ISVs are Moving into Azure with a Help of Project Hosts, Inc.

Project Hosts, Inc. is operative together with Microsoft and ISVs to yield solutions in Azure that approve with information confidence regulations and broach extensive and scalable SaaS platforms, while securing these solutions and responding to a flourishing trend of confidence breaches opposite vast cloud deployments.

With Microsoft Azure’s flourishing recognition in cloud technology, supervision agencies, medical providers and payers, blurb enterprises as good as ISVs are vehement about a opportunities Azure creates to renovate their business. IT teams rest on cloud resolution providers (CSPs) to exercise tools, controls, policies and procedures to safeguard that their deployments hosted in a cloud are secure and compliant. To support CSPs, Azure provides profitable services and collection including: Azure practical networks, networks confidence groups, web concentration firewalls, active directory, VPN gateways, ADFS, MFA, OMS for record association and more. Where there are gaps, or when specific customers’ requirement it, CSPs use their possess developed, or off a shelf collection to exercise a several policies and procedures.

To assure that applications migrated to Azure are in good operative order, IT professionals design CSPs to exercise a following on tip of Azure:

1. Access Control

2. Identity Authentication

3. Server Lockdown

4. Encryption In Transit, At Rest

5. Vulnerability Scanning

6. Patching Updating

7. Test Environment

8. Change Management

9. Anti Malware IDS/IPS

10. Event Logging Alerting

11. Incident Response

12. Backup DR With Testing

13. Cybersecurity Training

14. Third Party Audit

Project Hosts relies on Azure, that provides several information compliances including ISO 27001, HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and FedRAMP, while leveraging their height and infrastructure to emanate confidence envelopes to firmly capacitate emigration of applications, workloads, and SaaS solutions into Azure. This allows ISVs to continue to concentration on building and updating their program products and services to improved residence their clients’ needs.

Working hand-in-hand, Project Hosts, Microsoft and ISVs are coordinating their efforts and bursting tasks to accomplish successful use smoothness outcomes. These tasks include, though are not singular to a following disciplines – information sequence and accountability, end-point protection, temperament and entrance management, concentration turn controls, network controls, hosted security, and earthy security.

About Project Hosts

Project Hosts is a cloud solutions provider (CSP) that specializes in securing, managing, and assembly regulatory confidence correspondence standards for Windows and Linux applications in Azure for business and ISVs. Our extensive set of Azure managed services extend Microsoft’s confidence over a infrastructure (IaaS) and height (PaaS) turn to strengthen whole applications during a Software (SaaS) level. We exercise a many severe cloud confidence standards including FedRAMP DoD SRG IL 4/5, FedRAMP Moderate and High, HIPAA / HITRUST, and ISO 27001. Healthcare organizations, federal, state, and internal supervision agencies, and enterprises rest on us to safeguard they have a cloud resolution that meets their business needs, their budget, and many importantly, protects their business, employees, and patient’s information from unapproved entrance or theft.

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