iTunes Suffers Major Outage

If we possess an Apple device we competence have had some difficulty downloading anything from iTunes on a 11 March.

Well we weren’t alone, iTunes was reportedly pang from few outages via most of a day in a US, UK and Spain.

Why? In a matter to CNBC, Apple reports that a problem was an inner DNS error.

apple itunes

“We apologize to a business experiencing problems with iTunes and other services this morning. The means was an inner DNS blunder during Apple. We’re operative to make all of a services accessible to business as shortly as possible, and we appreciate everybody for their patience.”

Domain Name System or DNS is a primary ‘directory’ for a internet and a websites, it assigns domains to IP addresses that in spin concede us to entrance specific pages or sections of a internet.

It appears as yet a blunder usually influenced a tangible purchasing routine so while we were means crop by iTunes, a act of purchasing would uncover an error.

It’s impossibly singular for Apple’s services to humour from an outage, indeed a final vital emanate was behind in 2014 when Apple initial denounced HealthKit.

It transpired that a use had a series of bugs that resulted in Apple indeed shutting down HealthKit’s functionality temporarily while a problem was fixed.


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