Karbonn Sparkle V Phone Review

What is a Karbonn Sparkle V?

The Karbonn Sparkle V is one of a initial handsets to launch underneath Google’s Android One program. Aimed during rising markets, a Sparkle V, Micromax Canvas A1 and Spice Dream UNO all share a same specs and guarantee a batch Android OS experience.

In a UK, a Sparkle V is accessible to buy by Amazon for £129.99 SIM-free, that puts it in a same cost joint as phones like a Nokia Lumia 635 and a first-generation Moto G.

While it’s good to have some-more options during a affordable finish of a market, we’re not assured a Sparkle V is a handset to lift a Android One flag.

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Karbonn Sparkle V – Design

The Sparkle V isn’t most of a looker, consistent into a sea of uninspiring, bland, inexpensive Android phones. It’s not a large warn that pattern was low on a list of priorities, yet a likes of Microsoft and Sony have shown we can make an appealing inexpensive phone.

From a front, there’s a informed black bezel, that is thicker above and next a phone’s screen. Around a behind is a dim blue, matte cosmetic behind plate, that can be a small sleazy to a hold and is a magnet for greasy fingerprints. You can also squeeze a Sparkle V in red and white, yet we can’t suppose that does most to urge a altogether look.

The behind image is removable, writing divided from a bottom of a handset to exhibit a removable battery, microSD label container and dual-SIM options. The latter is something we’ve seen cocktail adult in phones like a Moto G 2, giving users a choice to switch between SIM cards from opposite regions to take advantage cheaper tariffs. This should make it useful for unchanging travellers who don’t wish to get stung by large roaming charges.

The microSD label container is customarily a oppulance on inexpensive phones, so it’s good to see one make an coming on a Sparkle V. That is until we realize how most of a prerequisite it is to have a microSD label installed. There’s only 4GB of onboard storage, with around 2GB that’s indeed usable. Content like photos and games has to be stored to an SD card. If we buy a 32GB one, that’s going to supplement £10-15 to a altogether cost of a phone.

One thing we needn’t worry about with a Sparkle V is hogging adult trouser slot space or it feeling quite worried to use. It weighs only 107g and measures in during 9.2mm thick, so it’s not accurately super-slim compared to something like a iPhone 5S, yet for a 4.5-inch phone it’s no aria reaching your fingers opposite a screen.

Aside from that, there’s zero out of a typical to demeanour out for here. The standby symbol and volume rocker lay on a right edge, with a Micro USB charging pier down a bottom and 3.5mm headphone jack down a bottom. The singular orator sits around a back, with a 5-megapixel camera and LED peep adult top.

Karbonn Sparkle V – Screen

The Sparkle V facilities a 4.5-inch IPS LCD shade with a 480 x 854 fortitude and 218ppi pixel density. To put that into perspective, a likewise labelled first-generation Moto G has a 4.5-inch 720p HD shade and is one of a best smartphone displays we can lay your hands on during a reduce finish of a smartphone chain.

That’s not to contend that a arrangement on a Sparkle V is bad. In fact it’s one of a improved ones we’ve seen during this resolution, yet we can get some-more for your income elsewhere. The differences in peculiarity compared to a Moto G are some-more conspicuous when we demeanour adult tighten and see some of a fuzziness around icons and a not-so-bright white web pages. We ran a few videos on it and while there’s decent clarity, colours miss punch and it indeed has some-more in common with Sony’s Xperia M2 for altogether performance.

Viewing angles are not fantastic, notwithstanding carrying IPS arrangement technology, yet outside prominence is good though any truly terrible glare. Brightness is some-more than adequate for night use, yet you’ll wish to go easy on cranking it adult to a limit when we find out about a battery situation…

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