JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod

What is a JBL SoundBoost?

The SoundBoost is what a Moto Mod judgment was finished for. It takes a long-lived debility of today’s smartphones – crappy speakers – and eliminates it with a snap and a click.

It’s an costly serve to your Moto Z phone, though of all a mods Motorola has finished accessible so far, it’s by distant a many useful.

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JBL SoundBoost – Design and features

The SoundBoost is a corpulent square of kit, weighing in during 145g and adding 13mm of abyss to a phone you’re gnawing it onto. It’s not stunningly beautiful; a black cosmetic looks a tiny inexpensive and tiny has been finished to jazz adult a orator grilles. The orange kickstand that sits dead-centre is a one square of pattern flare, though this is not an serve designed for style.

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It snaps onto a behind of any concordant Motorola phone around captivating connectors. You can usually have one Moto Mod connected during a time, that means you’ll have to mislay a requisite backplate we routinely have trustworthy to your phone. This is a genuine faff, and it feels a bit careless usually to leave your phone’s behind cover fibbing around.

The orator has a round hole so your phone’s camera and peep aren’t obstructed, so we can be both DJ and central photographer during your subsequent residence party.

In truth, regulating a phone with a orator trustworthy is flattering silly. It’s complicated and thick and jacket your hands around a orator muffles a sound. When trustworthy to your phone, a JBL SoundBoost is best left alone to do a thing unless you’re carrying it from room to room or fluttering it in a atmosphere like we usually don’t care.

The kickstand serves a twin purpose: both gripping a speakers from banishment directly into whatever aspect your phone is sitting on, and also to concede we to simply switch marks though carrying to collect your phone up. It’s also good for examination YouTube video during a cooking table. we do wish it had a choice to lean a tiny serve behind for a bit some-more flexibility, though it’s a teenager quibble.

JBL SoundBoost – Audio quality

The SoundBoost contains a span of 3W drivers, that siphon out a honestly considerable sound. At half-volume and above, song has noticeably some-more abyss and drum than a Moto Z’s built-in speaker. Turn things adult to 11 and you’ll get a loud, undistorted sound that you’ll be means to hear in a subsequent room.

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Rock and cocktail are served well, and that all-important drum is present, if not as ground-shaking as some competence like. For a size, there’s really tiny to protest about here.

You competence consider a speakers banishment divided from we would diminution sound quality, though a orator indeed works improved with a aspect underneath it to sunder a sound. JBL SoundBoost

Nothing we played by a SoundBoost ever sounded over-wrought or unpleasant, that is significantly improved than you’d get from standard mini speakers.

If you’re looking to keep a sound down, there’s tiny reason to insert a SoundBoost, as you’ll remove many of a drum it was providing during reduce volumes. Still, it’s useful as a mount in this case.

JBL SoundBoost – Battery life

Motorola claims a JBL SoundBoost will final adult to 10 hours on a singular assign of a 1,000mAh battery. This is substantially loyal if you’re personification song during subsequent half volume, though in my contrast that was mostly conducted during around ⅔ of limit volume, we saw a dungeon empty during around 12% per hour, that will net we a tiny over 8 hours.

You can keep an eye on a battery turn usually by pulling down on your notifications pane; a SoundBoost’s battery turn will seem subsequent to your phone’s possess battery status.JBL SoundBoost 2

Because it has a possess battery, it won’t devour any of your phone’s power. However, a dual do share energy when a phone is connected to a mains, that means we can assign your phone and a SoundBoost simultaneously. The song can literally final forever.

If it’s not trustworthy to your phone, we can assign a SoundBoost alone regulating a USB-C connector on a back. A tiny indicator LED on a behind lets we know when it’s charged.

It’s a tiny vitriolic that a SoundBoost can’t be used as an puncture battery pack, that would make it even some-more useful in a pinch.


A super useful Moto Mod, my usually qualms with a JBL SoundBoost is a fundamental awkwardness of a Mod height and a flattering high price. However, it solves a genuine problem that affects all smartphones, and for that it should be commended.

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