Kalyan girl with IS says he’s happy with jihad

KALYAN: Fahad Shaikh, one of a 4 Kalyan youths who ran divided and assimilated a Islamic State of Iraq Syria (ISIS), has got in hold with his family, though rebuffed calls to return, observant “I am happy with my jihadi work, we won’t come behind to India”.

Shaikh, who had been incommunicado given withdrawal home final year, got in hold about a month ago and has given been job his family and some friends frequently on phone or Skype and other VoIP platforms, pronounced sources informed with a box of a 4 youths, all in their twenties.

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He has reliable that Saheem Tanki, one of a 3 youths who went with him, is dead. He reportedly sent a sketch of Tanki during a plcae where he died to his family.

NIA sleuths managed to hit Shaikh on a phone series he had called from, and he told them he won’t lapse as his village was not treated good here. He again claimed he was happy with jihad though refused to elaborate what he was doing in Raqqa, Syria.

Areeb Majeed, another girl in a organisation from educated, determined backgrounds, was brought behind to India final Nov by a NIA and is in custody.

Shaikh had a automatic engineering grade from Kalsekar College in Panvel, where Majeed and a final of a four, Aman Tandel, were students. Tanki was an HSC dropout. Shaikh and Majeed’s fathers are doctors, Tandel’s father works in a conjectural association in Mumbai and Tanki’s father is a businessman. The 4 left for Iraq with pilgrims in May final year and did not return. Later, it became transparent that they had been indoctrinated and had assimilated a ISIS.

News of Tanki’s genocide initial came recently as a summary sent to his family from an different number. Shaikh has now reliable a death.

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During a probe, a NIA found that Majeed was a initial to be radicalized over amicable networking sites and came in hit with Shaikh during a eremite programme, where a latter aloud protested opposite personification Bollywood music. They became good friends and drew in Tandel and Tanki in skeleton to join ISIS.

The NIA, that has sought time to record a chargesheet in Majeed’s case, has served notices to some people whom a youths contacted given withdrawal a country. They have been asked to come to their bureau to record their matter and turn witnesses in a case.

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