Jelastic Enhances Indian Market Presence Partnering with Leapswitch

Jelastic, Inc., cloud program association that provides a universe category PaaS and CaaS solutions, announced a vital partnership with Leapswitch, a association that is specialized in absolute and arguable web hosting. As a outcome of this collaboration, Indian developers, startups and companies with IT departments will advantage relocating their projects from normal hosting to a cloud in sequence not to concede on complicated DevOps functionality, scaling or flexibility.

“The direct for complicated PaaS solutions opposite India keeps flourishing immensely due to a fast expansion of IT companies in this area. Understanding a need in transformation, LeapSwitch done a step from normal hosting to a modernized cloud charity to prove a mandate of customers. And we are blissful that Jelastic height with all a DevOps-oriented functionality can support these intentions and spin them into reality,” – pronounced Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Jelastic stands on a high call of PaaS market, providing discerning and accessible UI, abounding marketplace with one-click deployment of pre-packaged applications, add-ons and clustered solutions, focus emigration with 0 formula change, programmed scaling and other cloud benefits. Besides, Jelastic provides technical assistance while relocating bequest applications from normal hosting to container-based cloud local workloads, permitting developers to accelerate focus growth processes, urge scalability and potency of their projects.

“Our partnership with Jelastic is sparkling as it helps us compute in a rival market. During an extended private beta with a existent customers, we found that Jelastic solves a stream pain points of deployment, ability formulation and ongoing management. We demeanour brazen to a prolonged and successful attribute with Jelastic,”- pronounced CEO of Leapswitch, Ishan Talathi.

Leapswitch is a mature plain infrastructure use retailer given 2006 with worldwide distributed information centers. The provider offers a latest Intel processors and due to reward Tier 1 bandwidth assures limit uptime for over 16000 customers. All a servers come with RAID capability for information confidence and IPMI for out of rope connectivity. Leapswitch offers 24x7x365 technical support and industry-leading 30 mins response time pledge from a helpdesk.

Jelastic and Leapswitch will combine to safeguard that their business can benefit faster deployment, programmed management, and easy scaling, carrying slight pattern tasks lonesome by default. Therefore, developers will get a probability to combine on coding rather than spending hours environment adult a server to get it alive.

Multilingual and auto-scalable Jelastic PaaS powered by Leapswitch complicated infrastructure forms a rock-solid cloud charity for a Indian market. Customers can get started with a new solution, that goes alive underneath a name CloudJiffy following a couple

About Jelastic

Jelastic is a strong resolution for hosting providers, enterprises and developers mixing a advantages of PaaS and CaaS in a singular warden package. Its abounding interface simplifies formidable cloud deployments by automating a creation, scaling, clustering and confidence updates of microservices or monolithic applications. Jelastic has a singular pay-for usage-only pricing indication and is accessible as public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud in some-more than 60 information centers worldwide. The height provides support of Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, .NET environments and tradition Docker containers. More info is during

About Leapswitch

Leapswitch Networks Pvt. Ltd. has been in use given 2006 providing common hosting, practical private servers, dedicated servers, domain registration and colocation services. Leapswitch provides a arguable infrastructure for websites and applications with limit network uptime and energy uptime guarantee. The association operates in information centers opposite 3 continents. More info

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