Judge Electrical Soup Maker JEA61 Review

Judge Electrical Soup Maker JEA61: At a Glance

While it resembles an typical blender and be used as such, a Judge Electrical Soup Maker JEA61 categorical interest is a ability to prepare adult to 1.2 litres of soup.

Once connected to a bottom unit, a steel image during a bottom of a cosmetic jug will feverishness adult as it blitzes mixture with 4 pointed blades. This cooking duty means that it can also be used for reheating, prohibited and bubbling other dishes as good as candid consistent tasks. It’s also ideal for smoothies.

Judge Electrical Soup Maker JEA61: Design and Features

The pattern doesn’t differ severely from many blenders on a marketplace – there’s a wipe-clean silver-effect body, a jug with a pouring declaim and pull symbol controls on a executive front panel. Four suckers on a bottom keep it resolutely in place while a apparatus is in use and there’s a cord neat for a inexhaustible 1.3m cable, yet it might need a tiny training to keep it there. A two-part lid thatch into place to forestall any random sweltering from evading steam, yet it’s still correct to wear oven gloves to mislay it directly after cooking prohibited liquids.

There are 4 cooking options, corpulent soup, well-spoken soup, steam/boil and reheat, as good as buttons for extract and beat blending. It can also feverishness divert for prohibited chocolate, ‘boil’ eggs and hoop all a normal blender can.

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The jug is large adequate to make 4 portions of soup in one session, with only a lid and jug to purify afterwards. What is unsatisfactory is that a jug isn’t dishwasher protected or suitable for soaking adult by palm as there are electrical tools built-in. Instead, it’s a box of stuffing it with prohibited H2O and antiseptic and regulating a beat function. There’s a brush for burnt on food and recommendation about how to change this yet removing it unadulterated adds an additional covering of maintenance.

At only 2.35kg, it’s light adequate to be stored in a sideboard when it’s not in use and a normal blender-sized footprint means it won’t take adult most space, even if it’s left out.

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Judge JEA61 Soup and smoothie maker: What is it like to use?

Putting a apparatus together and regulating it is impossibly simple, with named buttons and no fiddly menus to corkscrew through. You’ll need to prepare beef beforehand, so it’s not a finish one-stop resolution if you’re creation anything other than unfeeling soups, yet otherwise, a dual soup programmes are designed to prepare vegetables thoroughly.

To that end, it’s a box of putting all your mixture in (except cream and herbs), popping a lid on and opting for well-spoken or corpulent soup. Ingredients have to be chopped so they’re tiny adequate to prepare properly, so we might find that your food prep takes a tiny longer.

Making soup takes around 20 mins once all a mixture are in, and on a well-spoken programme, is interspersed with discerning bursts of activity from a stainless-steel blender blades. While a cooking is quiet, a consistent is reduction so, and comes with occasional beeps. The beep tinge is on a oppressive side, so an choice to spin it off or down would be an improvement.

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An enclosed soup recipe constructed some-more soup than a appurtenance can cook

Recipes are enclosed to enthuse we yet a apportion of a pumpkin soup recipe we attempted exceeded a limit fill turn and had to be baked in dual batches. There’s a sensor to forestall overfilling so we can’t prepare some-more than a apparatus will allow.

The ensuing soup was considerable – entirely cooked, with some hardness preserved, even on a well-spoken programme, and piping hot. If it’s not utterly well-spoken enough, a discerning beat means it can be practiced to suit. Against cooking soup in a pan, this is both easier and reduction mess, yet there was a tiny burnt food on a bottom of a jug that indispensable cleaning.

In terms of a other functions, while prohibited eggs in a blender seems like a bit of a gimmick, it was easy and available interjection to a dedicated rack. The eggs lay above a H2O turn and are baked regulating steam rather than entirely immersed, definition there’s no bleached residue. Its reheat duty is only as useful for warming divert though intensity boil over.

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Should we buy a Judge JEA61 Soup and smoothie maker?

A good ability means a soup builder is both accessible for collection cooking as good as entertaining. Thoughtful extras meant it won’t only be a winter tack apparatus possibly – you’re certain to get copiousness of use out of it all year round.

However, while cooking in it is easy, cleaning it thereafter isn’t. This is a common problem for soup makers, yet it’s wily to omit given a second life as a blender. But If we can endure this afterwards it’s a nice, easy-to-use soup-making blender that’s value considering.


A useful and affordable soup, smoothie and blender appurtenance in one, yet wily cleaning is a problem.

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