JVC HD Everio GZ-R10SE Camcorder Review

What is a JVC HD Everio GZ-R10SE?

The HD Everio GZ-R10SE is a initial of JVC’s mainstream “Quad Proof” camcorders. After a success of a ADIXXION, JVC is clearly saying intensity sales in imperishable camcorders for reduction specialised users. The problem with many imperishable camcorders – a ADIXXION enclosed – is that they scapegoat some critical features, like an visual zoom, in a query for robustness, withdrawal a concentration resolutely on movement camera usage. The GZ-R10SE, in contrast, is a unchanging camcorder, though in a imperishable body.

The GZ-R10SE looks like a unchanging handycam-style camcorder. But a ruggedness stretches in 4 opposite directions (hence a Quad Proof name). The camcorder is rated to be waterproof to a abyss of 5m and to withstand a dump from 1.5m. The former conforms to IEC Standard announcement 529 IPX8, and a latter to MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock, if we imagination checking adult accurately how these ratings were derived.

The camcorder is also rated as dustproof to IEC Standard announcement 529 IP5X and solidify explanation to -10C, nonetheless a latter has no sold contrast regime compared with it. There’s no lens cover, only a callous potion window over a lens. All a ports lay behind a rubber-sealed doorway that slides into place and afterwards thatch resolutely shut, nonetheless we found it a tiny finicky. The wizz rocker and record symbol have a many some-more plain construction than unchanging camcorders, too.

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But distinct each imperishable camcorder we have tested in a past, a preference is unequivocally many in line with stream mainstream models. The GZ-R10SE is formed around a 2.5Mpixel back-illuminated CMOS, nonetheless it is a rather tiny 1/5.8-inch version. We would have elite a higher-end sensor, though JVC has intimated that some-more Quad Proof camcorders are to come, so some-more reward models could be on their approach soon.

The GZ-R10SE annals AVCHD during information rates adult to 24Mbits per second, and can constraint still images during adult to 3,680 x 2,760 pixels, that clearly uses a satisfactory volume of interpolation. Video and images are stored on SD memory, with a container stable by a locking strap mentioned earlier. SDXC cards adult to 128GB in ability are supported, with a 32GB procedure adequate for only bashful of 3 hours of video during a tip peculiarity setting.

The many poignant disproportion between a GZ-R10SE and probably all movement cameras, however, is that it offers a correct visual zoom. With a 40x factor, this is approach above what even those with digital alternatives have available. The peculiarity of an visual wizz over a digital wizz can't be overstressed, either. An visual complement doesn’t remove resolution, since a digital complement does.

JVC also offers a energetic wizz encouragement to a visual zoom, that boosts a cause by 50 per cent to 60x, nonetheless we can’t use this during a same time as a design stabilisation system. The energetic wizz doesn’t work in utterly a same approach as a digital wizz (which a GZ-R10SE offers adult to 100x). Instead of floating adult a video signal, a energetic wizz crops into a sensor, holding advantage of gangling pixels above a 2.06Mpixels compulsory by Full HD. However, a GZ-R10SE doesn’t have adequate gangling pixels, so a energetic wizz will still revoke fact when used.

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JVC HD Everio GZ-R10SE

Speaking of design stabilisation, JVC has incorporated a Advanced Image
Stabiliser. The specifications are rather misleading as to possibly this
is visual or digital, though from a knowledge of JVC camcorders, the
Advanced Image Stabiliser is a underline that is possibly accessible on top
of an visual system, or supposing on a own. Here a image
stabilisation is not optical, though that’s not indispensably a bad thing in a
imperishable camcorder, as an visual complement can potentially get shop-worn by
extreme treatment.

Action cameras roughly always miss primer controls,
and a GZ-R10SE has about a slightest series of dissimilar buttons we have
seen on a conventional-looking camcorder. There is in fact only a record symbol and zoom
rocker. Everything else is operated by a three-inch, 230Kpixel LCD
touch screen. There isn’t even a energy button, with opening and closing
the shade used to energy a camcorder off and on.

there are still utterly a few environment options available. In Intelligent
Auto mode, we can configure possibly touching a shade will instigate
face tracking, colour tracking or area tracking. You can toggle Auto
Gain Up and Auto Slow-Shutter, and possibly still images are grabbed
singly or in continual mode. There is even a unequivocally singular control over
microphone sensitivity.

There is also a preference of Special Recording
modes, including time relapse of 1, 5, 20 or 80 seconds, superimposing
date and time over a recording, and baby, grainy monochrome and food
digital effects, that is a somewhat bizarre multiple for a rugged
camcorder. You don’t get an array of imagination digital effects, nonetheless we
would always suggest adding these during modifying where we will have
more control over them.

Switching to Manual mode reveals a usual
range of extras, including focusing with onscreen buttons, backlight
compensation with an modernized mode, and tele macro. Whilst there is an
overall liughtness control that can be practiced between 2 and -2 in 0.3
steps, there is no apart pattern of shiver and iris, and no
scene modes, that is a surprise. White change options embody presets
for blue and immature underwater conditions, as good as a usual
artificial light, pale and balmy presets and primer and automobile modes.

is one other area where a GZ-R10SE is distinct a unchanging camcorder –
battery life. JVC claims a battery will final 4.5 hours, that is about
twice what many mainstream camcorders can manage, and many action
cameras. This is fortunate, since a battery also differs from most
mainstream camcorders by being non-removable. So we can’t reinstate it
with a delegate unit, and if it fails we will need to have the
camcorder bureau serviced.

Image peculiarity in good lighting shows an
adequate turn of detail, nonetheless we found a autofocus could be
jittery during high wizz factors. The design stabilisation is also not
particularly effective during high zoom. Performance in low light is decent,
with a good turn of liughtness confirmed and pretty faithful
colour, nonetheless there is a satisfactory bit of pellet evident. So a design is
good, though it’s not outstanding.

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Should we buy a JVC HD Everio GZ-R10SE?

we wish a few some-more facilities than an movement camera has to offer, JVC’s
HD Everio GZ-R10SE provides a singular multiple of imperishable build with
full camcorder capabilities. The stream UK cost of around £275 is also
utterly reasonable, nonetheless the
HD Everio GZ-EZ515BEK is around £25 cheaper and has a same sensor,
but with visual design stabilisation and Wi-Fi as well. So you’re paying
a bit additional for a ruggedness. But right now there are few
alternatives if we wish a genuine camcorder in a imperishable format.

The categorical thing to consider, really, is possibly we wish a imperishable camcorder for regulating to your helmet or clothing, in that box a bulk and requirement to have a shade open creates this indication a wrong choice. If, however, we only wish something for ‘normal’ sharpened though that can tarry a kayaking trip, travel adult a towering and a like afterwards it fits a bill.


The JVC HD Everio GZ-R10SE is a confidant and mostly successful try to move movement camera robustness to mainstream camcorders.

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