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Winter is on us, your gutters are full of leaves and muck, and your unrestrained for climbing adult and down a ladder all day with a bucket and wearing rubber gloves is not high. You need a Looj M330, a dedicated gutter cleaning tool from a association that brought us a Roomba drudge opening cleaner, iRobot.

It’s robust, waterproof, rechargeable and propitious with larva marks and a spinning auger that make it demeanour like a arms of choice for a Bond villain. If we have true gutters with copiousness of clearway successive a tile corner it works remarkably well, as prolonged as we can live with a ensuing waste widespread all over your garden.



Think of a remote-control tank propitious with a spinning brush to eject waste from your gutters and we won’t be distant wrong. The Looj’s categorical physique is prolonged and narrow, and a rubber marks concede it to pierce along your gutters upright, upside down or even on a side. The latter dual are useful if it meets some unbending waste as it will spin itself over and automatically reverse.

The business finish has a nose cone with rubber scraper to disencumber dried-on waste and a energy take-off axel. To this we insert a auger. This comprises prolonged bristles and transmutable customary length or compress rubber blades. The whole auger public spins during 500 rpm in possibly instruction to best dumpy your gutters purify and crack a leaves and plod out.

looj 3

looj 6

The detachable hoop allows a Looj to be carried and placed in a gutter easily. The hoop fast unclips to turn a remote control. We had success regulating a remote control with uninformed batteries during adult to scarcely a 20-metre range, so a Looj won’t get divided from we unless we have really prolonged gutters. If it does, when it reaches a finish it tends to flip over and retreat behind along a gutter anyway.

As a remote control, a hoop territory gives we a options of forward, retreat and an involuntary Clean mode, and clockwise, anticlockwise and off for a auger. A granted belt shave for a hoop is really accessible when we are climbing adult and down ladders, and during a finish of a purify it allows we to collect adult a Looj though removing too squalid yourself.

looj 4

If, like ours, your gutters are really muddy, writing in a hoop competence not be probable due to a perfect volume of waste and courage on a body. Thankfully, a categorical section can be hosed off after use and be authorised to dry before putting it away.

The package comes finish with a freestanding charger, 3000mAh 7.2Volt battery and a accessible belt shave for a handle/remote control. The battery lasted good over an hour in a tests though as it will transparent gutters during a rate of 10 metres in 5 mins or so, that is a whole lot of gutter cleaning on a singular charge.

looj 1

looj 7

The thought is that we usually need to passage adult a ladder to place a Looj in a gutter. You let it do a job, and collect it from a same mark when it has been adult and down a gutter run. Those runs contingency be true as it doesn’t go around corners. Even if we have to place it on a integrate of opposite lengths of gutter on any side of a house, that is still a whole lot reduction ladder climbing than normal primer gutter cleaning.


Messy. Very, really messy. Stand good behind or wear protecting wardrobe since when a Looj gets on a goal with standard UK gutter debris, a mulch and waste flies!

We hadn’t privileged a gutters all year and they were full of leaves resting on tip of a thick covering of really soppy sand and moss. Placing a section in a thick of a plod and dire ‘Auto’ though stepping behind was substantially a initial mistake. In a initial test, me, a ladder, a shoal roof, a camera, dual scientific dogs and a belligerent successive a gutter got a good covering of muck, sand and leaves.

looj 10

The really shoal roof of a initial area took copiousness of a ejected debris, no doubt expected to be privileged true behind into a gutter with a successive rainfall. Yet successive trails on steeper roof angles and where tiles overhung a gutter serve (typical of many UK residence builds) showed that really small of a waste finished adult on a roof. Moreover, after all a play and mess, a gutter was always left spectacularly clean.

looj 9

In use a Looj moves brazen solemnly though with purpose. The absolute auger doesn’t shirk during complicated mud, leaves built good above a gutter line or moss lumps a distance of tennis balls. All get summarily ejected during high speed. The usually object of normal waste a Looj baulked during was a depressed branch. Even afterwards it did have a good try during dislodging that too. Eventually it flipped itself over and topsy-turvy divided before we sent it behind in for another try.

Having privileged one run of low gutter (as it was easiest to photograph) we changed to a categorical bungalow. The low eaves tallness done it easy to place a Looj regulating usually step ladders, though we immediately came opposite a problem.

looj 8

At one finish of this building a gutter is placed really high on a fascia residence so a roof tiles hang low into a gutter’s ‘U’ shape. This didn’t offer adequate clearway for a Looj to work and it immediately tangled and stopped. Due to a run-off angle on a gutter, a clearway widens as we pierce along though this meant a Looj was usually means to purify about dual thirds of a gutters on both sides of a house. Your mileage might change though if your corner tiles strech low into a gutter, a Looj will have issues.

Our usually other dispute opposite what is an differently really effective cleaning tool is a perfect disaster it creates. That 500rpm auger punches all out of a gutter during speed and a fallout during belligerent level, utterly from taller buildings, is utterly spectacular. Arguably, if we had a gutter cleaning drudge we could use it several times a year to revoke a volume of muddy-detritus that would build adult and subsequently be thrown out.

looj 2


If we have mostly true gutters with copiousness of clearway above, a iRobot Looj M330 is a really effective gutter cleaner than significantly reduces a series of times we are going to have to scale a ladder. It scrubs most cleaner that we are expected to do by hand, stops during zero bar depressed branches and a remote control ensures it should never get over reach. That waste has to go somewhere, however, and that is a far-reaching area of fallout on a belligerent below.


For a right gutters and with room for some disaster below, a Looj M330 is an easy and rarely effective approach to purify your gutters.

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