Karcher SC2.500C Steam Cleaners

What is a Karcher SC2.500C?

The Karcher SC2.500C is a absolute cylinder-style steam cleaner with twin tanks: one stores cold water, a other boils it to emanate steam. That means that it offers uninterrupted cleaning – we can tip adult a H2O tank during any time yet disrupting a boiler.

Design is impressive, yet for a cost it would have been good to get some-more collection included. However it does a good jobs on floors and some-more with a collection supplied, so it’s value deliberation if we have lots of building to purify – or as an ascent to an existent machine.

Karcher SC2.500C – Design and Features

The Karcher has a cylinder, not upright, design. This means it’s equally able of cleaning floors or regulating collection to tackle curtains, upholstery and more. It comes with a tiny preference of collection and adequate onboard storage space for some-more – Karcher offers a prolonged list of discretionary additional accessories.

Build peculiarity is really sturdy, in Karcher’s iconic yellow, and while a appurtenance is heavy, this matters reduction than it would in an honest cleaner since you’re not lifting it all a time – it trails behind we on wheels as we clean.

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The 4m prolonged wire is disappointing, yet – as we pierce turn a residence you’ll need to unplug it and pierce to another hollow some-more mostly than we would with a longer cable, some steam cleaner cables are twice as long.

The steam lance, that we can use with a mop or tools, is modular in dual sections, so we can use one or both. The mop conduct is tough plastic, with no brushes, for carpets and rugs.

For tough floors we shave a cloth onto this – dual terry cloths are supplied, yet we could use any cloth. The cloth is gripped resolutely by teeth during any side. Tools embody a vast brush, tiny brush and thoroughness nozzle.

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Karcher SC2.500C – What’s it like to use?

Filling can possibly be from a jug or we can cocktail out a fountainhead and take it to a tap. Then switch on and wait: a H2O is pumped into a second tank and afterwards takes 6 mins to come to a boil.

After any use, some-more H2O is pumped across, that is noisy. But in return, we can tip adult a H2O during any time yet interlude steam (it beeps to remind we when a tank is using low). This complement delivers unchanging steam during vigour and it’s distant some-more absolute than many steam cleaners.

The hoop has available controls: high steam, low steam or child lock. But unless we use a latter to forestall use completely, there is no reserve locate on a trigger. Forget to put on a child close and it’s too easy to trigger a steam incidentally while you’re disconnecting a pierce – we scarcely got scalded.

As approaching given a price, cleaning is impressive. The conduct is prosaic adequate to fit good underneath seat and it creates discerning work of floors and more. But for a cost it would have been good to get some-more accessories included. Also, a open tip of a H2O tank means that if we projection a cleaner around too fast it can spill.

Should we buy a Karcher SC2.500C?

If money’s no object, absolutely. It’s some-more absolute and effective than many and can purify uninterrupted – it’s good choice for vast homes and anyone who likes to steam purify often.

But if you’d cite a bargain, a Polti Vaporetto GO does flattering most a same pursuit – with some-more collection yet though twin tanks – for a fragment of a price. Head to the steam cleaner reviews for some-more options.


The Karcher SC 2.500 C won’t disappoint, yet the glorious opening comes during a cost and we’d like a longer cable.

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