Kavout Releases K Score for STOXX Europe 600 Stock Index

Kavout announced currently a launch of K Score for member bonds on a Europe STOXX 600 (https://www.kavout.com/k-score-europe/). K Score is a predictive equity rating powered by appurtenance training (ML) technologies. Kavout takes in a different array of datasets including fundamentals, pricing and choice data, afterwards uses a multiple of statistical investigate and ML techniques with ranking algorithms to broach an actionable, easy-to-understand equity rating measure with probable values from 1 to 9. A aloft K Score reserved to a batch indicates a aloft luck of outperformance over a subsequent 1-3 months.

Used by buyside firms, K Score serves as buy/sell signals, as a vigilance that can be incorporated into investment models for quantitative users, and as a screening parameter to countenance investigate for elemental managers and investigate analysts.

K Score is now accessible for publicly traded companies enclosed on a STOXX Europe 600 – an index that represents large, midst and tiny capitalization companies among 17 European countries. This is an enlargement on a K Score stream accessibility for bonds traded on a US exchanges (https://www.kavout.com/k-score-us/), and A-share bonds on a China marketplace (https://www.kavout.com/k-score-china/), UK’s FTSE 350 and FTSE 100 (https://www.kavout.com/k-score-uk/), and Germany’s HDAX and MCSI small-cap ETF (https://www.kavout.com/k-score-germany/).

“By adding a STOXX Europe 600 to a offerings for buyside, we trust that we have a vital advantage over other AI and Machine Learning equity investment information vendors,” pronounced Kavout’s CEO, Alex Lu. “Our goal is to commission some-more investors around a universe to find an edge. As we continue to grow a tellurian presence, to have a extensive coverage in Europe serves a needs of a clients with bearing to Europe equity markets.”

Those meddlesome in anticipating out some-more about K Score for markets in Europe, US, China, Germany and United Kingdom, greatfully hit sales(at)kavout.co.


Kavout is a tellurian investment record association that specializes in a focus of appurtenance training to beget alpha, conduct wealth, and lenient institutions and investors do some-more with less. Kavout brings together a world-class group of researchers, financial engineers, and appurtenance training experts to rise investment services of a subsequent generation. http://www.kavout.com

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