpoint memory chips on it. Once commissioned into an open M.2 slot, Intel program allows we to cache slower SATA formed storage inclination like tough drives. By adding a non-volatile (retains information when powered off) cache to a spinning hoop you’ll finish adult with faster response times and have ‘SSD like’ opening in a far-reaching operation of applications.  Intel offers 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Optane Memory modules and bigger is improved as it allows for a storing of some-more of your many frequently used data. If we have a tough expostulate and are looking for a approach to speed adult diversion bucket times, calm origination applications, urge your web browsing knowledge and open and tighten flattering many each app known, an Intel Optane Memory procession could be your savior. The best thing is that pricing starts during usually $24.99 shipped, so it’s an affordable ascent and thankfully really elementary to install.

Intel Optane Memory has been around for some-more than a year, though when it was launched in Q1 2017 it could usually be used to accelerate one Windows 10 SATA foot expostulate and usually one procession is upheld per system. Many in a PC village wanted to accelerate tough hoop drives that weren’t a foot expostulate and let Intel know that if Optane could be used to cache automatic tough drives that they would sell some-more Optane Memory sticks. The chip hulk has listened to patron feedback and is permitting Optane program to cache information from any singular SATA tough expostulate in a system, regardless of it being a primary/boot or delegate volume!

Intel Optane Memory

Intel also combined Optane Memory branding to a processors with a introduction of a Core i9+, Core i7+, Core i5+ processors. This is not a new line of processors, though something that will assistance OEMs to highlight laptops and desktops that boat from a bureau with Intel’s Optane caching resolution pre-installed.

Intel Core i5+, i7+ and i9 Badges


Intel’s new Core+ CPUs for desktops now consists of 3 SKUs: a Core i7+8700, a Core i5+8500 and a Core i5+8400. These are all sell boxed processors that come with a 16GB Intel Optane Memory module. Intel is targeting a DIY marketplace with these processors. The Core i9+ desktop processor gold isn’t on a marketplace yet.

Intel Core i7+ 8700 Retail Packaging

The sell prices on these new processors is a bit bizarre during a impulse as a Intel Optane M.2 2280 16GB procession costs $24.99 shipped, though we competence be profitable some-more than that for it in a bundle. The pricing on a Intel Core i5+ 8500 is flattering plain during $235 as we are saving $9 than carrying to buy a dual separately. Be certain to check sell pricing as it competence not be reduction costly to collect adult a processor with an Optane Memory procession bundled with it! These bundles take a theory work out of what is indispensable for a build, though competence always be a many cost effective approach to go about a build. We should indicate out that Intel Optane Memory usually works with 7th and 8th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems along with an Optane Ready motherboard and a SATA HDD.

While we are articulate about Intel Optane memory pricing, we should indicate out that there are 3 capacities accessible right now. You have a 16GB indication during $24.99 shipped ($1.56 per GB), a 32GB indication during $58.13 shipped ($1.82 per GB) and a 64GB indication that usually recently became accessible during $151.61 shipped ($2.37 per GB). The incomparable a ability Optane Memory Module, a some-more information can be cached. This is one of those singular situations where a cost per gigabyte indeed increases as a ability of a expostulate goes up.

Gigabyte Intel Optane Motherboards

Motherboard makers are also removing in on a Optane Memory movement by charity motherboards with Intel Optane Memory already commissioned in one of a play M.2 slots. GIGABYTE for instance launched 4 Intel Z370 chipset formed motherboards with built-in 32GB Intel Optane Memory final month. Those 4 Z370 play would be Z370 AORUS GAMING 7-OP, Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING WIFI-OP, Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING 2.0-OP, and Z370 HD3-OP motherboards. The usually house that we could find accessible on Amazon in a United States was a Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming WiFi-OP for $204.56 shipped. That is usually $24.57 some-more than a same house but a Intel Optane 32GB expostulate ($179.99 shipped), so we are removing a 32GB expostulate that is normally $58.13 for reduction than $25 more.

The take home summary here is that Intel is creation it super easy to get Intel Optane memory. You can buy Intel memory by itself, bundled with a processor, bundled with a motherboard or pre-installed in an OEM system!

If we are a DIY user afterwards we need to know a smallest complement pattern for Intel Optane Memory. Intel Optane Memory requires an Intel 200-series or 300-series chipset motherboard with an open M.2 container that supports this feature. Secondly, we contingency have an Intel 7th Gen Core i3 or newer processor. Lastly, you’ll to implement Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers (version or newer) for Intel Optane Memory and a program is usually accessible to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 users. So, we need to have a new motherboard, processor and be using Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 to get Intel Optane Memory adult and running!

Once a Intel Optane Memory Module is commissioned into an M.2 container and a correct Intel RST motorist is commissioned we usually need to capacitate a drive, that is a elementary procession that takes about 5 mins and requires one complement restart. The delegate expostulate is compulsory to be formatted with a GPT assign and we should indicate out that systems with dual bootable drives – that is, one expostulate with one OS and another expostulate with a second OS – aren’t a upheld configuration.

Intel Optane Memory Module M10 64GB

Intel Optane Memory M10 64GB

Let’s take a demeanour during the exam complement and afterwards the results!


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