JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE Camcorder Review

What is a JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE?

The Everio GZ-RX515BE is JVC’s latest range-topping “Quad Proof” camcorder. So it is accredited as water, dust, startle and solidify resistant. Whereas Panasonic has opted to pull 4K fortitude as a plan for 2015, with models like a HC-WX970, JVC is adhering with ruggedisation. Both companies are certainly feeling a vigour from a augmenting abilities of smartphones, though holding opposite routes to fight this.

Since final year, JVC has been equipping a mainstream camcorders with critical movement camera resilience, holding their lead from a ADIXXION GC-XA2 and GC-XA1 that a association had expelled previously. So a GZ-RX515BE is guaranteed waterproof to a abyss of 5m, adapting to a 529 IPX8 standard. It’s dustproof according to a 529 IP5X standard, and can withstand a low heat of -10C. The shockproofing conforms to MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock, that in layman’s terms means it can hoop a dump from adult to 1.5m.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE – Specs and Features

The ruggedness is matching in preference to prior Quad Proof JVC camcorders. Indeed, a GZ-RX515BE is radically a inheritor to final year’s Everio GZ-RX110BE. It carries on with a same sensor preference of a 1/5.8-inch back-illuminated CMOS with 2.5 megapixels. So picture peculiarity will usually be marginally improved, if during all. This provides a same 60x energetic wizz on tip of a 40x visual zoom, that takes advantage of gangling sensor pixels rather than digitally expanding a image.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE

The Konica Minolta HD lens is stable by a thick potion window. It’s comparatively common optically. Although a lens is rated f/1.8 during full wideangle, this drops to f/6.3 when zoomed in. This will have a conspicuous outcome on low light opening in telephoto shooting. JVC has also not versed a GZ-RX515BE with visual picture stabilisation, nonetheless this will be in partial given of a infirmity of this kind of complement and a imperishable intentions of a camcorder. Instead, a digital complement called Enhanced Advanced Image Stabilisation is used. It does yield some rebate of vibrations, though not in a same joining as an visual system.

Since JVC has not done a jump to 4K nonetheless with a consumer camcorders, a GZ-RX515BE sticks with Full HD fortitude and a AVCHD format. It can also constraint still images adult to 3,680 x 2,760 pixels. The video can be accessible as 50i or 50p, though there is no control over information rate. In 50p mode, footage is prisoner during 24Mbps, so a 8GB of memory on residence will final a tiny underneath 45 minutes.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE

As a result, we might wish to relief yourself of a SD label container to boost storage, quite as a high ability battery is rated to final 5 hours, a figure we didn’t see any justification to mistrust so prolonged as we don’t capacitate a WiFi duty (of that some-more in a bit). This prolonged era is advantageous given a battery is not removable, so we won’t be means to lift a gangling with we to barter out when a strange one is depleted. On a other hand, customary Micro USB is used for charging, giving we a choice to re-juice a GZ-RX515BE with a customary unstable battery pack.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE – Design, Controls and Usability

Where a GZ-RX515BE has altered noticeably given a prior Quad Proof era is a pattern of a framework and menu system. The camcorder physique is a some-more pointed graphite shade with brushed steel surrounding a lens, rather than a black and glossy chrome of a prior version. However, a doorway safeguarding a ports uses a same double-locking mechanism, digest it all though unfit to open accidentally.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE

The onscreen icons demeanour a same as prior versions, though once we cavalcade into a menu, a complement is easier and some-more finger-friendly than before. The categorical menu is formed around 4 vast icons, that afterwards lead to pages of serve icons and afterwards a several settings that are available.

The GZ-RX515BE is not packaged with primer features, however. Switching from Intelligent Auto to Manual merely exposes an additional page with primer focusing, a tellurian liughtness control, white change and backlight compensation. The white change options embody blue and immature options for underwater usage, alongside a common indoor / outside presets and full primer configuration. There is no eccentric control over shiver and iris.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE

You do get a medium built-in video light, some cheesy animation effects, and a somewhat weird preference of 3 digital “Recording Effects”. These embody Baby, Grainy Monochrome, and Food – presumably with a latter directed during a flourishing trend for people holding shots of their dishes to post on amicable media. There’s a tiny volume of control over a microphone turn (up or down one increment), though that’s about it on a pattern options. You’re clearly meant to switch this camcorder to involuntary mode and leave it there many of a time.

The GZ-RX515BE does have built-in WiFi, that on paper is glorious during this price. We were means to control a camera remotely with a Everio Sync 2 focus when joining to it directly around WiFi. However, we found configuring a camcorder for entrance around an existent WLAN unduly complicated. The camcorder itself usually allows we to bond regulating WPS. There is no choice to indicate for a wireless network and enter confidence sum manually.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE

We couldn’t get WPS to work with a BT HomeHub, nonetheless a tiny digging found a QR formula complement within an online primer for a GZ-RX515BE. This got a camcorder onto a WLAN, though we still didn’t find we could bond a Every Sync 2 app this way. There’s also no trickery to tide to a use like USTREAM or LIVESTREAM, that is a bit of repudiation deliberation a ADIXXION cameras have this capability.

JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE – Image Quality

After a 4K camcorders from Panasonic we have reviewed recently, such as a HC-VX870, many Full HD-only models seem a bit walking in comparison. The GZ-RX515BE shoots decent footage in normal lighting conditions and brighter. Colours are true and a turn of fact is good if not outstanding.

The GZ-RX515BE doesn’t do too badly in bad illumination, either. We were pretty tender by a peculiarity of a footage as light dropped, with colour clarification remaining transparent down to a kinds of levels you’re expected to find in a dimly illuminated residence (or underwater!). However, there is a conspicuous volume of excellent pellet underneath these conditions, most some-more than is manifest with camcorders sporting incomparable chips, such as a aforementioned Panasonic HC-VX870.

Should we buy a JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE?

The JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE is no game-changer, though it is value deliberation if we wish a unchanging HD camcorder able of withstanding severe holiday conditions, or sports activities, nonetheless it’s substantially not a best choice for impassioned sports due to a size. It’s value observant that this camcorder is radically a progressing JVC Everio GZ-EX515BEK with some tweaked features, a new menu and a Quad Proof chassis.

But with usually a tiny reward for a ruggedness compared to a progressing model, a GZ-RX515BE creates a decent gash during creation a bill HD mainstream camcorder fascinating again. It’s a contrition a Wi-Fi sustenance is so clunky, though if we do imagination sharpened decent video but worrying about violation (or H2O logging) your camcorder, there’s only about adequate here to aver a purchase.



The JVC Everio GZ-RX515BE is a sincerely customary HD camcorder in a imperishable body, for a reasonable price.

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