Jenzabar Cloud Services Continues to Help Institutions Move into the…

Jenzabar®, Inc., aloft education’s devoted program and services advisor, has announced a exponential expansion of clients in a Jenzabar Cloud. The association now has a sum of 189 SaaS and hosted institutions, an boost of 49% given 2014.

“We’re anticipating that institutions that deposit in a cloud are feeling a advantages right away,” pronounced Ben Bassett, Executive Vice President and General Manager. “Taking a initial step is a tough partial – a preference to pierce off-premise. It’s a pursuit to make a routine seamless for a clients, and a cloud influence rate proves that we’re able of doing that.”

Jenzabar Cloud and Managed Services has a 99.5% customer influence rate and is charity for all ERP, SIS, and CRM solutions. For a fourth year, Jenzabar is charity a two-month giveaway hearing for existent business to pierce their ERP complement to a cloud and knowledge a advantages of hosting, risk-free.

Jenzabar Cloud Services lets clients run their applications in a scalable, on-demand, and affordable way. Jenzabar Cloud Services works with top-tier blurb datacenters to broach world-class network operation centers assembly N+1 excess standards to prove severe business smoothness and high-availability requirements. These comforts underline mixed uninterruptible energy reserve and energy placement paths, modernized environmental and glow showing and termination systems, and mixed redundant, carrier-neutral internet fortitude connections.

“Jenzabar has scarcely a decade of knowledge transitioning and hosting solutions in a cloud,” pronounced Ben Bassett. “We’re vehement to continue assisting a schools develop and demeanour to a destiny as a attention changes. The time to welcome a cloud is now.”

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Created out of a passion for preparation and a prophesy for technology, we trust all lives are estimable and able of greatness, and are sanctified with masterpieces within. Jenzabar’s goal is to explore, build, and deposit in innovative and disruptive technologies and services to commission and renovate aloft preparation for all to grasp mass personally, during home, during work, and in a world.

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