John Lewis JLFFW1818 Review

What is a John Lewis JLFFW1818?

The JLFFW1818 is a new entry-level indication from John Lewis’s far-reaching operation of own-brand fridge freezers. It boasts an A+ appetite rating and copiousness of useable space relations to a size, while on a outward a distinguished handles and pointed John Lewis trademark demeanour really classy. The tallness of any doorway is a same, yet we indeed get a 60/40 ability separate in foster of a refrigeration.

The fridge has multi-air-flow cooling to safeguard even placement of cold atmosphere and, claims John Lewis, keeps food fresher for longer by interlude it drying out. There’s a singular LED flare during a tip of a fridge, that also integrates a singular lift symbol fridge heat control with LED indicators. The usually control for a freezer is a Fast Freeze button.

John Lewis is charity a lot of character and cooling ability for a really reasonable £500, yet is this a discount it appears to be?

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John Lewis JLFFW1818

John Lewis JLFFW1818 – Design

The smooth, purify white panels of a JLFFW1818 are set off with a corpulent span of extending handles finished in resisting dim grey steel colour. It’s utterly a worldly demeanour and a clarity of peculiarity is extended by a really solid-feeling handles. The interior of a fridge cell is some-more paltry and traditional. The pure cosmetic doorway pockets and twin salad drawers are a reasonable size, a potion shelves are easy to purify and a chrome handle bottle shelve absolutely binds 4 vast bottles.

The lighting comes from a splendid white LED that turns on kindly when we open a door. However, a position during a tip and to a side means a light will roughly positively get blocked if we bucket adult a tip shelf with, say, bottles and jars. The yellow LED heat indicators are simple yet functional, nonetheless we would have favourite some control over freezer temperature. This was utterly loyal when we realised a solidified food representation was hold during -20 degrees – some 2 degrees reduce than we’d design a freezer to run at. The freezer offers 3 low drawers with pure fronts and vast integrated handles.

John Lewis JLFFW1818

John Lewis JLFFW1818 – Capacity

Without too many imagination gadgets or dilettante compartments holding adult profitable chiller volume, we can use a good understanding of a JLFFW1818’s accessible 198 litres of fridge space. The dual drawers lift out easily, yet a right-hand one does need a doorway to be non-stop past 90 degrees. The doors are reversible if we have a wall or other deterrent on one side, though.

In further to a potion shelf on tip of a salad drawers, a dual other potion shelves and bottle shelve have several shelf positions with a tip shelf ideal for taller items. Arguably, a third moveable shelf competence have been some-more useful than a bottle shelve given a really vast reduce doorway slot that is glorious for bottles.

The freezer’s 108-litre ability is good for a fridge-freezer underneath 2 metres tall, and a 3 drawers offer a lot of low storage space. Sticking with being a normal freezer, a JLFFW1818 doesn’t offer imagination facilities such as floating ice-cube trays or freezer doorway pockets for smaller items.

John Lewis JLFFW1818

John Lewis JLFFW1818 – Noise

A splendid yellow prospectus enclosed with a instructions graphically explains that a user should design a JLFFW1818 to make some peculiar noises – creaks, pops and groans – and it positively does. It constructed a far-reaching repertoire of pops and gurgling noises for a initial hour or so, many expected indicating that a engineering record of this John Lewis indication is some-more normal and proven than slicing edge.

It was formidable to accurately normal a sound turn of what sounded like ongoing fridge indigestion, so we waited until it had stabilised. When a compressor is running, a JLFFW1818 totalled around 43dB, some 3dB aloft than John Lewis’s possess quoted figures. While not as wordless as some, it stays flattering still and usually usually above a normal ambient sound of a normal home. Excluding a peculiar burp.

John Lewis JLFFW1818 – Performance

With a JLFFW1818 installed during 0.5kg of food per 10 litres of cooling space and 1kg of food per 10 litres of freezer space, we totalled a heat during a top, center and bottom of a fridge and freezer compartments over a two-day period. We set a fridge during 4 degrees C, with a freezer regulating during a non-adjustable temperature. We used 2 litres of daub H2O with a heat examine in a center to exam how good a freezer cold uninformed food and how good a same food would tarry a three-hour appetite failure.

In a fridge cell there was utterly a operation of temperatures on offer, notwithstanding a atmosphere dissemination cooling function. The tip shelf averaged 6 degrees C, with a bottle rack, salad drawer and bottom shelf averaging 4, 3 and 2 degrees respectively. With a compressor regulating cycles of usually underneath dual hours, a tip and bottom shelves fluctuated by +/-2 degrees. This meant that a atmosphere around food on a tip shelf would strech a rather comfortable 8 degrees C during several points during a day.

The booze shelve area and salad drawers valid many consistent, with usually +/-1 grade fluctuation. The far-reaching operation of temperatures – from 0 to 8 degrees – again hints during a record in this John Lewis indication being rather behind a curve.

John Lewis JLFFW1818

It’s really most a same story in a freezer compartment, too. The whole cell and a core of a solidified food averaged -20 degrees C via a test, yet a tip drawer sundry extravagantly during a compressor cycle. It forsaken to -27 degrees and solemnly rose behind adult to -13 degrees any dual hours before a compressor would flog behind in.

The freezer insulation valid itself to be usually satisfactory by complicated standards, as a three-hour appetite destroy exam saw a normal atmosphere heat arise 12 degrees to -8 degrees, nonetheless a solidified food gained usually 4 degrees during this time. Based on a fact that a appetite competence go off when a tip drawer was already as high as -13 degrees, we wouldn’t wish to give a JLLFW1818 a food reserve extent of most some-more than 4-6 hours.

John Lewis JLFFW1818

John Lewis JLFFW1818 – Running Costs

The A+ appetite tag quotes electricity expenditure for a JLFFW1818 during 313kWh per annum. Our possess tests gimlet out this explain and we calculate it would pull around 317kWh, costing about £47.55 any year (at 15p/kWh). These total are formed on a two-day exam during an ambient room heat of 18 degrees C and 6 doorway openings per day. As always, if we mostly have a prohibited kitchen and a large family regulating a fridge freezer regularly, these costs will increase.

Should we buy a John Lewis JLFFW1818?

Behind a well-spoken lines and engineer handles a JLFFW1818 is a sincerely simple fridge freezer regulating old-school refrigeration technologies. That means it falls a small behind some-more complicated designs in terms of appetite efficiency, cooling fortitude and several noises, and a facilities count is sincerely low. Yet what it does offer is an awful lot of cooling capacity, good extraneous style, a John Lewis badge and a three-year pledge for reduction than £500.

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A organic yet unexceptional fridge-freezer – it’s value deliberation if you’re on a budget, yet we could substantially do better.  

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