Intel Pentium G3220 Processor Review

Intel Pentium G3220 3.0GHz Dual Core Processor

The Intel Pentium name has been around for utterly a prolonged time, it’s a name that used to be synonymous with a latest and biggest processor. These days though, a latest and biggest Intel processors are partial of a Intel Core series. Today a Pentium processors are some-more on a reduce finish of a product stack, and cost comparatively small by comparison. When it comes to a reduce finish Intel processors, I’ve had a doubt in my mind for some time now, and finally motionless to prove my curiosity. How good will a low finish processor run a gaming complement these days? To answer this doubt we went to Newegg.com and systematic a Pentium G3220 for a whole $69.99, it wasn’t until we had a G3220 in my palm that we satisfied that we could save a integrate of bucks by attack Amazon.com and profitable $67.63. Where we systematic a Pentium G3220 from is a indecisive point, what does matter is that a G3220 is reduction than 22% of a cost of a Intel Core i7-4770K, a tip LGA1150 processor!

Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Processor Review

The Intel Pentium G3220 is a flattering simple processor by today’s standards. The G3220 doesn’t have all of a bells and whistles of a tip tier processors, for underneath $70.00 we unequivocally can’t design it to have all underneath a sun. The Pentium G3220 is a twin core processor that cruises along during 3.0GHz and usually fits in a latest Intel LGA 1150 socket. It’s not accurately a rocket ship, though during a smallest it will make your mechanism go. With a small bit of fitness a Pentium G3220 will give us a good finish user knowledge and we will be means to play all a latest games. The categorical thing we have to keep in mind while looking during a G3220 is that it’s not meant to be a fastest processor out there! It’s meant for those building on a budget.

Before we get to distant into a Pentium G3220 performance, let’s take a demeanour during a specifications of a G3220 along side a Intel Core i7-4770K

As we can see above, there are a series of differences between a Intel Pentium G3220 and a Core i7-4770K. Though as we mentioned above, for usually 22% of a cost of a 4770K we can’t design all a same bells and whistles between a dual pieces of Silicon!

Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Processor Review

 The sell wrapping for a Intel Pentium G3220 positively isn’t what we would call exciting, though it serves it’s purpose of safeguarding a processor and giving us some information about a 3 year warranty.

Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Processor Review

This sold side of a Pentium G3220 wrapping gives us a shot of a processor itself. Aside from that there isn’t most engaging to see here.

Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Processor Review

Along another corner of a G3220 wrapping we can find a collection number, L323B628, Product Code BX80646G3220 as good as a several other SKU numbers.

Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Processor Review

Opening adult a sell package, a tangible Intel Pentium G3220 is packaged within a delegate cosmetic case. This combined covering of insurance helps keep a chip in place within a sell box and is good for doing and storing a G3220.

Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Processor Review

Let’s take a demeanour during a exam complement and get to benchmarking!


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